Jaycee dropped the final box on the colorful rug of her new living room.  Moving three times in three years was exhausting, and she was hoping that this would be the final time.  She hoped she would enjoy her job here, the one she had worked her whole life for, and she imagined she would never have to pack up everything dear to her and drive across the country again.  She longed to be happy here, just her and Miss Prissy, her aging long furred Maine Coon cat.

“We did little Missy, we survived another move” she said to her cat as the fur ball intertwined itself between her legs.  Jaycee crouched down and rubbed  the cats back, and it immediately started purring.  Cats were great, she thought to herself.  She could leave it home all day long and when she came back home, Miss Prissy would act like she didn’t care, as though Jaycee was just a mere interruption to her nap.  Until she was hungry that is, then she would meow and dance around Jaycees legs until she finally got up and sprung the tin can free for the old ball of fur.

Now, it was time for her own nap, she thought as she sprawled onto the floor of her living room.  Just a quick nap before the movers showed up with her furniture…


The moving company Karter worked for had a delivery due just down the street, so he was volunteered to help out.  No big deal.  It shouldn’t take more than a few hours and he would be free for the weekend.  He pulled into the drive, knowing the truck would be just minutes behind him, and walked to the door.  The security portion was held open by a box, and it was just the screen door between he and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She was sleeping, on the floor, with a cat the size of a raccoon curled up on her belly.  Her soft breathing seemed to lull the cat, and the purring could be heard all the way through the door.  The lady’s sweet curls lay strewn around her head, and he noticed she had the softest looking pink lips he had ever seen.  Her legs were curled up so that she both looked relaxed and like a model, posed for seduction.

His blood all went south, but he was a professional and he would pull himself together.  He shook his head and brought his hand up to knock, but he didn’t really want to.  He didn’t want to wake this sleeping angel who had clearly just traveled across the country in a rickety old truck and was probably aching head to toe.  Maybe he could offer to massage her body…


Jaycee heard the soft knock at the door, and for a second she wasn’t sure if it was part of her sweet dream or if it was real.  She hoped it was her dream, it was a very nice dream she thought, a smile spreading across her lips for only Miss Prissy to see.  She stroked the cat’s head and it arched up into her hand.  She heard the knock again, and she was immediately thrown back into reality.  She pushed Miss Prissy to the side and quickly got up to answer the door.  It was more than likely the moving company with her furniture – a comfy couch to lounge on and her own perfect bed to sleep on.  It would be Heaven.

When she turned toward the door, she was stopped in her tracks when she saw the body on the other side.  He was no over weight middle aged slack jaw, the type who seemed to be the norm in her recent moves.  Definitely no food stains down the front of this man’s shirt, or nasty gigantic butt crack to make her want to vomit.  No, this man was a gift from God, and she was going to appreciate every sweat inducing second of this particular move…


Karter watched the beautiful angel slowly wake from sleep as if she hadn’t a care in the world, as if moving across the country and sleeping on the carpet were things she did everyday.  When she finally heard his knock, her careful movements with the gigantic mop and graceful movements to the door had his full attention.  She stopped and stared for a moment before composing herself, trying to push back her wild curls behind her ears and straightening her shirt.

He announced himself, “Karter with Nelson Bros Moving Company, the rest should be here momentarily.”  She pushed the door open for him, her bare feet more appealing than any heels he had seen before, and he entered.  He brushed past her, and her scent reached his nostrils, a mix of jasmine and something else irrestistable and she seemed to imprint on his heart.  He was fascinated and hoped she was single.

“Come on in,” she said, a slight southern drawl catching his attention.  “It’s a bit chaotic at the moment, but hopefully I left enough room around the boxes to get the furniture where it belongs” spreading her hands out to put her things on display.

“Who helped you move all this?” he asked, wondering if she was involved, but her lack of a wedding band gave him a flicker of hope.

“Just me.  And Miss Prissy, but she mostly just gets in the way and plays with all the wrapping paper,” she said as the fur ball came back into the room, as if to regain her territory.

Holy shit.  She moved everything she was capable of herself.  She must have had her pickup loaded, and that was no small feat.  Even if she had help loading it, unloading it had to be exhausting.

“Wow.  Would you like any help before the rest of the crew gets here?” he asked, genuinely hoping she would say yes, or give him an excuse to come back later.

