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Edward sat awkwardly in the driver’s seat of his truck outside the restaurant.  He had lost a bet to his sister over the weekend, and now he was paying the price.  If he had won, she would be at the car wash right now, scrubbing his truck top to bottom, something he would rather be doing than going on a double date, and his date being someone his sister was going to choose didn’t make it any better.

She liked to keep him in suspense, one of the things he both loved and hated about her.  She always dangled something fantastic, knowing him like a little sister does, and waited for him to bite.  He had taken the bite to a game she knew she would win, and now he was here, waiting for the double date to begin.

He crawled out of his truck, made his way inside and reserved a table for the four of them.  He reserved it near the window of the parking lot, hoping to get an idea about who his date would be that evening before he was blindsided.  His sister would find someone extreme, he was sure, someone to really rub the salt in the wound of losing to her.  Maybe someone that professionally ate bugs for a living, or with feet as wide as dinner plates, or had the personality of a brutish pig.

He took a look out the window, and he was blessed to see a fine figured woman walk across the lot.  She was tall, slender, and had eyes as dark and exotic as he had ever seen.  She was graceful and tender with the elderly couple ahead of her, and she was polite with the hostess.  He wished she was his date.

He looked back out the window, willing his sister to show up on time for once in her life, when he was interrupted by the hostess.  “Yes, ma’am, this is Mr. Jones.”  He looked over to see the beautiful dark haired beauty from earlier.  His eyes widened in surprise, and he rose to greet her.

When she spoke, she had just a hitch of an accent, and his curiosity piqued.  “Hello, I’m Penelope,” she purred, “Your sister sends her regrets as she will be unable to join us tonight, but she assured me you would hold up your end of the deal?” she asked as much as she stated.

He pulled her chair out for her, showing her that he more than planned to finish out this date.  “Yes, ma’am.”  He held out his hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Penelope.  I most certainly will hold up my end of the deal.”  She took his hand and instead pulled him in and kissed both cheeks before seating herself in the chair.

His senses went into overdrive, and his curiosity seemed insatiable.


Penelope felt her eyes widen and her insides quiver when she was introduced to her date for the evening.  When her coworker asked her to join her on a double date, she could tell she was up to something, but Lyla was becoming her fast friend and she trusted her.  When Lyla rang her cell five minutes before she was due here, Penelope knew what she was going to say.  She had been set up, but she was assured Edward would still be there, and Lyla begged her to not stand him up.

She cursed under her breath, took a deep breath and decided to make the most of the situation.  She was now so very glad that she had.  She took her seat, grateful for his manners, and her eyes made their way back to his.  He had incredible steel blue eyes that bore into her with an intensity that made every hair on her body stand in attention.  His light brown hair was just long enough that she could run her hands through, and she had to stifle the urge to do just that.  His five o’clock shadow had grown in just enough that she wanted to feel its roughness with her fingers, or feel it tickle her neck.  His broad shoulders tapered down to a trim waist, and his arms proved he could fight bears and monsters and whatever else may come in her way.

She found herself leaning in on the table, craving his presence, wanting to not just be near him but close enough to see the sparkle in his eye, the pulse at his throat, and take in the scent of his cologne.  She noticed he was doing the same, and when he said something amusing, she caught her hand reaching for his.  She had always been more touchy feely than her American friends, but he didn’t seem concerned.  If fact, he rested his other hand atop hers.  She appreciated this physical contact, and she was disappointed when their food arrived and they needed to part.


Edward felt the electricity when she nonchalantly placed her hand on his shoot right up his arm and straight to his heart.  Making her laugh just became his new favorite thing in this world, and he hoped to do it again, soon.  He stretched his legs out, trying to readjust himself, when he collided with her ankle.  Amateur mistake, but it worked to his advantage.  She instantly brought her eyes up, locked them on his, and ran her foot up his calf.  He wondered how many sparks would be made if he could have her all to himself; they would light the place on fire if there were this many sparks simply from that minor touch.

They fell back into conversation, and he was smitten.  She was funny, witty, easy going and focused.  She refused to be the jack of all trades but instead became the master of the few crafts she chose.  He wanted to be on her short list.  He learned that she just moved to the area and was working with his sister, thus the matchmaker in his sister came out.  He was so mad at her earlier, but now he knew he would forever be in his sister’s debt for bringing him to this wonderful woman.


As dinner wound down, Penelope was determined to not let their chemistry taper. She respected his work ethic, his patience and his sense of humor, and she was hopeful that he would want to see her again.  She ordered dessert and shared it with him.  She wanted his lips on hers, and when he offered her his arm after dinner, she gladly took it.  She appreciated a charming man with manners, and when he walked her to her car, she thanked him with a kiss.  He returned the kiss, and it instantly became heated.  She opened her mouth to him and absorbed his heat and he eagerly sought out hers.  She finally got to run her hands through his sexy as sin hair, and she loved the roughness of his beard on her soft skin.

She still had her morals, and she couldn’t take him home as much as her body wanted to, needed to.  She ran her hands back into his hair and gently pulled him away.  “I want to see you again” she whispered, more like moaned, and he nodded in response.  She rested her forehead on his  while they both caught their breath, and then he respected her wishes by opening her car door and ushering her in.  She knew how to get his number, and she couldn’t wait to call Lyla and thank her for the best date of her life.

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