Daily Prompt: Meddle

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

Vicki pulled into the parking lot of the ballroom just before her parents.  With any luck she could sneak in and snag a seat before her mom tried to play matchmaker all night on her behalf.

She loved her mother, and most days she loved being her daughter, but events like this always lit a fire under her Mom to marry off her eldest daughter, her first born, the apple of her eye and whatever other embarrassing term of endearment she could come up with.

Her Mom was the only reason she was here tonight.  It was some relative of her mom’s so far down the line they had never even met before, but her Mom insisted and Vicki had brushed her off too often lately and decided a sweet wedding and a free dinner wouldn’t be so bad.

She climbed out of the old VW Beetle her grandfather had gifted her a few years ago and ran her fingers through her hair, hoping the wind from the top down convertible didn’t do anything too embarrassing to her locks.

As she straightened, she heard the familiar rumble of her Dad’s old muscle car and knew that she was caught.  She was going to be brushing off suitors all night; her Mom couldn’t help but meddle.

Yeah right, she was just going to be brushing off whoever her Mom sent her way in hopes of making the right connection, whether the other party was willing or not.  She laughed at the thought.  Nobody said no to her Mom.  She pasted a smile on her face and decided to make the best of it.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to find her future husband, it’s that she was picky and wasn’t going to settle for a pot bellied slacker.  She wanted someone who could keep up to her.


William parked his ’52 Chevy truck in the lot of the Ballroom.  One of his best clients had gotten hitched just hours before, and now they were about to celebrate with dinner and some music.  He couldn’t wait.

Couldn’t wait for it to get over was more like it.  His client had to be pushing 70, and he had no idea why he had been invited, but here he was.  He didn’t know a soul in the whole building, but he was going to make the best of it.

He climbed out of his truck and headed for the sidewalk of the little Ballroom.  He looked up ahead and saw the sweetest red head standing ahead of him, following her parents through the door.  Her hair was pulled back in such an easy way, as if she had just ridden a motorcycle here, and her wind blown hair naturally just fell sexily down her shoulder blades with a little extra pizzazz.  Her emerald dress was a stark contrast to her perfectly creamy skin and highlighted her hour glass figure.  This just might be a fun evening after all.


Vicki didn’t make it two feet in the door before her Mom had started in.  She saw someone she knew and relayed how awful it was that Vicki was still single and how was that even possible, with Vicki’s good looks and all?  Vicki felt the blush begin, but she knew it would only get worse as the night went on.

Another few feet and her mother excitedly introduced her to some other relative, again relaying the sad news that she had no children despite her age, and so on.  Vicki was already aggravated, but her Mom wouldn’t listen to her pleas to stop.

By the time they had reached their table, she had decided this was a terrible idea.  No more weddings in her future, unless it was her own.  Apparently it caused everyone to ask her if she was married.  Twenty-nine wasn’t that old, she still had plenty of child bearing years she thought to herself.

When her mom asked about her single life as soon as they sat down, Vicki went to the bar and ordered a drink.  Just one, as she had to drive home and all, but something to lift the sting of rejection that came with answering each question.


William followed the redhead and her parents through the doors, and when she turned her head ever so slightly, he recognized her as some relative of his client’s.  They were big into classic cars, and he figured it was her VW Convertible in the parking lot.  He smiled thinking that she must have a rare taste for the classics.  Not many women understood his business, restoring old cars, but she just might.

It didn’t take long to over hear her mother announce her as Vicki, and the closer they got to the dining room, the redder her cheeks became.  He wondered if she always blushed so easily, or if he could get her to do it himself.

He was seated just a couple tables down, but thankfully he was seated in a position where she was right in his line of vision.  And heard, thanks to the mother.  When Vicki came back to the table with her drink, it didn’t take long for her agitation to show.

“What more could you want in a man that Henry?  Henry was a real sweetheart,” her mom asked.

“Hands, Mom.  I need big, manly hands.  Hands smart enough to keep my Beetle running, but also big enough to keep me happy if you know what I mean.”

She was clearly going for the shock value, already tired of her mom’s antics, and her boldness warmed him.  Her mom’s jaw dropped open, but it didn’t stop her line of questioning.

