Daily Prompt: Lust

via Daily Prompt: Lust

Her body ached, screaming for release.  She wanted so badly to release the tension in her body, to ride the storm and lazily bask in the aftermath.  Simply put, she wanted him to touch her.

Sometimes she imagined him gently caressing her face, lightly pressing his lips to hers, and slowly trailing his fingers down her body.  Other times she imagined him with that heat in his eyes; she imagined his hands roughly taking what he wanted, wrapping his fingers in her hair and directing her face at his pleasure.  Either way her body easily peaked without actually touching him.

She knew she would have to sit through another dinner meeting with him, subtly taking notes and quickly researching items that needed immediate answers during the business negotiations.  They bored her half to death, and they gave her mind much too much time to wander and imagine things much more exciting.  For example, she imagined him clearing the restaurant, except her of course, and spooning dessert into her mouth, licking it off her chin, and dripping the cream into little dips and crevices along her body til he had his fill.

She imagined him negotiating the terms of her delights.  Would she like to have him once per week?  Once per day?  Once per hour?  “Yes, yes and yes” she would say.  Would she like him to fuck her til her brain shattered into the white oblivion, or would she rather be gently seduced in a soft bed?  “Either would be acceptable” she would reply.  Would she prefer to be on top or on bottom?  “One of each, please,” she would say sweetly.

What would his terms be?  She gave him a quick glance, trying to deduce if he preferred one night stands to long term monotony.  Would he prefer to be on top or would he prefer a show?  She found the pencil making its way to her mouth, and she chastised herself.

Would he take the time to strip completely?  She hoped he would.  Did he have a hidden tattoo?  She eyed him speculatively.  Maybe.  He seemed like he had a wild side, but one that he maybe preferred to keep under wraps.  Or under her.  Maybe he had a tattoo on his chest, and she could stroke it as she reveled in the aftershocks of orgasm.  She felt her eye brows shoot up at that thought, and she knew she gave away every thought that ever entered her brain.

Her eyes nervously shot to his, to gauge if he had noticed or if he was still enthralled in the fine details of decimal points and calendar dates.

When her eyes met his, damn if they weren’t blazing hot.  He had noticed her indiscretion, but he didn’t show disdain or disapproval.  No, his body echoed her naughty, lust filled thoughts.

She felt her eyes widen as she suddenly became deeply interested in the notes she had taken.  Earlier.  Oh shit.  She had no idea what had been said in the last, oh, I don’t know, ten minutes!  She underlined a few things and circled a few other inconsequential things in a lame attempt to buy herself time before she had to answer for her unprofessional line of thinking.

She cleared her throat, trying to clear the thoughts in her mind, and then realized it was just not an appropriate thing to do when taking notes during a business negotiation.  With any luck she’d be fired immediately so she wouldn’t have to face the music or face him, but she knew that even if she never saw him physically again that he would be making his own kind of music in her fantasies.

She took a deep breath, preparing to reengage in the conversation, and when she looked up, she saw a spark of humor flash in her boss’s eyes before he returned his attention to the documents in his hands.

She felt the flush start at her throat and make its way all the way to her cheeks.  She took a drink of water, hoping to cool herself off, and quick.


He attracted the attention of plenty of females, and he was blessed to work in an office with an abundance of beautiful and brainy businesswomen, but he had a strict no dating the coworkers policy that he had adhered to ever since starting his business six years ago.

Don’t get him wrong, he had plenty of fun outside the office and wasn’t for lack of entertainment to say the least, but he had also never been as tempted before as he was with his new secretary.  She had been hired while he was overseas by business partner in this start up, and he trusted his business partner with his life, but boy had he missed the mark on this one.

She was distracted more easily than a monkey in a field of bananas, but her 4.0 GPA told him that she must have otherwise been able to concentrate at one time.  He wondered, aimlessly as he cruised through an easy negotiation, why she applied to the position of secretary when she was fully capable, according to her previous success in building and selling two fast up and coming businesses herself, of being his competition.

He wondered secretly if she was spying on him, but one look at her with that pencil holding back her delectably plump lips told him she wouldn’t be able to lie if her life depended on it.

He liked that about her, but he still didn’t quite understand her.  He knew, despite her seeming case of attention deficit, that she would have the notes typed and emailed to him before his limo drove two blocks out.  She could do it in her sleep and was brilliant.  Which again got him to wondering, when his mind should be elsewhere, what she was up to.

He spared another glance in her direction, and she was staring at his chest with such lust in her expression that he imagined she was mentally undressing him.  He wanted to undress for her, just to watch her generally hard features go this soft again.  He loved watching her calm and relaxed, contrary to her uptight persona in the business world, which carried into the office.

She was incredibly attractive, and that’s one reason he hated his business partner at the moment.  He wanted to meet her out in the public, not somewhere off limits.  He had started to mentally undress her before he caught himself, swiftly turning his attention back in the direction of the negotiation.  He was waiting for the guy across the table to pull a few things together, and damn it if his mind didn’t stray right back into forbidden territory.

She had the softest looking hair this time of night.  In the mornings it was always tightly wrapped atop her head, highlighting her fine, feminine facial qualities.  But when it started to fall down as it was now, it turned her beautifully stoic face into an alluring, tempting, supple female form.  He wanted to both kiss her cheeks and run his tongue down her neck, but he also had this insane desire to wrap his fingers in her hair, pulling it down loosely, and pulling her beautiful mouth below his belt line.

The terms were nearly finished, and he waited, patiently, for things to wrap up.  When the newbie fumbled around a bit for the last few details, he wanted to sigh in exasperation.  He looked over at her again, and this time she was flushed, a tender pink rising up from her chest.  He loved how it highlighted the dip between her breasts, and he wanted to trace it first with his fingers, and then with his tongue.

When her eyes reached up to his own, he decided that maybe they could make a special exception to his no dating in the workplace theory.  He brushed off the kid sitting across him, promising to tie up the loose ends first thing in the morning.  When the kid didn’t pick up the suggestion to leave, fricken now before he imploded, he stood, shook his hand, and led him out the door.

When he returned, her baby blues were open wide, adjusting to his change in demeanor.  He wanted to spell out the thoughts that had been swirling in his head for weeks, and see if she was agreeable.  He felt the smile cross his lips as hers parted, slightly, in anticipation as he began…


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