On the Run p. 63

Two weeks later and they had created a new normal, a normal apart from fears and worries and running.  A normal that included each other, healing, bonding, and growing.  They did normal couple things.  They cooked together, they napped together, and they fought over the last marshmallow in the cereal box.  It wasn’t really fighting, as they were both laughing and chasing each other around the kitchen trying to pry the box out of each other’s hands, but the weight had been lifted.  They could be carefree together and were no longer weighed down by the constant thought of impending doom.

Her ribs were still a bit tender, but everything else had thankfully healed well.  His bandage had been off before they even left the hospital.  He definitely didn’t need an excuse to stay away from the gym.  A pop on the brow was more common than he liked to admit, but he needed time alone with her.  He needed to know if it could work out in the real world.

And it could.  Two weeks alone with that woman here at the cabin was complete heaven.  He was attentive to her needs, and she learned to rely on him.  She learned to ask for help before she tipped over with dizziness, something he knew was not easy for her.  He let her fail when it was safe, but caught her when it wasn’t.

After the police had conducted their investigation, his crew from the gym, including past athletes he had trained from years ago, showed up at his house and cleaned the vandalized mess.  They patched, painted, and repaired.  And they were more than gracious in repairing the gym.  Some things were ruined from the sting of the gasoline, and many trophy cases and other items were damaged, spilled, or destroyed, but that team of help repaired or replaced everything.   Some of his very successful trainees even updated some of the equipment in his gym out of their own pockets.  According to Boss, it was even better than before.

On this particular day, it had been raining cats and dogs.  It was hot and humid outside, the middle of summer showing its full force.  She couldn’t stay inside all day, he knew that much about her by now.  She was a busy body at heart.  She was learning to slow down a bit, but sitting down was not an option.  After lunch, she told him she was going to take a walk.  He thought she had been kidding as the rain was still coming down in sheets, but when she walked out the door, he found himself following her.

They walked along a new trail for a bit, the rain thankfully lightening up to a sprinkle, until they came upon a giant puddle.  He naturally side stepped it, but she jumped right in the center.  It went clear up to her knees, and she fell back with a surprised, joyful whoop.  She had meant to splash him, this much was for sure, and she loved that her humor came back so easily.

When he stopped to survey the scene, he had to smile.  she was caught up in a fit of laughter, covered in muddy water from the top of her blonde head to her tippy toes hidden beneath the dirty water.  “I… can’t believe… it was that deep” she got out between laughs.

“You look pretty wet” he said, jokingly, as they were both already soaked form the hot midsummer rains.
“In more ways than one” she said, splashing the muddy puddle water at him.

He splashed her back, and before he knew it they were rolling around in the mud.  “You are so naughty, splashing me, innocent old me, with puddle water.  What am I to do with you?”

She got that familiar look of mischief across her features.  A smile creased her lips.  “Hmmm.  I sometimes like to be a bit naughty.  Rebel at heart I suppose you could say.”

“Just the way I like you” he said before kneeling over her, claiming her sassy mouth.   She parted her mouth and deepened the kiss, a soft moan escaping her throat.  God, he loved that sound.

She rolled him over, that familiar sparkle in her eye.  “Don’t move” she said, and she stood and quickly removed her shorts and panties, taking full advantage of the seclusion this part of the woods offered.  He was so thankful she was no longer shy of the scars.  The confidence she exuded made her a fierce warrior princess, and he loved being her prince.

She bent down to release his throbbing, hopeful cock from his jeans, and she knelt over him.  This time he was the one to moan as she descended on him, taking every inch of him, her head rolling back in pleasure, her breasts sticking out all the more.  He reached up and rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and she looked down at him and started to ride him, never breaking eye contact.  He appreciated her white tank top in the rain.  She thankfully had not returned to wearing bras, and the show was an unexpected turn on.

“Come on, baby, come with me” he groaned out.  She descended on him again, and as she shattered around his cock, their worlds collided and exploded into a bright, beautiful oblivion.  He was a happy man.

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