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Roberta cranked the music up in her kitchen full bore, letting the music reverberate in her chest, washing over her, through her, around her.  It filled her soul as much as it did her hearing, and her body started moving without conscious thought, as if she was under a spell, shaking her hips, dipping her shoulders and tapping her toes across the kitchen as she prepared a fantastic dinner.

For one.

It wasn’t going to bother her, she promised herself.  Eating alone was boring and predictable, and she decided today she would treat herself to a five course meal.  She prepared the meat, set it to bake, and worked on the veggies.  She sliced and chopped and diced the veggies and prepared the dressing.  Yes, it was going to be delicious, and it was all hers.

She enjoyed cooking, and she found herself humming and singing along to the music.  She spun as she worked her way to the refrigerator, shimmied her way back to the counter, and swayed all the way down to pick up a towel she had dropped on the floor, and returned it with flare to its position.  She felt like a matador, waving the red towel, mentally taking on a bull with the courage of an experienced fighter.  In her day dream, she won.  She gracefully evaded the charging bull each time, as though she had magic in her veins.

Magic.  That would be fun.  Cooking was like magic, throw together some crushed wheat, sugarcane and chicken droppings, toss it in a scorching oven, and half hour later, voila!  A perfectly sweet and delicious cake.  Magic.

Now, if only she could create a recipe for the perfect man.  This made her smile, alone in her kitchen.  She would toss a handful of courage, a cup of charm, another cup of patience, wait two cups of patience with her, some humor, wit, and a couple dashes of honesty.  She would toss in a bunch of good looks, strong body and whatever ingredient made those blue eyes and blonde hair that always did it for it.  She imagined baking it, til he was good and steamy, and then she would take him out and devour him.  Her tongue would find every ounce of his tanned skin and taste him in ways he would appreciate.  Maybe she should add some sexual prowess to that original recipe, so this perfect man of hers could return the favors she would love to give…

The timer dinged on the oven, and she pulled out her final masterpiece, wishing it was a man instead of a Better than Sex cake.  She found a fork and snuck a taste, knowing there was no one around to catch her.  It was delightful.  Better than sex?  probably not, but since she wasn’t getting any, it was better than nothing.  She savored another forkful when she was interrupted by the door bell.

Who would be coming over today?  She wasn’t expecting anyone, but she wouldn’t mind some company, and she clearly had enough food for more than herself.

She opened the door, and her jaw nearly hit the ground.  Her sexy as sin, tall blonde and drool worthy coworker was standing at her doorstep.  Yes, they were excellent work buddies, and he had the center stage of her daydreams lately, but what was he doing here?

“Hi,” she finally managed to get out.

His smile turned into a grin.  He could read her like a book, and she was hoping that he couldn’t read her mind at this moment.  Or maybe she did, she wasn’t quite sure.

He finally replied, “You didn’t answer your phone, I knew you lived alone and was just checking that everything was all right.  Judging by the music, you maybe just didn’t hear it ring.”

His smile was devastatingly handsome, and she appreciated that he could make jeans and a t-shirt look just as inviting as his work attire.  She liked that his arms were nearly bare, and it confirmed what she had imagined lied beneath those long  work shirts he normally wore.  His shirt was tight in all the right places, and she had to stick her hands in the back pockets of her jeans in order to subdue them, to cement them in place so they didn’t accidentally reach out and touch him.

She realized she was staring, and when she finally reached his eyes so blue it should be illegal, she noticed the heat was returned.  He was just as enamored with her as she was with him.  She looked up at him, and she broke the silence, “I, uhm, just finished making dinner.  Would you like to join me?  Though I should warn you that the kitchen is currently a disaster and I did already take two bites out of the cake.”

Her playfulness pulled him back to reality, and she prepared for some speech about being professionals and all that crap, but his eyes scorched hers and he simply said, “I’d love to.”

Hmmm.  Maybe her magic recipe worked after all…

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