Corabelle anxiously awaited Deagan’s arrival.  She loved him with all her heart, and she eagerly anticipated his every visit.  When she was with him, she felt safe, wanted, and loved.  When she was away from him, she missed him with a pain unknown to her before.  He was the yin to her yang and the honey to her tea.  She had packed a picnic, and she couldn’t wait to walk with him out to that cute little peninsula that jutted out in the lake, making the whole world magical and peaceful.

She double checked the contents of the basket.  Food, check.  Drink, check.  Love note, check check.  She had taken time to write him a letter, something he always enjoyed.  He wouldn’t last more than a minute without ripping open the envelope and devouring the words inside.  He always gave her that sappy smile, the one that said I love you, too without speaking them aloud, and he always kissed her.  All her favorite things.  She tucked it back inside the envelope, heard his vehicle pull in the drive, said good bye to her mama and sprinted out the door.

She always sat next to him on the bench seat, despite there being ample space elsewhere.  Deagan didn’t seem to mind, and neither did she.  They made their way out to the park, through the woods to their secret peninsula, up and over the large rock and to the soft sand of the beach.  She laid out a blanket and they both sat, content to just watch the clouds float by.  The afternoon sun was warm, and she felt its rays on her face as she closed her eyes and just took in the moment.

She felt Deagan move around a bit, but she waited.  He opened the basket, and she waited, unable to hide the smile that was making its way to her lips.  She heard the tearing of the paper, and she waited.  She heard the pattern of his breath change, and then she heard nothing.  She peeked through just one eye, hoping to get a glimpse of his reaction.  He was holding the letter to his chest, a small smile across his lips, and a tear in his eye.  He wouldn’t let it fall, or maybe he would.  She didn’t care, she knew she had touched him in a way only she could.

He snuck over and gave her the kiss she had so patiently waited for.  It was a sweet surrender, a gentle “I love you,” and a promise.

He pulled her up to her feet, her head still dizzy from the kiss.  When she righted herself, he kissed her again and pulled away saying, “This time, I have a letter for you, too, but I’d like to read it to you myself.  Is that all right?”

Of course it was all right, she wasn’t sure why he had asked.  She looked down and he was pulling a worn sheet of paper out of his back pocket as he got down on one knee, grabbed her hand with his spare and looked up straight into her eyes.


“From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were someone special.  From the first word you spoke, you held my heart.  You have encapsulated me in every way possible.  You’re my first thought when I rise, and my last thought when I close my eyes.  My heart flutters when you enter the room, my body constantly seeks your presence, and simply holding your hand creates a unity I never want to break.  Your sweet ways with the people around you makes you a blessing to everyone who is lucky enough to know you.”

“Corabelle, I am the luckiest of all.  I have loved every minute together, and I want you, no, I need you in my life for always, forever, for eternity.  I commit to making you feel loved and cared for every day for the rest of your life.  Miss Corabelle, will you please do me the ultimate favor and take my hand to be my wife, for life?”

He waited anxiously, knowing she held his life in her hands.  If she declined his proposal, his heart would immediately shatter into a million pieces, unable to ever truly heal.  But it was worth the risk.  If she said yes, then his life would be whole.  He would be there to protect her, and she would be there to comfort him.  He would provide for her in every way possible, and she would provide for him in all the ways he needed.  They would be fantastic together, but she needed to wipe the tears and verbalize her answer or his heart just might beat too hard and explode right there in his chest.

“Please, Corabelle, take a chance on me.  I promise I won’t let you down,” he said, the anxiety playing in his voice.

She wiped her tears, nodding her head energetically.  She got down to him and kissed him, pulling away to finally say, “Yes!  I love you, Deagan!”

She kissed him again and then pulled back to tease him, “If you thought for a moment I’d say no then I have a lot of work ahead to prove to you that you are all I need, no all I have ever wanted in a partner.  Thankfully, I’ll have a lifetime to prove it,” she said with a wicked smile.  He couldn’t wait.

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