Daily Prompt: Blossom

via Daily Prompt: Blossom

Maggie walked the streets of her hometown leisurely, enjoying the turn of the century feel in the brick buildings and homemade flower baskets that hung out in the sunshine.  She loved how each business had identical baskets, but the flowers were different everywhere she looked.  Some held tiny moss roses that blossomed all summer, others held fragrant geraniums, and others filled their baskets with exotic grasses and herbs.  She took her time meandering through town and was stopped in her tracks when she realized there was a new store in town.

A new store she would love.  It had three things she liked most in this world: good coffee, a good book, and a good view.  She felt her cheeks give way to a smile as she made herself in and ordered up a hot cup of tea.  She grabbed a good book and an empty table near the window.  Life was good.

She stared out the window, impressed by its view.  She was two stories up, and the windows gave full view to the newly created spillway in town.  Back in the 1800s it was started as a flour mill, but after a horrific fire, it went unused for generations.  A few years after she left home, an alumni of her high school designed the spillway for the army corps, and lo and behold it had come to fruition.  It was a beauty.

She felt torn between reading her book and watching the water gush in such an organized yet wildly chaotic way.  She brought her tea up in contemplation, and she caught sight of someone sitting across the room, clearly buried in paperwork.  He looked familiar, but she couldn’t place him.  Time had a way of doing that, of changing things just slightly enough that you had to think twice about anything you once thought you knew.

She studied his features.  Strikingly dark hair, broad shoulders with thick, strong arms, and a focused look of intensity.  Wow, what she would give at the moment to have him look at her that way.  She imagined that she would be so caught up in his looks and his stare that she wouldn’t think clearly or function normally.

She felt her belly warm just imagining his stare.  She decided she wouldn’t survive his look in real life.  She would simply melt into a pool on the floor and disappear into the woodwork.

She decided to try her book, and when she opened the first few pages and got delightfully lost in it immediately, she decided that was a good decision.


Brennan was overwhelmed.  Life had handed him a few awful hands in a row, and he was ready to throw in his cards.  Two weeks ago his Dad had fallen and his mom needed help at home.  He took some time from his job and helped his dad around the house until he was healed from the surgery.  He appreciated the excuse to go home, and he loved his parents more than anything else in this world.  He was happy to help, but it had its consequences.

His girlfriend of just a month decided that if she couldn’t be the center of his universe then she was out.  He stayed with his parents for two weeks, she took off with some of his things.  In retrospect it was a good thing, to cut a bad relationship short instead of trying to massage it back to life with the same end result, but it had definitely messed with his head a little bit.  Cut his ego and taught him to not trust others so easily.

Another consequence was catching up on all the paperwork from being away for so long.  His assistant had done the best she could to keep up, but he was currently swamped with the backlog.  The sooner he focused and finished this mountain of crap, the sooner he could move on with life once again.  He rubbed his eyes, recognizing that they were going blurry from staring so long, and sat back in his chair.  He took a deep breath and decided to fill his cup of coffee.  As he rose, he noticed a petite figure in the corner, book in a nose.

And what a beautifully delicate nose she had.  Her eyes widened with surprise at something in the book, and he wondered what she was reading.  She rubbed her bottom lip with her decidedly feminine fingers, shook her head, and looked out the window.  This woman was intriguing, and he wanted to learn more about her.

When he reached her table, her beautiful aqua eyes looked up at his, and he was lost in them.  They seemed to flash lighter and darker as he looked, much as he imagined the sea waters of Fiji or Cozumel.  She had dropped her lip from her fingers, but she was now biting them, those plump lips enjoying her touch.  He imagined enjoying her touch.

He imagined that instead of a chair in a coffee shop, she was in a chair at his home.  She would be looking up at him with those aqua eyes, but instead of her teeth on her lips, her lips would be on his cock.  He felt his blood pool soul, and he quickly changed his line of thought.

“I haven’t seen you here before.  Are you new in town?” he asked, trying to be the gentleman he almost always was.  Except for when he was not, and he had a feeling he wouldn’t remember to be a gentleman around her for long.

“No, I grew up here, until our family moved away when I was a freshman in high school.  I still consider this place home, but it’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I take it you’re from town?” she asked, her voice pure honey to his ears.

“Yes, born and raised.  My sister owns this shop, and she lets me loiter from time to time” he said, finishing with a wink.

“Emma Boile is your sister?” she asked, clearly knowing his sister yet confused about something.

