Today marks the one year anniversary since the start of this blog.  I thought I’d celebrate with a little chapter from my vault.  Enjoy!


Ivy watched him enter the little diner.  She watched the cool way he sauntered across the floor and careened his massive body into the flimsy wood chair at the diner’s best table.  She watched him pull off his leather jacket and spread his jean clad legs in that way only real bikers can pull off.  He motioned for the waitress to swing by, and she most obligingly did.

Without even trying, he made ordering his noon meal seem like a delectable sin.  The way his lips formed words and he nonchalantly commanded the room had her attention.

She brought her lemonade up to her lips and attempted to suck the sweet liquid through the straw.  Just as she was about to look away, his eyes came up from the table to survey the room.  When those piercing green eyes landed on hers, she was momentarily awestruck.  She wasn’t shy or nervous around men.  She’d had her share, but when those green eyes struck her, she was captivated.

She shook her head in an attempt to shake the brain fog.  She got up and headed to the ladies room, needing a moment to pull herself together.

When she had found the old Ivy, she straightened her back, stuck her chin up and walked back out with the confidence of a bull moose.

When she swung through the door, she nearly ran right into those green eyes.  Looking up she saw she had his attention.

Now or never she thought to herself.

“I’ve wanted to touch you since the moment I first laid eyes on you,” she heard herself say.

She watched his lips curl up into a confident smile, and then she wanted to kiss those perfect lips.

“May I?” she finished.

His head tilted ever so slightly, the curiosity flushing across his features before he confidently slid it out of sight.  “I don’t have your name” his gravelly voice let out.

“I don’t have yours.  Is that a problem” she asked, hoping he would continue.

“I’m all yours,” he tested.

She reached out and grabbed his left hand, plainly studying it for any sign of a wedding band or tan line.  None.  Good.

She trailed her fingers up his arms, across his massive chest and up his chiseled neck until her hands were buried nicely in his hair.  “Tonight,” she breathed, “when I go home and touch myself, I’m gonna think of you.”  She felt her rebellious smile etch across her face as she dropped her hands and breezed down the hall.  She dropped a bill large enough to cover her drink and a healthy tip and headed out the door.

Old Ivy would have tried to fuck his perfect body right there in the hall.  New Ivy was going to try a bit more patience.

She just hoped she didn’t have to wait too long.


Well, shit, Amell thought to himself.  If his timing wasn’t so unbelievably bad he would have chased that incredible female out the door and fucked her right across one of the patio tables.  That woman had curves that immediately made his cock spring to life.  He has had his share of women in his day, but that woman was a whole new level.

Long flowing hair, kissable lips, curves that begged to be touched, teased, squeezed…

He flirted with the waitress just long enough to get the siren’s name and to learn that she was a regular.

Now he would be, too.


Ivy strolled in, found her favorite booth, and waited for her bestie to show.

They were hell on wheels when they got together.  Ivy couldn’t count the number of times they had stayed out too late and held each others hair out of the toilet water the next day.

Her bestie got her.  Squeeze the most out of life while you can.  Work hard, play harder.

It had gotten them through schooling, through the first few awful jobs, and now it brought them together, here at this little diner every day at noon to recount their forays.

“Remember that time at The Flying Eagle, when you met Johnny, and the next day we sobered up enough to show up at his Sky Diving class?  Now THAT was the stupidest thing we had ever done” she heard her friend saying between bouts of laughter.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Ivy found herself saying defensively.  “We both jumped out of that damn plane and are here to tell about!  Remember that time in Abilene when you met that health guru and you told him we were runners.  Then we nearly died running through the dessert in the stupid 10K you signed us up for?  Now THAT was the stupidest thing we have ever done!”

Ivy still couldn’t believe they had even tried.  The closest thing they had done to exercise were keg stands in college.  They were both gifted with good genes, but they definitely didn’t deserve it.

Her friends’ lips curled into the mischievous smile that told Ivy they were about to have fun.

“What?” she pried, wanting in on the secret.

“There’s that hunk that was asking for you yesterday.  Wanted to know your name and everything,” she began.

Ivy turned in her chair mid-sip, and fuck if it wasn’t true.  She felt her eyes widen as she whipped her head back around to her friend.  “Did you tell him?” she demanded.

“No, I said I didn’t know your name but that you’d be here at noon today, and it’s only 11:53.  Someone didn’t want to be late” she teased.

“That man’s ass is begging to be squeezed,” Ivy whispered to her friend.  “Have you ever seen such a perfect ass before?”

This of course sent her friend into a fit of laughter while attempting to keep her own beverage in her mouth.  “Well if you think he’s an asshole, I’ll kick his delectable ass for you.” They were best friends.  If you messed with one, you messed with them both.

