On the Run p. 48

Tucker was sick to his stomach when he learned that one of the Monster’s henchmen had made their way out to his cabin, his safe spot, his place to keep his girlfriend alive.  Girlfriend according to the letter, but he would sure love to make it official in real life.  He was contemplating this into the wee hours of the night as he watched out the windows for other signs of movement in the woods.

The Monster getting so close resurfaced old feelings of failure, of missing the clues, not connecting the dots soon enough and letting the enemy get too close.  At least this time the Monster had been stopped before taking his girl captive or others to use as leverage.  The thought made his stomach sour again.

They had to get the monster behind bars and soon.  In order for that to happen, they had bust the Monster.  They had to catch him doing some of these acts and provide enough evidence to law enforcement to have him incarcerated for a long, long time.  But he didn’t want Ann anywhere near the Monster when any of those crimes happened.  It was such a slippery slope.

If he had things his way, it would never make its way to a courtroom; however, he had plenty of buddies in the department that he trusted to make life behind bars happen. They were solid lawmen, and he knew they would help him out when the time came.  The time would come, he reminded himself.

He wasn’t sure how to make that happen any sooner, though.  Each hour drug on, expectancy filing his veins, but never any action.  The letter made him laugh.  He wants Ann, or Anna, that’s for sure, but if Reginald Anderson thought for a second Tucker would give up his girlfriend, he had another thing coming.  Anna’s safety was what mattered most, and he didn’t give two shits about the gym in the big picture.  He could rebuild without too much difficulty, just needing time and patience.  If he lost Anna in this ordeal, however, that would be a loss he could never recuperate from.

He wouldn’t let it happen.

When the sun rose, she went to the next room to take a shower.  She stuck it out all night with him.  She was such a trooper.  The shower was torture.  Each splash of the water sent his mind reeling into fantasy land, or better yet memory land.  Memories of her breasts under the shower head got his cock hard, the cock she sucked nearly until he blew just a matter of hours ago.

Her playfulness and strength were other qualities he admired.  She liked to play, both verbally and physically, and that’s something he had craved his adult life.  Someone to understand the physical aspect of a relationship, not only hugging, kissing and massaging, of course, but also chasing, catching, spanking and tickling.  There were so many ways to express oneself without callous name calling or immature shouting fests.  She had that figured out.  But she wasn’t to be walked over, either.  She towed the line with him when necessary, and he liked that she made the boundaries clear so he didn’t mistakenly cross them.

It was a fun relationship.  One he intended to keep for life, to begin again as soon as that dickless asshole screwed up on camera and they could take him off the streets.

She came out of the bathroom and had an unusual look on her face.  “I don’t know how to ask for this, but ah, I need a trip to the store.”

“For what?” He asked, what could she possibly need so badly at the store that she couldn’t find here?

She blushed a little, and her eyes trailed off to the side.  She was either lying or incredibly embarrassed.  “I need a few supplies that only females tend to need… ones not normally found in a bachelor’s cabin….”

Ohhh…. He got it.  Definitely didn’t have those supplies here.  But something told him she wasn’t being truthful, either.  There had to be more to this.  “I’ll give Boss a heads up that we’re heading to town quick.  He might want to tail us.”

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