“Yes ma’am, Emma has been my sister her whole life” he said, a teasing smile crossing his face.


Maggie could not believe her eyes.  Brennan Boile was here in the flesh and blood, standing before her.  Brennan was a bit of a wild child in his younger days, but back then she was nearly as tall as he was, despite their four year age difference, and he was scrawny.  He definitely was not scrawny now.  His size was exaggerated as he was standing over her, but she was certain he had certainly grown into shoes.

Maggie and Emma had been best friends all through elementary and middle school, but when she moved away things had just kind of ended.  Talking with Emma had been a lifesaver as she transitioned to a new school, but eventually calling her just made her so homesick that she just let them go to the answering machine.  A pang of guilt hit her chest, and she felt her hand go to her heart without conscious direction.  If Emma owned this place, maybe Maggie could apologize or explain, not that hit would matter after all these years, but it would be better than nothing.

“Is Emma here now?” she asked hopefully.  Each time she looked at Brennan, something new caught her eye.  The way his chin jutted out just right, or the way his adams apple bobbed when he swallowed, or the way his legs looked powerful enough to beat Usain Bolt in a heart beat.  She imagined those powerful legs wrapped in hers, in a mountain of silk and skin.  She felt herself blush.

“Yes, ma’am.  I’ll bring you back if you’d like.”  His voice was so darn sexy, she imagined him calling her name… and he turned towards the long hallway down the back.  He stopped at the corner and waited for her.  When she finally caught up, he took her hand, and she nearly fainted.  Brennan Boile was holding her hand, and electricity shooting through her body short circuited her brain and she nearly forgot what they were doing.  She wished he was taking her to his bedroom, not the kitchen of the coffee shop.

He swung the door open carefree and announced his arrival.  “Emma, I’ve got a visitor here to see you!” he said cheerfully.  Emma sat down the knife in her hands and reached headed over.  Emma’s heart pounded, both because Emma was about to see her and she braced herself for the reprimand, but also because Brennan was still holding her hand.

Emma wiped her hands on her apron, and when she saw Maggie, she smiled a megawatt smile and cheerfully announced, “Magnolia Ann Marcus!  I am so happy to see you!”

Maggie returned the cheerful hug, thankful it was a joyful one and not filled with girl drama and anger.  As they pulled apart, she saw Brennan’s eyebrows shoot up, clearly recognizing the name.

“I am happy to see you, too.  I had no idea this place was yours until I bumped into your brother out front!  It’s amazing!” she announced.

“Are you in town for long?” Emma asked hopefully.

Maggie just shrugged her shoulders.  “It was kind of an impulsive stop on my way home from the convention in the cities this week.  Something just pulled my car into the turn lane and bippity boppity here I am.”

She glanced in Brennan’s direction again, and he was smirking.  Most likely at her use of the words “bippity boppity.”  He was unnerving her, and she liked it.

“I have to get back to work, the dinner crowd will be hitting shortly, but I’d love to meet up with you before you leave town.  Could you hang around a couple of hours?  Brennan here will keep you company if that helps.  He owes me rent for all the time he’s taken up my table out front,” Emma winked at Brennan, and Brennan’s eyes grew impossibly dark, but he didn’t look angry.  He looked something else… something as heated as she was when he simply touched her.


Brennan knew his sister was just throwing him under the bus, but he would thank her later.  Two hours of Maggie could give him the time he needed to make this town a repeat trip, to help this chance encounter blossom into something more.  He smiled wolf-like at her, and she seemed to be just as shocked as he.

She started stuttering, “Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose…  I hadn’t planned anything and he looks like he’s up to his eyeballs in paperwork and…”

He interrupted her, something he generally didn’t do, but he needed to stop her before she talked herself out of it.  “I’d love to.  Maggie, or should I call you Magnolia?” he asked.

“Maggie works fine, but I love how you say Magnolia.”

“Magnolia it is,” he found himself saying, and she blushed every so slightly.  “Would you like to take a walk down to the spillway?  Or I could take you to dinner?” he asked.  Her eyes lit up as she seemed to realize something, and she grinned.  “You, you’re the one that designed the spillway, aren’t you?” she asked giddily.  He had never had anyone express that much excitement over his engineering design before, and he felt a bit of pride well up.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Call me Magnolia,” she said, correcting him.

