Julie ran the local beauty supply shop and loved it.  She spent her days helping women embrace their beauty and highlight their unique curves and lines to show it to the world.  Each day she dealt with a variety of clients, from teenagers wanting to care for their bodies as they enter college, or elderly women wanting to heal their body or highlight the features they loved the best.  Most women walked out of her shop with a smile on her face, and that’s exactly how Julie envisioned this business.

When the shop was slow, she scrolled through websites devoted to the latest trends and kept herself up to date with the latest products and styles.  It really was a dream to get paid doing what she loved.

The only down side were the long hours.  She had started this business herself last fall, and it was too small to hire another employee and net any profit, so she opened the shop each morning and stayed til she closed it each evening.  Then she would take her aching body home and relieve her aching muscles, screaming from unloading and unpacking dozens of large, heavy boxes.  She definitely was going to drown in bath oils and a few candles this evening, the last truck load of boxes maxing out her muscle strength.

She heard the bell up front, so she made her way from the receiving room to the front shop.  She came around the corner to offer help to a potential customer, but the sunny skies made it difficult to see the form standing inside the glass door.  When her eyes finally cleared, she was more than a little surprised to see it was a male customer.  It wasn’t unheard of, it was jut unlikely in this particular business.

“Hi!  Can I help you find anything?” she asked, keeping her voice cheery and friendly.

He turned full on to face her, and she was blown away by his good looks.  He was taller than her by a good six inches, and his broad shoulders barely fit through the narrow aisles.  His blonde hair was just long enough that she wondered if she could wrap her hands in it, but then his ice blue eyes pierced her with curiosity.  She was curious, too.  She wanted to know how this light skinned hunk made it to her particular shop.

“Yes, please.” He said, meeting her eyes again.  “My Mom suggested I shop for her birthday present here.  She loves this place.  Sherry?  Do you know Sherry Morgan?”

Yes!  She loved Sherry, one of her best customers and also one of the biggest gossips.  Julie wondered off offhandedly if Sherry had sent her son here for more than just bath and body goods.  “Yes, sir.  She is an amazing lady who can never make it out of the facial aisle without tossing something in her basket.  I could show you if you’d like?”

He smiled at her with genuine affection, and she wasn’t sure what to make of it.  She led him to the top line facial scrubs and masks and started blabbering about the differences in the items.  When she realized her tongue was doing all the talking, she looked back up at his to gauge his reaction.  His blue eyes were still glued to her own, and she wondered if he had ever even looked at the items she was talking about.

The electricity exuding from his ice blue eyes again pinned her.  She couldn’t have walked away if she wanted to.  His gaze burned into hers, conveying his interest, but she didn’t want to become Sherry’s next line of gossip, so she kept it strictly business.  “Did you have anything else in mind?” she asked, wanting to know.


Kevin definitely had other things on his mind.  For once he was glad he had listened to his mom’s blatant clues to do her bidding.  When he saw the sales lady come around the corner,though,  his eyes couldn’t have left her form if he had tried.  The dilation of her pupils and slight curve to her lip let him know she had noticed him, too, and he wanted to be direct with her and clear the air.  He considered his options.

He grabbed a few of the things his mom had wanted.  Now he wanted to toy with her, see if she would be brave enough to play, too.  “Excellent.  Thank you.  I am considering a few other items, but definitely not for my mother.  I was thinking more along the lines of a lover.  Do you have any suggestions for a steaming hot bath?”

He noticed the slightest flush of pink creep up her neck, and she brought her hand to her collar bone, rubbing it so gently he wondered if she even knew she was doing it.  He heard the catch in her breath, but she inhaled deeply and led him to another aisle.

“It depends on what you were thinking.  If you’d like your bodies slick and slippery, I would suggest the eucalyptus bath oil.  It both relaxes and relieves, if you know what I mean… or the cinnamon oil, just one drop in the right location will have her screaming your name and you can bathe your sweat off afterwards, maybe with some passion fruit scented bubbles?”  She looked back up at him, and he nearly couldn’t believe his ears.  She could more than keep up with his game.  In fact, at this point, she was beating him at it.  And he liked it.