Ivy dared another look at his ruggedly handsome features, but she was caught.  He was moving his eyes from one friend to the other, clearly putting together that they were more than acquaintances.  He shook his head as another waitress came for his order.

She decided it was time.  “Watch my back,” she whispered as she stood up on her heels and leisurely wound through the maze of tables to sit across from him.  She put her elbows on the table, something her mother would chide her for, leaned in and smiled.  “Hi.”

His eye brow lifted in attention, and he mimicked her posture with his elbows on the table, leaning in, nearly touching her without even trying.  Then he spoke, and his words vibrated right through her.  “I’ve wanted to kiss you ever since I first laid eyes on you,” his deep vibrato doing things to her body.  “May I?” he asked, already knowing the answer.  Her traitorous body was giving her away.

Just as she nodded her head in challenge, the waitress returned with his beverage.  A lemonade.

“Funny,” she said as she pulled herself back into her chair, “I didn’t see you as a lemonade kind of guy.”

“It’s for you,” he said, pushing it across the table to her.  He was clearly a quick one to take notice of her drink of choice.

She took a sip and passed it to him.  “It’d be an injustice to be this close to the best hand squeezed lemonade ever created and not try a sip.”  He accepted her offer, and she watched as his lips pressed the cup precisely where hers had just been.  She felt her tongue lick her lips, hoping to get a taste of him soon.

He slid the glass back to her, “That sure is the best hand squeezed lemonade ever created.  But I’d rather have a taste of you.”

She felt her belly do that little flop.  That one that told her she was about to do something stupid but just didn’t care yet.

He leaned in conspiratorially.  “I’d like to kiss you now, but if I kissed you here, you’d spread your legs and beg me to take you right here on this table, so maybe it’s better if we moved this elsewhere.”

She smiled, because she couldn’t exactly form words.  He dropped a bill large enough to cover his drink and a bountiful tip, and then reached across the table and took her hand.

As she stood, she looked back at her bestie who was all thumbs up with that excited sisterly smile plastered across her face.

I guess that’s a go.

They made it approximately three feet outside the door before he turned, took her head in his incredible man hands and planted his lemonade sweetened lips on hers.

It was incredible.  Their tongues clashed in a fury of action.  Her hands trailed his body, and his held her firmly in place, the brick of the building at her back, the steel of his body at her front.

She finally let her hands fall to his sculpted ass and broke the kiss.  Between pants she managed to get out, “You were right…  My legs want to spread… so my pussy can strangle your cock…”  She rocked her hips in a motion that relayed her seriousness.


Fuck.  This girl had him hard as a school boy right here on the street.  He held her in place, their breathing ragged, as he tried to formulate a coherent thought.

He planted another kiss on her sweet lips, took her hand, and led her to his bike.

“Hop on,” he commanded as he handed over a helmet.

“I have to admit, I’m a virgin” she said coyly.

“There’s no fucking way in hell you are a virgin” he shot back.

“I’ve never ridden a bike” she said, attempting to tease him.  “Where do I put my feet?  My hands?” she asked, this time seeming to want to genuinely know.

He hopped on, gestured for her to crawl up behind him and then positioned her body in place.

He was thankful that his new place was a short ride away, having her touch him without being able to return the touch was torture.


Something about that motorcycle ride revved her up even more so than before.  Her hands and legs wrapped around his body and the vibration of the motor beneath her was almost more than she could bear.

When they finally reached the gate to what she assumed was a mansion, she was too relieved to be intimidated by the surroundings.

They wound down a long tree lined driveway until they reached the circle before the front door.  He parked his bike right at the front step and helped guide her off.

As soon as he was off his bike she needed him.

She kissed him hard, frantically pulling off his shirt.  His hands slid up her skirt to her ass and pawed her.  She went for his belt and when she had succeeded unbuttoned his jeans, aching to get at his goods.

He caught his jeans as they slid off his ass, grabbed something from his pocket and then easily removed her top, spilling her luscious breasts from their hiding place.

He growled, a low feral growl that let her know he was as ready as she.  He pulled her skirt up and tucked it in the top of her thong as he brought her nipples to his lips.

When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she begged.

Much to her pleasure he did just that.  After a sharp slap to her ass he spun her around and bent her over his bike.

Fuck.  She liked it.  She liked his clear desire for her body.

She heard the crinkle of the foil, she felt his massive hands grab her hips, and then the world she knew shattered in ecstasy as he pounded her relentlessly.

She would never be the same.  No one would ever measure up to this.  Her orgasm went on for days, just when she didn’t think she could stand another second, another wave would wash over her.

