No longer On the Run

Thank you so much to everyone that followed the story of Ann and Tucker.  This was my first longer running series of posts, and I am so humbled by your kind and encouraging comments along the way.  You all truly have a special place in my heart. I am wondering what you thought?  I am... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 68

As he sat down to devour his slice of the cake, he overheard people around the room as Ann delivered the sliced pieces.  The girls excitedly thanked her for the new Durangos she had bought each of them as payment for helping her on that day.  The doctors thanked her for the donation made to... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 67

The next few days rolled by just as slowly as the first few.  He couldn’t wait til Saturday.  He got up early, took a jog down her old jogging path, showered and dressed.  He hopped on his bike, wearing her favorite jeans, and pulled up to the parking lot of the multi-level office complex.  It... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 66

After having her in his arms for so long, being without her was torture.  He missed her random thoughts, her humor, her magnetism to him, her playfulness.  Every time he walked in his kitchen, he saw her there chopping veggies.  Every time he stepped onto his front porch, he remembered how it felt to finally... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 65

It was so incredibly lonely facing the world on her own once again.  She flew home, alone, and caught a taxi home.  Walking in the doors of her house seemed like stepping into another realm.  Her home was beautiful.  She had decorated it all herself, from wall texture to bedside decoration.  It was clean.  It... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 64

The past two weeks had been so great for her.  She healed in ways she didn’t know were broken.  His patience, his consistency, even the way he let her fail so she could figure out where those lines were made her respect him all the more. Those first few days at the cabin had been... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 63

Two weeks later and they had created a new normal, a normal apart from fears and worries and running.  A normal that included each other, healing, bonding, and growing.  They did normal couple things.  They cooked together, they napped together, and they fought over the last marshmallow in the cereal box.  It wasn't really fighting,... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 62

He had overheard her exit interview and stayed put to try and get an idea of what her next plans were.  He overheard, “How do you plan to pay?”  “I can have the money wired over tomorrow.” “Billing address?” “North Carolina.” “I don’t have a regular physician.” “Emergency contact… that’s a tough one. Let me... Continue Reading →

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