Daily Prompt: Total

via Daily Prompt: Total

He walked down the short hallway that led to their bedroom, a steaming hot mug of sugared up coffee in his hand.  It was early enough that the glow of the rising sun seeped through their windows creating a foggy, magical effect as he neared their bedroom.  He pushed the door open with his foot and surveyed the room.

Well, he mostly surveyed the woman on his bed.  The woman he met, fell in love with, proposed to, and will now be walking down the aisle with in a matter of hours.  He absorbed her relaxed body in the sweet glow of the morning sun, promising to brighten and warm everything it touches, hopefully brightening and warming their lives together forever.

She was never a morning person.  It took her a good forty five minutes after her perfect body rolled out of bed each morning before she could even paste a smile on her face.  She would walk down their hallway in her rumpled sleep clothes that couldn’t hide her sexy curves if they tried.  Her hair always floated this way and that, making his heart full knowing he is the only one on this planet allowed to see her so natural.  She would drag herself to the kitchen, pour a cup of pre-made coffee, dump more sugar in than should be allowable, and sit at the kitchen table.

He always beat her to the table.  Once his brain turned on in the morning, there was no returning to dream land; his body simply wouldn’t allow it.  He always made the coffee, caught up on work from the previous day, and waited for her to join him.  If she didn’t have an alarm, there would be hours of peaceful silence in their home before she would make her way out.  He loved knowing that small detail about her, one of many he had learned over the years.

Once his coffee hit her veins, he could watch her come to life right before his eyes.  It was as if he completed her, made her total, made her happy to be alive, and he infused his life into her each morning with bean water. She would smile that gorgeous smile that make his heart melt.  Slowly her sense of humor would be unveiled, and she would find something in the morning paper to joke about.  Pretty soon she would get riled up about something else, whatever her passion was at the moment, and he would watch her predictably dramatic response.  Eventually, she would engage him in conversation, and before they knew it they were late, so lost in each other that time seemed to stand still.

She was amazing.  She was funny, beautiful, patient, and both calm and dramatic.  Everyday she found a way to make him feel special, whether with her words in a text or hand written note, or with a surprise in his lunch box, or by washing his dirty socks without complaint.  He couldn’t wait to start the rest of their lives together, today.

But first, he had to wake her.  He carefully sat on the mattress next to her, his weight dipping the springs and getting her attention.  She rolled over and groaned as she tried to pull the covers up over her delicate face.  He pulled the blankets back, slowly revealing his t-shirt on her body.  He loved seeing her like that, and he brought his spare hand up to rub her back.  This brought a relaxed sigh from her throat this time, and eventually she turned to give him that beautiful smile with those pretty pink lips.

He offered his present, and she widened her smile as she sat up in bed, taking his offering off steaming hot coffee.  She brought the hot liquid to her lips and finally found something witty to say, and he leaned over to kiss her.  “Isn’t that bad luck to kiss before your wedding?” she asked, sweetly teasing him.

“I’d think it was only bad luck if you didn’t return the kiss” he replied, and with that she did, passionately, to prove a point.

“I have waited so long for this day,” her sweet voice rung out.

“I have waited my whole life for you, and now today you will get to be mine forever.”

“And always” she returned.  He couldn’t wait.

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