On the Run p. 52

When she regained consciousness, she tried to remain still.  She could hear two voices in the background.  “Yeah, the stupid bitch just fell into your lap.  I couldn’t have planned it any better….  She’s all mine now… your payment is in the vault in my office.  I’ll get it to you in the morning…”

Her head was pounding, pain radiating throughout her body.  Her hands were tied to a tree.   She was laying on the ground next to the tree her hands were tied to.  Her feet were tied together.  It was so incredibly uncomfortable.  Rocks, roots and grass aggravated everything it came in contact with.

On top of that, her chest burned with the thought that the Monster would be paying the attacker with her own money, money the Monster had stolen from her.  Fury boiled in her veins, matching the agony that radiated throughout her entire body.

She heard him come up behind her.  He knelt down beside her still body, “Time to wake up and pay your dues, bitch,” and he slapped her ass.  It was not playful or sexy, it was pure evil marking her body.  The Monster was disgusting and cruel, nothing like her Tucker.   She would never give in to this pig.   Just hearing his voice caused a wave of nausea to flank her body, and when he physically touched her again she lost the contents of her stomach.

“You are such a disgusting human.  Get up!” he shouted in a drunken rage.

She attempted to get in a sitting position, away from her vomit.  She noticed the gun was missing from her pants.  She looked around, desperately searching for it.

“Looking for this?” he asked as he held it up to show it to her.

This couldn’t get much worse.  The only good thing was that the Monster had not lit the gym on fire and was not harming anyone else.  She could survive, if she wanted to.

Move your legs this way.”  She did as she was told hoping to pacify the madman.  He grabbed another length of rope and tied her ankles, this time to a nearby tree.

He moved in to untie her hands.  This was her chance.   He kept a firm grip on her right hand as he released the second.  “Don’t try anything you’ll regret,” the words flowing in a chilling tone.

When he stepped around to the other tree, she began to fight.  She was able to knock the gun out of his hands and proceeded to punch, poke, and scratch him with all of her might.  He tried to subdue her; he slapped her face, punched her, and pinned her down with his knees.  She fought with a vigor unknown to her, pulling her knee up to his groin.  She had always tried to get away before, but it was out of fear.  Not out of determination, as she was now.  She tried screaming, but he covered her mouth with his rotten hands.  When he covered her mouth, it was just one less hand to swing at her she reminded herself.  He was eventually able to tie her wrists together, but not after she left quite a few marks on his face and they at least weren’t behind the tree.

“You’ll pay for that” he said cruelly as he rubbed his jaw.  He got off of her, and she threw herself towards the gun.  He took one step and kicked her square in the ribs.  It hurt.  So much.  Now it literally hurt to breathe.  She hesitated for a second, and that’s all it took for him to kick the gun out of her reach.  She tried screaming for help, but the pain was unbearable.

No.  This was her battle, no one else’s.  She didn’t want some innocent person coming upon this situation and getting hurt themselves.  She would not scream for help.  Patience.  She could practice patience and wait for the time to be right.  She could regain control of the gun.  She would complete her plan.  It just might take longer than she expected.

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