“What about Johnny?  He pursued you for months and you never turned your head.”

“Johnny.  Johnny didn’t know how to jump start my car, and even if he did he was too weak to carry the cables.  I need somebody who can jump start my car with me on his back.  Somebody with brains and brawn, and Johnny had neither.”

“Well, what about Marshall?” she went on.

“Marshall. Hmm.  Marshall could do his share of heavy lifting, don’t get me wrong, but he was boring.  He never said what was on his mind, he just sugar coated everything.  I need somebody who can talk dirty mom.  Somebody who can get my engine revvin’ if you know what I mean.”  Vicki was just as relentless as her mother.  And it attracted him in a way he didn’t expect.


This was it.  She wasn’t sure what else she could tell her mother to get her off her back.  She went for shock value, but her mom was used to her brassy mouth.  She went for the truth, but she feared that would come back to bite her, too.  She was more than thankful when the food arrived at the table and they could busy their mouths with food.

She had a full view of the dance floor and decided to escape out there as soon as possible.  She would much rather shake her body to bad music than to stomach any more embarrassment about the sad state of her love life.

The questions weren’t meant to hurt, but they did.  They were reminders that she wasn’t attracting the right kind of man.  She only seemed to attract the ones that did nothing for her libido.  Maybe they were nice, but she needed more in a marriage.  Maybe they were good looking, but if they didn’t also stimulate her brain they immediately bored her.  She was picky, she knew it, but she wasn’t ready to settle for anything less.

She looked around the room, taking in the beautiful decorations, when she noticed him.  She recognized him from somewhere, but she couldn’t quite place it.  She remembered those dark eyes, the sculpt of his masculine face, and the black hair…  Will!  It was Will from the car shop.  Her granddaddy used his piles of money to keep that place in business back in the day, and now it was doing well on its own.  Her uncles and great uncles and third cousins all went to his shop now, and he always kept his customers happy.

She wanted to be one of his customers.  She wanted to look into those dark eyes and hear him say things to her.  She imagined he could say things like grease and oil cap with that husky voice of his and make her melt right in his hands.  She smiled to herself as she wondered if he was good with all kinds of lubes…

He caught her staring, and she quickly averted her gaze.  She peeked back and he was grinning, knowingly.  She had been caught, again.  She gave him a sly smile, but then the music started.  Her Mom had finished her meal and started a fresh line of questioning, and Vicki quickly escaped to the awful disco lights on the old floor.


He had caught her staring, and the slight blush that reappeared on her cheeks made it fun to catch her.  She jutted straight out onto the dance floor, but he had the feeling it was not because of him.  She hadn’t fled from him, she had fled from the painful line of questioning coming from her table.  Maybe if he kept her company it would give her some relief for the evening.  And maybe he could get some relief of his own.

The music turned to an old slow song, and she slowly made her way back .  He caught her while she was still on the floor, “May I have this dance?” he asked, trying to be smooth, knowing he probably looked like all the others who tried too hard for her attention.

Her eyes, an emerald green that matched her silky dress, darkened as she accepted his offer.  He took her hand and led her back to the floor.  He wrapped her in his arms, and she lazily snaked her arms around his neck, as if they had done this a million times before.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her voice as silky as her dress.

“My pleasure,” he admitted.  “I am guessing that’s your ’58 convertible in the parking lot?” he said, trying to find some common ground.

“You mean my baby?  Yes, she’s mine.  My Granddaddy gave it to me a few years ago, and I love her, quirks and all,” she said, humor in her voice.

“She is a beauty.  The white vinyl interior was your Granddaddy’s idea.  He said it would highlight his favorite granddaughter’s personality perfectly.  I imagined at the time the granddaughter to be boring and colorless, but one look at you tells me I was very wrong.”

She had a sharp intake of breath, and he hoped he hadn’t offended her, or her grandfather.  He had restored that beautiful ’58 Beetle a few years ago, just after he had bought the shop.  It was one of his first solo projects and he wanted it right.  “Does it still go through spark plugs like no tomorrow?”

