Veronica heard the alarm on her phone and flopped over to silence it.  It was early and her body groaned in protest.  Mornings had never been her thing, like, ever.  She must have shut her eyes, because the phone buzzed again.

Fine, world.  Fine!

She ran a hand through her hair as she pulled the sheets back and brought a leg up, an attempt to erect her body and remove it from this comfy sanctuary.  How her husband was up and ready for work already was beyond her.  Every morning he not only woke before her but he started the coffee and always bid adieu before her feet ever hit the floor.  Today was no different, except today was their one year anniversary.  They officially had made it entirely around the sun, together.

He came back to kiss her good bye, and she pulled him closer, hoping to extend his good bye.  He kissed hard, crawling up over the bed and over her.  “Happy Anniversary” he said, finally pulling back.  She wanted more.

“Happy Anniversary, babe.  I know how we can start this day off right” she said with a mischevious smile and ran her hand down his already dressed for work body.  He gave her one quick kiss and extricated himself from her.  “Are you sure you got this, honey?  I know we decided I’d plan Valentine’s if you planned our anniversary, but I’m more than willing to figure something out quick…” She sat up and interrupted him with another kiss.  “Got this babe.  Though I do wish we could both just call in sick for the day…”

He smiled at her and turned for the door.  “I wish we could babe, I wish we could” he repeated as he headed down the hall toward the front door.  “Love you!” he called out.  “Love you more” she returned, still in her bed, still wishing she could just haul him back here so she could have her way with him.


Xander made his way home as quickly after work as he could that evening, only stopping to pick up a fresh bouquet of roses.  He came through the door of their house, planning to have them ready for Veronica when she arrived home.  He kicked off his shoes and made his way to the kitchen, hoping to find a vase.  When he set the flowers down, he noticed a piece of paper that seemed out of place.

He instantly recognized V’s handwriting and picked the pastel pink paper up in his hands.  Only V could find a way to melt his heart with scalloped edged stationary.  It read:

     Happy Anniversary, babe!  I love you to the moon and back!  I thought I’d pay tribute to the night we met.  Remember that night at Lucy’s, when your brother drug you along to the bonfire?  It was so late and I was way too tipsy, but we ended up playing a game of truth or dare that lead us to the altar.  That’s the best night of my life, except maybe our wedding, and possibly tonight if you play along 😉  You start.  Truth or Dare?  Text me, I’m waiting.  XOXO Veronica

This could be fun.  He pulled out his phone, texted Dare, and waited for the reply.


She knew he would play along, and when she felt her phone buzz with a new message, she couldn’t hide her delight.  Dare.  Of course.  She wrote back, I dare you to meet me at the restaurant where we had our first date.  I’m a little under dressed, I hope you are too.

He replied nearly immediately.  I’m on my way.  Your turn, truth or dare?

Dare ;D was her reply.

I dare you to remove your panties.   Perfect.  She excused herself to the powder room of this incredible five star restaurant that she had made reservations for three months ago.  She found a luxurious stall, removed her black lace panties, snapped a quick photo and sent it to him.

Nice!  I expect them to stay off…  I choose truth.  

Truth.  What did she want to know.  Name something you plan to do once we make it to our hotel room tonight?  

She waited eagerly for his reply.  Would he play it cool?  Or would that dirty mouth she fell in love with come through tonight?  Finally her phone buzzed.  Just one thing?  I definitely plan to use this blindfold I have in my back pocket.  Your turn.

The thought of being blindfolded and vulnerable excited her.  She trusted Xander with all her heart, and the thought of eliminating a sense to heighten the others turned her on.  She took a second to compose herself before she went on.  Truth.  

Tell me what you’re wearing.

She felt a smile tug at her lips as she sat back down at the table.  My favorite little red dress, black heals and that incredible necklace you bought me that night in Chicago, that night you fucked me silly against the glass balcony doors twelve stories up.  She felt herself flush at the memory.  She definitely wasn’t blindfolded that night.  He had her up against the glass door so high up she felt like she was flying, and when her body combusted, she was certain it took twelve stories for her to float back down to reality with.

Is that all? he wrote back

Yes, that’s all.  My undies are in my purse, if that’s what you’re asking.

They had better be when I get there, or else I’ll be splaying my hands across your ass when I’d rather be stroking your heat.  

He had never spanked her, but his words sent awareness throughout her body.  She had always been a good girl, and never had a single spanking growing up.  The rebel in her wanted to test him, to see if he was just using his dirty tongue or if he would act upon it.

She nearly forgot.  Your turn, truth or dare?

Dare he replied.

I dare you to try.

It took a few minutes for him to respond this time.  Finally her phone buzzed.  I can’t wait to see you in person and have this conversation face to face.  Your turn.  Truth or dare?

Truth she responded.  His text came shortly.

I am getting in the car now, I’ll be there in ten minutes.  I want you to send a text every single minute that I am driving.  I won’t read them until I sit down at the table, with you.  Each text should be something explicit you are hoping will happen in our hotel room tonight.

I’ll get you started.  1. I plan to blind fold you, 2. I plan to sip champagne from your navel and 3. from your pussy, 4. I plan to tie your hands behind you if you can’t keep them off my cock, (I want to extend your pleasure, and in effect extend mine) 5. I plan to lick you from the back side of your knee to the top of your ass and everything in between.  6. I want  you to put your sweet lips both on mine 7. and around my cock.  8. I’ll want your ass up and your face down, 9. and at some point your breasts against that glass door as I 10. fuck you from behind until both our worlds shatter before us.

Holy shit.  She felt herself sway in her chair.  He had obviously put some thought to tonight, and she couldn’t wait to make it happen.  The anticipation clung in the air like a thick fog after a summer rain.  She knew she was wet beneath her skirt, and she hoped dinner wouldn’t take long.  She was regretting her choice to dine here, the five stars taking much longer than the drive through at McDonald’s.  She took as sip of her ice water and started the requested series of texts.


Xander loved his wife’s wild side.  He loved her willingness to explore everything from the mountains in their back yard to the playground in their bedroom.  He loved her sass and brass and unpredictability.  He did enough thinking for the both of them, and he appreciated the way she could insert fun in his life as easily as he inserted organization.

He could imagine her sweet pink lips as she read the text.  No doubt she would be biting that bottom lip he thought as he pressed the accelerator and pulled out into traffic.  She would be getting that little blush up her neck that let him know she was aroused.  She would play innocent for a while, and he loved her innocence as much as he loved her brazen bravery.

She would be fidgeting with her phone, squirming in her seat.  She would be wet.

And he knew by the buzz that came from his phone every sixty seconds that she was playing along.  Each time it buzzed, it sent an electrical current straight to his pants.  He was imagining the things she would say.  He was hoping she didn’t want her breasts neglected tonight.  He imagined the necklace he bought draping between her breasts in that silky red dress of hers.  He imagined trailing his fingers down it, seeking more than the jewel at the bottom.  He would know it was there when he pressed her to the cool glass later tonight, the street lights below predicting the explosion that would be happening in their room up above.

He had bought her a necklace for her today as well.  He wanted her to wear it while he was making sweet love to her, he wanted to see it keeping rhythm with his thrusts, the same way her beautiful breasts swayed to his tempo.  He felt his erection jerk in his pants.  They had only been married a year, but he had studied and memorized every line on her incredible body.  The memories got him primed, but the real thing was right behind those doors, waiting for him, and he couldn’t wait to see what she had planned for the evening….

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