On the Run p. 64

The past two weeks had been so great for her.  She healed in ways she didn’t know were broken.  His patience, his consistency, even the way he let her fail so she could figure out where those lines were made her respect him all the more.

Those first few days at the cabin had been rough.  Everything hurt, and everything seemed impossible.  She felt like a child.  Sometimes she would get stubborn as a bull, and try things herself, but the dizziness and nausea would still come, and she would nearly tip over.  He never chastised her or yelled, he just let her fail and helped her back up.  She could see how he made such a great coach.  He had all the answers, but he never forced her to take them.  He waited til she was ready, and she learned to trust him.

After playing in the rain today, they came back to the cabin.  They took a hot shower together, made their way to his bed, and their lovemaking began yet again.  He was slow and purposeful, savoring every lick and kiss and stroke, contrary to the wild bout they had earlier in the rain.  She took her time and traced each ripple, sinew and muscle in his body.  He was so confident, he would just allow her to look and touch and kiss without worry.  She liked that about him, and his confidence wore off on her.

They were in the kitchen, making another meal together.  They had a rhythm that was unbeatable, and their delicacies always turned out amazing.  She set the table and delivered her veggies, then sat down and waited as he finished searing the meat.

Everything felt so right.  When he turned around, he caught her staring.

“What are you thinking,” he asked inquisitively.
She shook her head.  She wasn’t sure how to express what she was thinking.
“Give it a try.  I’d pay top dollar to hear what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.”

She thought it over for a second and tried to figure out where to start.  “I, ah, was just thinking about what a good team we make.”
He eyed her suspiciously.  “Agreed” he said as he placed her plate before her.  As he went to sit down across from her she continued, “I think it’s amazing how we can put together such a delicious meal without even really thinking about it.”

He agreed, and started in on his meal, still watching her and listening.

“I think we made a hell of a team even next to a mud puddle in the middle of a rain storm, kind of the story of our lives.” She tried to laugh, but it came out nervous and unnatural, so she teased him.  “ and we make a good team in bed, and I feel confident we’ll make a good team again tomorrow” she said, tugging him along.

His grin widened.  “I also agree to that.”

She went off on another tangent.  “Thank you for all you have done for me these past two weeks.  It really means a lot.  More than you’ll probably ever know.”

“My pleasure” he said in between bites.
“I love you” she said without preamble.  It just spewed out of her mouth before she filtered it.  She had been feeling this way for a while, but she didn’t quite know how to say it without scaring him off.

He put down his fork, smiled genuinely, and a sparkle reached his eye.  He brought his elbows up on the table to lean in a little closer.  “I love you, too” he said.

He wasn’t a man of many words, but he really meant what he did say.  The words meant even more coming from him.  She was so happy he reciprocated her feelings.  She wasn’t delusional.  He really did care about her.  She was so happy her heart nearly exploded.

“Excellent.”  She went on.  “I do need to go home, East Coast home, to get things back in order.  And I’m sure the club has missed you. I’ll make arrangements to get back this week.  But where do we go from there?”

“To be honest, I have put quite a bit of thought into that same thought and I don’t really have an answer,” he said.  “How do you want it to work out?”

“I was actually thinking about staying here,” she said, testing the waters.  His eyebrows shot up in surprise, but he smiled and looked around the room as if imagining her living here, in this cabin.  “Not here-here, but staying in this town.  I’d like to give us a go, and I think I can pick up my business from just about anywhere.  What do you think?”

His smile stayed on his face.  “I was actually hoping you’d live here, here.  I’ve enjoyed every minute here with you.  But I do have to get back to the gym, so maybe here, here, could actually be my place in town?”

Her heart swelled and she couldn’t contain the smile if her life depended on it.  “That sounds like a plan.”

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