Talia p. 4

They enjoyed their late meal, and Finnegan carefully packed their new glasses into his saddlebags when they returned to his bike.  They hopped on and set off for his preferred destination: the back country.  They wove through the side streets, found a few long stretches, climbed up the hillside and glided back down.  It was... Continue Reading →

Talia p. 3

Talia was feeling light as air as they parked just outside the market.  Her body was as revved as the engine on the Harley, Finnegan's ability to keep his hands to himself amazed her, and she felt rebellious. As they started towards the market, Finnegan's cell phone rang.  He gave her a pained look and... Continue Reading →

Talia p. 2

Talia thought it was best that her hired tour guide was rendered speechless.  Listening to him speak was incredible, his thick accent making everything he said sound poetic.  She leaned in, as instructed, and enjoyed the feel of his body as he righted the bike and fired the engine. She reflexively gripped him tighter as... Continue Reading →

Talia p. 1

Talia excitedly finished the last curl, ensuring her long brunette hair would stay presentable, at least for the moment.  She sprayed the curl in place, and gleefully bounced around simply to watch herself in the mirror, wild locks bouncing this way and that. It was her birthday!  What better day to celebrate! I mean, if... Continue Reading →

Lyla p. 4

Daniel had noted Lyla's reaction to Viper, and as he exited the bar with his target for his newest assignment, he looked up and saw Lyla panicked in the window two stories up across the street. He parted ways with Viper, and when Viper was long gone, he strolled up to Lyla's apartment.  He rang... Continue Reading →

Lyla p. 3

He actually growled.  or was it a moan?  She wasn't sure, but she was sure she felt its vibrations right through her shirt and now her breasts were broadcasting the news to everyone in sight. Even old dickless Denny noticed her alertness as they walked by his dumpy hot dog stand.  She shot him daggers... Continue Reading →

Lyla p. 2

Lyla started out in this new town just long enough to recognize a few people.  She had really been trying to change her ways, to be a better human in general.  Her mouth seemed to have no filter, her body acted on a whim, and the results of those two things meant a lot of... Continue Reading →

Lyla p. 1

There he is Lyla thought to herself.  She had watched his broad form enter this bar earlier in the night from across the street from her second floor apartment. Yeah, people watching was her thing.  Yeah, it was maybe a little weird.  Yeah, tonight she just didn't care. She watched his leather jacket cling to... Continue Reading →


Today marks the one year anniversary since the start of this blog.  I thought I'd celebrate with a little chapter from my vault.  Enjoy! *** Ivy watched him enter the little diner.  She watched the cool way he sauntered across the floor and careened his massive body into the flimsy wood chair at the diner's... Continue Reading →

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