“I’ll take all three,” he said, the hoarseness in his voice more than a little detectable.  He placed the items in his basket, and he gave her another glance, wondering if she was playing him for his money, or playing him because it was fun.

“I was considering a long massage, prior to the bath.  Do you have any suggestions for massage oils?” he asked, baiting her.

She brought her sweet lips up in a smile and led him further down the aisle.  “Absolutely.  I have heard many good things about the spearmint having a cooling effect in the summer.  That may be fun.  Or we have multi packs, if you want to change things up from time to time.  But if you are going to massage her, would you want to consider a body massaging device?”  She held up a back massaging device, clicked it on, and demonstrated it in an innocent fashion, but he knew there was no innocent intent.
“Have you never tried them yourself?” he asked, catching on to her earlier statement, wanting to be the first to massage her precious skin.

A blaze of red shot up her neck and covered her face.  “It would depend on the manner in which you are asking.  No, I have not had a partner to massage me with these particular items if that’s what you’re asking, but I can assure you they come highly recommended.”

“And yourself?  Have you tried any of these yourself?” he asked directly, trying to get the image of her stroking herself with these items out of his head.  He tried not to imagine her using the personal massager on herself, preparing herself for him.  He tried to not imagine her oiled up and splayed across his bed, primed and ready for him.  He tried not to imagine her in his bath, bubbles up over her breasts, teasing and taunting him.  But he failed, miserably.  And now his body was the one aching.

“A lady never kisses and tells” she said with a wink.  “Will that be all?  I can ring you up front if you’d like.”

Hell no, that’s not all.


Julie smiled, she knew she had played his game.  If he was going to run home to mama and tell her the things she just said, then she would know within minutes of opening tomorrow.  And if that’s the case, Kevin would never be trying these products out on her.  But if he kept his mouth shut, and showed up again tomorrow, she might accidentally beg him to show her how well the oils worked.

She would beg to try the oils out on his skin.  She could easily picture herself naked, kneeled over his body as she massaged his back.  She wanted to rub his shoulders, run her finger down his spine and squeeze his luscious ass.  She wanted to get him needy and ready, and then she wanted him to turn over.  She wanted to oil up his shaft and get his body tight and rigid.  She wanted to see him grip the bed sheets and fight his body.  Then she would delight in the feel of his velvety cock, slick with the cooling oil, sliding into her heat.  She would take him, moving as her body desired until she had wrung every last ounce of pleasure from her body.  And if he hadn’t exploded yet, she would make damn sure he had.

She took advantage of his lagging behind up to the counter to clear her thoughts.  She was a professional, and she could treat him like one, too.  But she was also a woman, a woman whose body stocked oils and massaging devices everyday, sometimes going hours with no one to talk to except herself, and her day dreams would get intense.  Maybe he would like to play out her daydreams and they could both go home and sleep well.

She reached the till and started ringing up his items, feigning nonchalance, as if she talked dirty to every customer that walked through the door.  Only she knew that wasn’t true, and she was certain he knew that as well.


Kevin paid for his items, and then got straight to the point.  He was usually direct with his women, playing his cards clearly and fairly, but she had a better hand.  “Can I take you to dinner tonight?” he asked, not wanting to leave without scratching this itch.

Her intoxicating voice replied, “I’m all tied up tonight.”

He gave her a grin, “Do you sell that here, too?”

“Only if you have a bit of an imagination,” she said, pointing in the direction of ladies scarves.  He swallowed hard.

“Tomorrow night.  Are you free tomorrow night?” he asked.  He would take her next words as the answer, but deep down he knew he wanted to get to know this woman, this sweet talking siren that was much more intelligent than he had originally assumed.

“Why don’t you stop by and we’ll see” she said, giving him a sly smile.  Excellent.  If that wasn’t a ray of sunshine, he didn’t know what was.


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