Lyla p. 2

Lyla started out in this new town just long enough to recognize a few people.  She had really been trying to change her ways, to be a better human in general.  Her mouth seemed to have no filter, her body acted on a whim, and the results of those two things meant a lot of fun and a lot of loss.

She contemplated this as she painted her toenails, facing the expanse of windows towering over Tellys.  Good girls supported the home team.  That is exactly what she had been doing for a year now.  She had made every single game of the Telly’s Baseball team so far this season.

She decided tonight would be no exception.  She would grab a drink at Telly’s, walk to the ball field, and put her naturally great heckling skills to great use tonight.

She tossed on her skinny jeans, Tellys Tee, and headed for the door, only stopping to don the baseball cap she had stolen the night before.

It matched her outfit.  Totally cool, right?


She decided she would give it back the next time she saw Damien.  She was a lot of things, but thief was not one of them.

She found her familiar stool at the bar, and Telly came right on over.

“Ay, Lyla.  Welcome back.  How’re ya doing?” he said, his drawl so charming.

“Better than I deserve King Telly.  How about a drink?” she asked, willing him to hurry tonight so she could catch the first pitch.

“Lil Lyla, we must talk about this yet agai…” he began with his familiar lecture.  She wasn’t in the mood.

“Telly, where’s your wife been hiding these past couple weeks?  I haven’t seen her around?” she asked, knowing he could never pass up on an opportunity to talk about his love.

She saw the twinkle in his eyes, the grin on his face before she heard it in his voice.  “Ay, she has been feeling a bit under the weather.”

“WHAT?  When’s she due?!?” she whisper shouted with joyful enthusiasm but to be kept between themselves.

“We’ll find out Friday,” he began before his eyes shifted to the door.  The familiar ring of bells let her know another patron had entered the building.  Telly nodded in the direction of the door, deposited her drink in front of her, and then produced a beer, depositing it next to her.

“Your newest admirer is here,” he said with a wink before he turned and headed down the length of the bar.

She turned slowly, feeling his presence before actually seeing him.  She bit her bottom lip in an effort to suppress the smile.

She should give him his hat back now.

She wanted to wait.

“Miss Lyla, what a pleasure it is to see you again,” he said warmly, sidling up next to her.

She turned into him, looking up at him towering over her petite frame.

“I see you’ve done your homework,” she teased.  “What else do you know about me?”

“I know you live across the street, you drink spiced lemonades, and your blue eyes shine every time you see me,” he said as he trailed his hands down her arms from her shoulders.  His large hands made her feel so small, but in a protected way.  So odd.  “I know you have a no kissing til the first date rule.  And that your ass looks phenomenal in jeans.”

Well, now they might be wet jeans thankyouverymuch.

He sat, encompassing her legs with his, his heat warming her thighs in more ways than one.

“Well, Damien, I happen to know that your ass also looks phenomenal in jeans.”

He gave a provocative laugh, or maybe just a normal laugh but it did something to her, and he ran his hands up the sides of her legs before taking a swig of his beer.

“So, how soon can we have our first date?” he asked assuredly.

“I’m on my way to the game.  How about now?” she asked, teasing, but also kind of serious.

“I’m game.  Can I meet you there?  I’ve been busy all day and need to change.”

He probably said that in a normal voice, but the damn thought of him getting naked was more than she could handle.  She nearly imploded.

“Sure,” she managed to squeak out.  Then, regaining herself she added, “If you want to please me, you’ll wear red.”  His grin before he downed his drink gave her a glint of hope.

He tapped the hat on the way out, “keep it.”

Oh shit.  So much for that plan.


If you want to please me.  It was such a coy little line.  Damn straight he wanted to please her, in every way and position possible.  If that’s all the affirmation she needed, he’d give it to her.

He managed to find a red tee in his closet, tossed on some jeans and giddy upped out of there.

He made it through the gate and scanned the crowd out of habit.  She was at the hot dog stand, arguing with the salesman.  Daniel made his way to in her direction, sensing something was up.  He got close enough to hear the hot dog baker make some snide comment about her make up, and she dumped her drink on him before stomping away.

Good for her.  The guy probably had it coming.

She jutted behind a stand, and when he turned the corner he saw her vigorously rubbing off the makeup on her face.  He caught her arms, hating to see her stumble because of some hot dog douche.  “Hey, you look perfect.  Everything all right?”

The look in her eye was fire and grit and he loved it.  Not what put it there, but the fact that it was there.

“Yeah.  Hey, good to see you!” she said.  She stood back and took him all in, unabashedly.  He tugged a bit on the red tee, and she smiled a mile wide before walking back up to him, running her hands up his neck and pulling him down for a kiss.

Or what he had hoped would be a kiss, instead she pulled his ear down to tell him something.  “When you drop me off tonight, you can kiss me all you want.  Til then nothing.  Rules are rules and all that,” she said slyly as she released him.

He ran his hands down her back and cupped her ass.  She slapped his hands away, chiding, “that’s a date number two thing.  Gotta behave.  Rule number two.”

This was going to be torture.

“You have a lot of rules” he said dryly.

“Yep” she said unashamed.  “Do you have any I should know about?”

He thought it over a second.  “Sure.  Ever steal my hat again and I’ll have to take your sweet little ass over my knee” he said, challenging her.

“What if I liked it?” she asked in the same heart beat.

He felt himself growl as he led her by the hand back to the grandstands.


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