Finally, when he had stilled for a minute and her world tilted back on its axis, she stood up on wobbly legs and turned to kiss him.  This time it was more passionate and less chaotic.  Something she was realizing she might actually like, too.

He pulled back to pull up his pants, and she took that as her cue.  She slipped her top back on and placed the helmet back on her head.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he roared.

She stopped.  She wasn’t sure what he wanted.  Clarification would be helpful.

“I’m putting the helmet back on, so you can take me back to town…” she said, not wanting to delay the inevitable rejection that came after a quick fuck.

“Like hell you are.  I’m nowhere near finished with you,” he said as he took the helmet from her hands and placed it back on the bike.  “Unless you want me to be finished,” he said, teasing, knowing that she wouldn’t deny a second round.

She just shook her head, again words defying her.

“Good” he said as he scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder, laying a sharp slap across her other cheek.  “Fair warning, I don’t think I could ever get enough of this ass.  It’s mine now.”

She wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh to say a prayer of thanks.


Last night was a fucking blast.  She was wild at heart, even completely sober.  She rode him, let him ride her, and when they finally made it to his bedroom, she sweetly commented, “The only way I’m sleeping is if you promise I get to wake up to the taste of your cock in my mouth come morning.”

He didn’t think he could possibly have gotten hard again, but those sweet lips of hers spoke right to his shaft.  He couldn’t sleep at all with her naked body pressed up to his, and he couldn’t have been more thankful to watch the morning sun peek through the shades, its amber hues announcing that his cock would finally get what it had been waiting for.

He ran his hand down the length of her back, stirring her to semi consciousness.  That lazy smile he was starting to associate with his nameless tigress crept over her features, and she slowly slid herself down the length of his body.  She pursed her lips around his engorged penis and sucked him til his body was pulsing.  Then she licked him clean.

She refused to let him get up, instead tucking him in and announcing she needed a trip to the ladies room.  She was perfect.


She looked over at his sleeping form, noting the contrast to his now relaxed features compared to the rugged stiffness of the past day or so.  She wasn’t sure the time, but she saw the sun peeking through the shades, indicating it was daylight.

Also indicating that the one night stand was over.

She hated the rejection that came in the mornings.

She loved the nights, but she hated the rejection of the mornings.

She lazily noted every detail of his exposed body, the ridge of his cheekbone, the curve of his nose, the way his brows sculpted around the most amazing pair of green eyes she had ever seen.

She took it all in, redressed, and headed to the front door.  She noticed a notepad on the counter, so she left him a little note.

Best Night of My Life.  EVER.  She pressed some fresh lipstick to her lips and kissed the paper.

Ball was now in his court.

Better to leave with nothing but good memories.  She didn’t want to taint this perfect night.

She snuck out the back door and down his incredibly long driveway.  Good thing she had finished a half marathon once or she wouldn’t have know she was capable of going such distances.  She was proud of herself and nearly made it to the gate before she heard the roar of his bike coming up behind her.

She was both excited as hell that he had come for her, but now a nervous anxiety played over her.  What would she say?  What would he say?

She had just finished texting her bestie when he pulled up next to her.

“Where in the fuck are you going?” he demanded, his frustration apparent in every muscle of his body.

“Home?” she said meekly, even to her own ears.

“Why would you leave without waking me first?” he again demanded.

She was a bit annoyed and felt her sass coming back.  “I didn’t have a tooth brush,” she put on her most flippant body armor, preparing for her next attitude ridden comment.

“You didn’t have a fucking toothbrush?  I’ll find you a tooth brush.  Get on the bike.”

She stalled.  She liked him commanding, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to let him take all the power.

“What’s going to happen if I get on that bike?” she asked pointedly.

He looked her square in the eye, “First, I’m going to take you back to my bedroom and get you naked.  Then I’m going to make you scream my name as I suck that sweet little pussy of yours.”

She liked this.  He had her attention.

“Then, I’m going to take you over my knee and spank you for leaving me alone in my bed.  Finally, I’m going to fuck you from behind until you remember that being in my bed makes for the Best Night of your Life.  EVER.  and we turn that into best nightSSS of your life.  Now get on.”

She knew she wouldn’t resist.  She wanted his hands on her, everywhere.  She wanted his lips on her, everywhere.  She wanted his cock in her.

“I should warn you, though, that my panties may have just burnt up and I might leave a mess on your pretty black seat.”

“That’s gonna cost you,” he said, seeming relieved at her acquiescence.

“What’s that?” she asked as she curled up behind him.

“Your name, princess.  I still don’t know your name.”



Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

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