“Well, there is one thing.  I haven’t found a ladder yet, but maybe you could reach…” she started, but she was quickly interrupted by the loud exhaust of the large moving truck.  Bummer, but maybe he could get back to that later…


Jaycee wanted to hold off the truck, she wished it had gotten a flat tire or ran out of gas or anything to stall it for just a few minutes later so she could have this dream of man all to herself and just take him in.   Actually, she wouldn’t wish any of those frustrations to the movers, but she would find a reason to ask him back later.

They all busted their butts moving the heavy stuff.  She mostly just supervised and directed the crew, and honestly she mostly just watched Karter the entire time.  It was fun to watch his muscles work as if it were nothing while his coworkers struggled and sweated.  She had set up the antique wrought iron bed frame while they were working on her kitchen items, and when she finished she stood to admire her work.

Yes, it was heavy, but there was something about it that just called to her.  It may be her erotic day dreams of finding the right lover to do the right things to her and for her in that bed, taking full advantage of its strength and lines and other things she thought as a flutter flew up her belly.  Ok, time to grow up.  But she was grown up, and she had aches and desires and her body craved attention.  Maybe she could find a nice guy to massage her, head to toe in this bed.  Maybe he could pay some special attention to her back and thighs as they were both screaming at the moment, before moving to the throbbing in other parts…

As she was pulling herself out of her erotic daydream, she was suddenly aware that Karter was in the door way.  She felt the flush that had started just a few minutes ago spread across her chest and neck with intensity, and she was sure he had read her mind.  His eyes looked as lost and aroused as hers, and she wondered what he was thinking.

“What’s up,” she asked innocently, but wanting to be much more frank.

He just smiled and shook his head before he started.  “Well, just the mattress is left, and then the truck is empty.  Wondering if there’s anything else you’d like before we go.”

She felt the panic, she didn’t want him to leave.  Not yet anyways.


He hadn’t meant to, but he had caught her yet again when she was least aware.  He came down the hall looking for her, and when he saw her in the bedroom, she seemed to be in deep thought.  He meant to only stop for a second, but he just found her so fascinating.  She looked down at her handiwork and smiled.  Innocent enough.  But then her hand came up to her cheek and fluttered down to her collarbone.  Her breathing interrupted and she rubbed her wrists.  He wondered what she was thinking.  Then her hands went to her back and she rubbed it.

He was turning into a voyeur.  Never before had he just watched a woman, but now he wanted to watch her.  He imagined that she let her hand trail down from her collar bone over her breasts and down to the snap of her jeggings.  He would watch her peel them down, panting, her breath interrupted, as she pleased herself, teaching him what she liked so he could repeat it for her with his own hands.

She turned ever so slightly, and she caught him in the doorway.  She smiled innocently, but the flush that consumed her body revealed otherwise.  “What’s up?” she asked, her voice haughty.  What’s up?  Ha, he is!  He needed to pull this together.  He didn’t want her to be a one night stand or a quickie, he imagined waking up next to her for life.  He needed to take things slow, despite the lust coursing through his body.

“Well, just the mattress is left, and then the truck is empty.  Wondering if there’s anything else you’d like before we go,” hope ringing in his voice.

A sly smile crept across her face.  She pulled at a loose piece of beautiful hair and said mischievously, “You.”

He felt himself catch his breath, his body went into overdrive, and he wondered if he had just imagined her beautiful lips producing that word.  He wanted her, too.  But he wanted her for much  more than a single night.  He had to drag this out, despite every hair on his body screaming yes.

“Dinner.  Are you hungry?” he got the words out, stuttered but audible.  He held his breath waiting for her reply.

“Very,” she replied, “but you gotta take me like this.  I have no idea which box to find my heels or little black dress.”  She looked around the room as if she was serious, as if he wouldn’t want her exactly the way she was at this very moment.

He closed the small gap between them, clasped her beautiful face in his hands, her skin even more delicate and soft than he imagined, and spoke, “I like you exactly the way you are.”  He wanted to kiss her, to ravage her, but he needed more than right now.  He would never get enough of her.

She smiled shyly, obviously relieved at his words.  She brought her hand to his chest, but when he didn’t kiss her, she said stubbornly, “Well, then, let’s hurry up!”

This was going to be the start of something great.



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