Talia p. 1

Talia excitedly finished the last curl, ensuring her long brunette hair would stay presentable, at least for the moment.  She sprayed the curl in place, and gleefully bounced around simply to watch herself in the mirror, wild locks bouncing this way and that.

It was her birthday!  What better day to celebrate!

I mean, if there ever was a reason to let her hair down and simply just be Talia Jo Jones for 24 straight hours, this was it.

She heard the excited knock at her door  but paused just a moment to take one last look at herself.  It wasn’t everyday day that Dr. Jones got to switch her lab coat for tattered black jeans and a lace up top.  Approving of her look, she smiled and bounded for the door.

Talia barely turned the knob before her best friend Fiona came whizzing through the door.  “Talia Jo, I found you the perfect birthday present!  You are never going to belie…” and before she could finish the sentence, her jaw dropped and her arms came out to hold Talia in place.

“Dr. Jones, you are the sexiest bitch to ever board this ship!  I cannot believe how you can make both a Sunday dress and tattered jeans look so damn sexy!  Wow, girl!”

Talia blushed slightly at the compliment.  If anyone had ever known her beyond surface level, it was Fiona.  Talia rarely let anyone in, so when she made best friends with the ship’s head steward it came as a surprise to her.  Big time.  Talia and her new best friend Fiona both grabbed life by the horns and enjoyed the ride.

Her birthday would be no different.  Fiona promised to procure a bonified motorcyclist for twelve straight hours.  Talia couldn’t wait to enjoy the gift she had given herself: 24 hours of simply being herself, no holds barred.  No faking professionalism as the next up and coming doctor of neuroscience, no pretending to like things she didn’t, no false pretenses.  Just Talia Jo, bare and raw and real.

“Talia, he’s here.  Let’s go meet him” Fiona declared with a mischievous grin on her face, grabbing her hand and hauling her towards the door.  “Your tour guide for the day is beautiful, witty, charming, guaranteed to be fun, and basically a whole lot like me.  Just be yourself.  The real you, the one only I ever seem to know about” her bestie chided as they made their way down the dock.

As they hit land, Talia turned to Fiona and started to inquire about all the added explanation, but Fiona was excited to leave.  Docking in her hometown was a rarity, and one her friend and learned to cherish.

“Talia, I’d like you to meet Finnegan.”

She turned to see who this “witty and charming and guaranteed to be fun” Finnegan was, and she couldn’t hide the smile that swept across her face.  Finnegan was by far the most handsome man she had ever seen.  Well over six feet tall, well built, and with a pair of blue eyes that could pierce a diamond, Finnegan met her gaze and gave a smile all his own.

“Does something please you?” he asked, his Irish accent thick and sinful, keeping her hand in his.

Well, today was her birthday.  The gift she gave herself was honesty.  So he might as well know it, starting now… “You,” she said simply, and when his eyebrow did that inquisitive thing that somehow made her lady parts melt, she decided to slow it down quickly by adding, “I was expecting a sixty year old wrinkly fella that smelled like last week’s rubbish.”

“So far you’re winning” she added with a wink before turning to Fiona.  “Did you tell him the rules – out and about from 9am-9pm, if I’m not back by ten call the police…”

Finnegan interrupted, “assertive enough to say No but fun enough to say Yes, that you are a blogger and to expect a ton of selfies, and above all be the safest driver on this island, does that about cover it?” he asked, his blue eyes twinkling in a way that again made her panties melt.

“I think so.  Are you agreeable?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am.  Where would you like to go first?”

Talia turned to wave off her bestie, but Fiona was already dashing down the sidewalk, pausing only to wave, again mischievously, before heading to town.

“Coffee.  I’m going to need some coffee, please,” she said, turning back to her tour guide for the day.


Talia Jo was most definitely the best looking female his sister had ever requested his help with.  Also the only, but definitely the best looking female possible.  Fiona being in the luxury cruise line industry brought few days together as family, and when she requested his help during those few precious days, he knew it was important.  Important enough that he stepped away from his job, traded his pant suit for his jeans, and appreciated the opportunity to feel the wind on his face for a day.

Today he was also going to appreciate the cargo that would soon be clinging to his back.

As they approached his Harley, he turned to hand her the helmet.

The amber specks in her hazel eyes gave away the fire that was burning in her body.  She grabbed the helmet, bit her lip a moment before saying, “I have to admit, I’m a virgin.”

His eyes nearly popped out of his head.  There was no way in hell this woman was still a virgin.  Every man with a working penis had to be sweet talking his way into her pants.

“A motorcycle virgin, that is.  I’ve never ridden one,” she said again, her cheeks burning, giving away her sweet demeanor underneath her sexy appearance.

He gave her the low down and watched the blush creep from her cheeks down her neck as he asked her to “lean in, hug me, and let your head follow in the direction of mine.”

Much to his surprise, she brazenly added while crawling up his bike and scooting to the back, “I know it’s kind of early for me to spread my legs for you, but I guess there’s only one way to lose your motorcycle virginity.”

He felt his cock harden the moment he watched her spread her perfectly lean legs for him, areas of delectably tanned leg poking through the tears in her jeans.  He imagined her doing the same, spreading her legs but without the jeans on, and maybe in his bed.  For the first time possibly in his life, he was speechless.  He hopped on the bike and enjoyed the heat she shared as her cunt and breasts leaned in reflexively to his back.

Lord help him.


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