Talia p. 4

They enjoyed their late meal, and Finnegan carefully packed their new glasses into his saddlebags when they returned to his bike.  They hopped on and set off for his preferred destination: the back country.  They wove through the side streets, found a few long stretches, climbed up the hillside and glided back down.  It was incredibly beautiful, and Talia couldn’t believe her luck.  Near sunset they parked at a bluff.  Finnegan unpacked a picnic from one of his bags, and he spread it out atop a blanket.

Food was the last thing on her mind.  Talia had enjoyed the close contact for the past afternoon, and her body instantly missed the heat of his back pressed against hers when they stepped off the bike.  But then she was catapulted into utopia when she saw the sun hit the crest of the horizon, giving the world an incredible glow.  Her eyes were transfixed on the horizon, and she let her mind wander whatever way it wanted.

She had a great life.  She was at the top of her game in her field as a doctor of neurology, her blog “The Naughty Doctor” had hit an all time stats high, and she was doing all of her research and writing from the helm of ship.  Life couldn’t get any better.

Only she had been lonely.  She hadn’t realized it until this exact moment, but no amount of money could ever buy true companionship.  Definitely nothing like the easy flow she and Finn were developing.  She felt her arms wrap around her body, but instead of over-analyzing it like her research oriented mind often did, she sat with it.

She mindfully analyzed her surroundings.  She took in the scent of the air, the direction of the wind, the colors of the sky and the reflection across the water.  She took in the height of the bluff, the songs of the birds, and the depth of the rocky depths beneath it.  She noticed the beat of her heart, the chill settling across her now too bare body, and consistent thrum running between her nipples and her clit.

She was thankful when Finnegan came up behind her and ran his large hands up and down her arms.  She leaned into his body and appreciated his warmth.  He wrapped his arms around her and they watched the stars fill the sky.

Their silence was broken when Finnegan asked what she was thinking.

It was still her birthday.  She still wanted to be honest.  But honestly her thoughts were a bit crude at the moment.  Was she under obligation to be professional as he was hired as her guide?

She compromised with vague honesty.  “I was thinking about you.”

“I like that,” he said, the timbre of his voice increasing the thrum in her body.  “What about me, specifically?”

“I was appreciating the feel of your 5 o’clock shadow on my check, the strength of your body to manage that bike all day, the way my cunt felt on your back side, the way my backside now feels on your cock, the steel of your thighs, the sultry song of your voice.”

He whispered, “What’s keeping you from ripping my clothes off and fucking me right here.”

“I’m not sure if that would break professional ethics.  I mean, fucking your companion was not stipulated in the contract.”

He laughed, a low growling sexy laugh.  “There was no stipulation against it.”

“Would that be like paying you for sex?  I’ve never needed to do that before,” she said slyly as she turned into his body, running her hands up his side and up onto his chest.

“I’m off the clock in five minutes, though I do need to have you back on board within the hour or risk getting arrested,” he said as he ran his thumb down her cheek, tracing her jaw line before settling his hand at the base of her neck.

“I don’t want to wait five minutes,” she said, taking his thumb into her mouth, appreciating the rough feel of his manly hands.

“I appreciate your honesty” he said, removing his thumb and placing his hands on her  ass.

“It’s my birthday, so I kind of sort of get to do things my way, and I don’t want to wait…”

“Has anyone given you your birthday spanking yet?” he asked playfully, his nose reaching hers.

Just as he leaned in for the kiss, her stomach growled.  Not a cute little growl, but it announced to the entire cliff side that she was hungry.

He quickly pulled back, alarmed, and led her back to the blanket for their late night snack.  Her body whined in protest.  Her nipples stood at pert attention, her pussy throbbed, and her lips begged for his.

She should have eaten more at the roadside dinner they had stopped at earlier in the evening.  Dinner was her main meal, she had skimped, and now she was paying for it.  Dearly.

She had five minutes.  Five minutes to eat, and then she would find out how far Finnegan was willing to take things.


Finn watched her eat and pulled out his phone.  He quickly tapped out a message, asking his sister if she would really call the police on him.  She quickly typed back No.  Of course not.  I already had a room reserved at The Savoy in case she wanted to stay in town.  Please let her know it’s in her name and reserved til launch Friday.  The concierge will attend to any needs she may have this week.  It’s my week off.  Thanks for helping me out, bro.  I love you!   

Will do.  Love you, too. 

Until launch Friday.  Seven days.

He could work with that.

He looked up and Talia’s wind blown hair had danced across her shoulders and over her chest in that way that made all his blood pool south.

“I’m off the clock.”

She licked her lips, her brown eyes burrowing into his, her desire radiating off her body.

“Are you assertive enough to say ‘No” if I ask you a question?”

She nodded her head.

“I’d like to see you naked, kiss every square inch of your body, and fuck you til morning.  Are you agreeable?”

Her eyes widened and that all too familiar smile splayed across her lips.  “Yes, sir.”

He crashed his lips onto hers, and she immediately met his urgency, their tongues deftly dancing, fighting for control.  She ran her fingers through his hair and sat squarely in his lap, pressing her breasts to his chest.

His fingers worked the lace, slowly exposing her tanned skin inch by inch.  When he finally found her taught nipples, he trailed his tongue southward until her nipples were begging for more, her moans encouraging him to continue their slow discovery.

As his tongue worked its way down her taut stomach, her fingers worked at pulling his shirt up and over his head.  Her moan of satisfaction made all the hours at the gym totally worth it.  He started to work her jeans, pulling them down over her sun kissed legs, and she helped kick out of them.  He ran his rough hands up her smooth legs, only stopping when she parted her legs for him.


His fingers trailed up to her slit, gently entering her folds.  He flicked her clit and she nearly jumped off the bluff.  He leaned down and licked it, and her body once again became soft and pliant, willing, wanting, and heated.

When he started working his own zipper, she came out of her orgasmic haze and sat up, finishing the task for him.  She pushed him down onto the blanket and asked him a few medically necessary questions before taking his pulsing head into her mouth, rocking his velvety steel shaft, paying special attention to the base and the soft part near the tip.  Soon he was warning her that he was going to come.  She wanted to taste him, but he wound her hair in his hand and lifted her off.

One look at his face told her he was horned up but happy.  He reached for his jeans and sheathed his cock, pushing her to hands and knees, the position she had earlier described as her favorite.

He tested her tight pussy, easing in.  Her back arched and she pushed back into him.  He sped up his rhythm until they were both panting with pleasure.

“Come for me” he demanded, and when she did, he felt himself catapult into the spiral of bliss.

They both sank to the blanket, and he pulled her onto his body while they caught their breath.  He enjoyed the feel of her breasts in his palm and her bare backside pressed into him.  He didn’t want this moment to end.

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