Benita sat on her couch, fully prepared to face this final paper head on.  Laptop on her thighs, check.  Books and research articles scattered within arms reach, check.  Giant bowl of popcorn, check check.

She looked around, took a deep breath, and then realized that she was not wearing her comfy pants nor did she have a beverage.  She rose, scattering her papers even further across the couch, gently dumping her laptop on the pile, precariously balancing it off the side of her too thick textbook.

Change into comfy clothes, check.  Grab a beverage, check.  Crawl back under blanket of paper and electronics, check check.

She looked over her chaotically organized mountain of to do lists and realized she had left her phone across the room.  To get it, or not to get it?

Leave it.  Then she wouldn’t be distracted.

Come on, Benita, you got this.

Take bite of popcorn snack, dig hand deep into the bowl for childish reasons, pull one white puff out.  Note white puff is in the image of a white bunny rabbit.

Chastise self for still calling it a bunny rabbit at your age.  Look at the bowl again, and see another puff clearly looks like an octopus.  and another like a little white poodle.

This is fun.

Choke on little white poodle.  Cough like a seizing dog, shooting papers nearly out of reach.  Take drink of beverage.  Chastise self for childish behavior.

Refocus.  Remotivate.  Place textbook on lap, choose highlighter, and start reading.

Reread paragraph because brain was still picturing little white bunny rabbit going into your mouth.  Is it weird to eat little rabbits and poodles?  No.  It was popcorn.


Funny, that one looks like a penis with a slightly exploding sack. She put it in her mouth, but didn’t have the heart to bite.  It was salty, yes, but definitely not the salty skin she was hoping for.  And definitely not as hard.  While the light puff was shrinking in her mouth, she decided that she much preferred a large, hard, salty thing in her mouth.  One she would not bite but was hungry for no less.

Fricken Brandon.  Why was she thinking about his penis in the middle of preparing the final paper for her masters class.  The final paper that accounted for no less than thirty percent of her grade.

Swallow popcorn.

Ugh.  Don’t think about it.  Don’t even go there.

Focus.  Black letters on white paper.  Dry reading.  Nearly as dry as that white poodle that nearly tried to take her life a few minutes ago.

Reread title for fourteenth time.

Title.  Check.

First paragraph………………..I wish Brandon would call.  I haven’t heard from him for like two hours.  Maybe just a quick text to make sure he’s still alive.  After all, she had seen the ring in his pocket the other night.  She wouldn’t want him dead, ever, but especially not before he finally proposed.

Look across room at cell phone.  Debate getting up again to reach for it.  Decide against it.  After all, she does have a paper to write, and texting him would only distract her.

Where was she again.  Oh yes, first paragraph……. done.  Did it!  Yes, she could do this.

Next paragraph……focus.  Focus, you got this lady.

Third paragraph, and….. done!  Phew!

Fourth paragraph, annnnnnnnndddd…….  What was that?  Did her phone just vibrate?  Had she forgotten the ringer, is that why Brandon hadn’t called?  What if he was going to propose to her tonight, but she didn’t answer the phone and their happily ever after would have to wait!  Look down at papers… yes.  Brandon will always be most important.

Set papers carefully aside.

Sprint across room to check phone.  Yes, he had texted.  He’s on his way over.  He’s on his way over!  She definitely did not want to be doing homework while he was here.  His mere presence would distract her, but he would insist she finish her studies and be all nice and stuff.  He’d probably empty her popcorn bowl, but she wouldn’t care.  In fact she would probably make a little white mountain of missed popcorn as she tried to throw it directly into his mouth.

Climb back into her nest of knowledge.  Open text book back up.  Find fourth paragraph….yes.  There it is.  First and last sentence of every paragraph, check.  Look at the pictures and charts, check.  Peruse end of chapter questions, check, check.  And done!  Phew!

Type furiously.  Use many quotes from said skimmed book, check.  Cite properly, check.  Spell check, check, checkity check check check.


Jump out of skin at sound of buzzer.  Run to door and click door button.  Let Brandon in.  Act cool as he makes his way up the stairs.

Hear his feet at the door.  Wait for him to open it…. spring into his arms!

Life is good.


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