“Magnolia, let’s go for a walk,” he took her arm, and her heat seemed to melt his heart.  When she touched him, he forgot about the chaos with his parents, the intricacies of his designs and lines and angles and only thought about her.  He thought about the perfect lines of her lips, the angles of her hips and the color of her hair.  He imagined her hair down over her shoulders, in his hands as he pulled her close and kissed her perfect lips.  He wondered what she tasted like, what her skin smelled like, what perfume her heat would create.

He made small talk as they made their way down the slope, but she seemed as disinterested in the weather as he was.  Her questions were deep, which made him ponder.  She was incredibly smart, and it was a turn on he had never experienced before.  She was quick witted and sweet, and the time flew.  Before he knew it, the shop would be closing and they were due back at the shop.  Then he’d have to share this beautiful woman again, and he selfishly wanted to haul her off somewhere private and learn the feel of her curves, to cup her ass in his hands and feel her breasts against his chest.  He wanted her smart mouth to cover his, and he imagined she could think of a few ways to pass the time as well as he.


Maggie was taken by everything.  She was taken by how incredibly smart Brennan had become.  Rather than chasing her with frogs and threatening to find a spider, he was guiding her down to the most beautiful river spillway she had ever seen, the design as artistic as it was functional.  He was able to relate on a deeper level than most people she knew, and she appreciated that he could keep up with her line of thinking.

He clearly had manners and was a complete gentleman, exactly what she liked outside the bedroom.  He held her hand, took her arm, and helped her down the hill in her high heels as if it were nothing.  She looked back up the hill, realizing she would have to find some sort of poise as they climbed the grassy hill again, but she was excited for the excuse to touch him yet again, to feel that amazing energy that seemed to transmit between them.

He took her arm and they started their way up the hill.  She knew time was running out, so she paused to consider her options.  She could hear the constant whooshing of water from the spillway, the songs of the birds, and the beat of her own heart.  She could see the sun setting to their west, and the golden glow bounced off Brennan in the most delightful way.  She wondered what his body looked like now, all grownup under that business suit.  She licked her lips without meaning to, but he caught her.  His hand reached up to her lip, and he spoke, “I have to admit, I’ve been wondering what your lips taste like since the moment I saw you today.”

She looked up at him, her eyes pleading for him to take the lead.  She wanted his lips everywhere on her body, but she would settle for her lips, too.  He ran his hand up her jaw line and behind her neck, gently pulling her towards him.  She brought her hand up to his chest, and without her consent her own arms wrapped themselves up and around his neck.  His brought his lips down and her body exploded with pleasure.

She heard herself moan, the sound foreign to her.  Sex was planned and predictable in her life, her moans were practiced to help her clumsy past partners hurry up and be done.  Her body giving itself to its urges was foreign, and she loved that Brennan could bring them out of her with just a kiss.

He brought his hands down to her waist and lowered them slightly over her ass.  She felt herself arching towards him, feeling the length of his shaft against her most sensitive areas.

Holy shit, Brennan was hard for her.  She couldn’t believe her luck.  Just as she was about to suggest running off into the sunset, she heard footsteps coming down the trail.  She pulled back, tried to regain her breathing and straighten her hair.  Somehow it had come down from her head and spilled out over her shoulders.  Brennan’s hands were lost in her curls, and she hated that she had to pull away.

She finally straightened herself and looked towards the trail, only to see Emma show up.  “I was hoping you two were still down here.  I thought maybe I had…” and then the look of recognition crossed her face.  They were caught red handed, worse than a couple of horny teenagers.  But she didn’t care.  and Emma seemed pleasantly surprised, as if she had the juiciest piece of gossip she couldn’t wait to hold over Brennan’s head in true sisterly fashion.

“We were just heading that way,” Maggie announced as if nothing had just happened, but even she could tell that her voice was off kilter.  Emma smiled conspiratorially.  “Good, because I made something special for all three of us.  Come on up” she said as she waved back in the direction of her shop.

Maggie looked up at Brennan, trying to gauge his reaction.  Once his sister had turned, he looked down at her, too.  Their eyes locked for a second before he wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “Magnolia Ann, I have so many more ideas.  Please tell me I’ll see you again after dinner.”

She whispered, not because she was trying to be quiet, but because her body had suddenly had a voice of its own that was wound up tight,  “You bet your ass I will see you again.”  and they headed up the hill, arm in arm.  This impulse of hers to return to the blah streets of her hometown had blossomed into something bright and colorful, intriguing and delightful, and she was oh so happy she listened to her body for once.

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