Fearing the Flames, p. 6

Tyler was still thinking of the new girl at church on his way home.  Her dark auburn hair, her pink lips, her inability to speak a coherent sentence.  He laughed at that last part.  He had gotten the attention of plenty of women and had a roll or two in the hay in his day, but most never held his interest for too long.  They would bat their eyes, say the things he wanted to hear, and they would have a good time.  And when it was over, it was over.  He never looked back.

Most of the women he had known in this small town knew him, and it hadn’t been since high school that he had stunned anyone into stuttering.  He found it adorable, but only adorable on her.  She had this air that she was much more capable of commanding a room than she was at that moment, and throwing her off kilter without even meaning to was like a breath of fresh air.

As he wound his way back to his ranch, way to the east of town, he bounced off the smooth tar to the washboard gravel.  As he was nearing his ranch, he noticed something out of the ordinary.  A glare of metal caught his eyes in the tree line, off the road a bit from his trail, the trail he sometimes used to drive his four wheeler to the neighbors-a shortcut of sorts.  He slowed down to investigate.  The license plate was from out of state, and the old Mercury left a lot to be desired.

He hopped out of his truck, shutting the door behind him, and cautiously approached the car.  As he peered through the windows, he saw that it was empty.  It appeared to be that of a drifter – it was filled with small bags, clothing strewn around a bit, and a full sized pillow.  Most available spaces were consumed with things needed to live a life on the road.

He stood silent for a few minutes, listening for whomever may be out there.  Drifters were known to pass through this part of the country, and they sometimes were on the run from the law or heavy into drugs and dangerous.

When he didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, he searched the ground.  Whoever it was had walked down the trail fairly often as the grass was starting to wild over.  He cautiously followed the foot prints.  As he neared an opening, he stopped and scanned the scenery in front of him.

His jaw nearly hit the ground.

Instead of some strung out druggie, it was clearly a woman, all strewn on top of a blanket in nothing but a bra and panties.  Not that he had never seen those two things before, but he had never seen them on a woman this beautiful, and definitely had never seen it on the new girl in town.  What was her name?  Susan? Sally?  Sarah?  Yes, Sarah.  That’s what it was.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to approach her or just let it be.  It would sure be interesting to see what she had to say for herself.  Why was she camping here?  Why was she living out of her car?

The other part of him didn’t want to wake her delicate body.  She was thin, too thin, and she had a couple scars that he would love to explore.  With his lips.  And her wanting him to. She appeared to need some rest, and he could give that to her.  At minimum it would make for interesting conversation next Sunday…

He decided to let her be, spun on his heels and headed out.

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