He felt her smile.  “Yes, sure does.  One of her quirks, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”

“That was on my list of things to do, but he came in one day and said it was your birthday the following day, an April birthday, and he wanted to take it as is.  I always felt bad letting it out the door unfinished, but it seems to have found a good home.”

“So I can blame you for the trouble, huh?”  she said, teasing him.

“Absolutely.  I’d love to correct it for you some day.”

“Well, the white interior made up for that little quirk, just like the updated radio makes up for the stiff passenger side door.”

“I wish I could have met you then,” he said, wanting to learn more about her.  Hoping the song lasted forever.

“Mr. William, are you hitting on me at a wedding?  How cliche!” she said, still teasing him.

“Well, if I could see you tomorrow I could wait til then, if flirting at a wedding reception isn’t quite your thing,” he said, returning her banter.

She cleared her throat.  “Well, this is definitely more fun than sitting at my table, announcing my pathetic life to the entire room,” she said, just as the music finished up.

“Would you want to sit with me?” he asked, hopeful.

She brought her dazzling eyes up and met his, and he wanted to scoop her up and haul her out to his car and take her back to his place and have her calling out his name for completely different reasons.

He instead led her back to his table, and her rear view revved his libido into high gear.  Screw making it all the way back to his house.  If he had things his way, he would have her sprawled over the hood of his ’52 Chevy, begging him to touch her, or bent over the truck bed, the emerald dress of her pulled up over her curvaceous thighs, those high heels plumping her ass up in the air in that way he couldn’t resist.  Oh, he could think of so many things to do with her, but he didn’t want to share her with everyone at the ballroom that night, so he would bide his time.


Dancing with William was like dancing with a greek god.  He had rhythm and he was brazen enough to hold her like a lover instead of at arms length like her old boyfriends.  When he pulled her close, his hard chest reminded her that he was no wuss.  He was solid, and he could probably carry her on his back while he jump started her baby.  Or maybe he could lift her up onto the bed of his old Chevy, spread her legs and remind her she was a woman.  A woman with needs.

When she looked up at him, at his table, he had that all too familiar look in his eyes.  The look that said I want to fuck you, and quite frankly she didn’t give a damn.  She wanted to ride him as hard as he wanted her.

His voice interrupted her thoughts.  “I have big hands, if that helps.  He showed her his hands, and she didn’t quite get it, but when he pulled his chair next to hers and rested his hand on her thigh, she remembered exactly why she liked big hands.  Her belly turned to lava, and everything just poured southward.

She leaned into him at the table, “Well, William, that’s a great start.  What can you do with those big hands?”

“I could use them to throw you on my back, as I jump start your Beetle if that’s what you want?” he said, toying with her.

Recognition crossed her features, she couldn’t hide it if she wanted to.  He had overheard their conversation from earlier.  “Hmmm.  Anything else?”

He also leaned in, his voice in her ear, only loud enough for her to hear.  “I could use them to rip that sexy dress off your incredible body, and then I could use them to massage your breasts and twist your nipples perky.  And then, when I had your attention, I would make your cry out my name as I sunk my fingers deep inside and circled your clit til your body was quaking.”

He sat back just an inch, but she couldn’t have put together a coherent sentence if she had tried.  Her body was rubber, and he had only spoken to her.  She couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he actually followed through with his tease.  She would explode before he even reached her nether regions.

She licked her lips, trying to stem the tide of arousal, but it was no use.  He had her attention.


He knew he had her attention, and she definitely had his, but when she licked those incredibly plump lips, he wanted a taste.  He wanted to know if she would taste as good as she looked.  He leaned in, making his intention clear.  When she didn’t back up, he brought his lips to hers.  He used his tongue to trace her lip, and she opened, wanting more.  He wanted more, but he didn’t want such a crowd.

He pulled back and she whimpered.  Just a tiny sound, but one that reverberated straight to his cock.  “Would you like a tour of my shop?” he managed to get out.  “I’d love to take you out there right now.  But I have to warn you, I also would want to tour your body.  I can’t promise that emerald dress would stay on long.”

Her eyes widened even further, and she nodded.  He stood, offered his arm, and out to his truck they went.  Lord help him, this firecracker was going to light a fire tonight.


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