Daily Prompt: Volume

via Daily Prompt: Volume

Marion had waited excitedly all week for Friday.  She was prepared to head out , sleep in someone else’s bed all weekend, and return home in time for work Monday.  It sounded dreamy, and she couldn’t wait til the clock struck five.

She nearly sprinted out to the parking lot, hopped in her SUV already loaded with everything she would need for the weekend, and headed north.  She turned the radio off, rolled the windows down, and watched as the city lights disappeared in her rear view mirror.

She sighed contentedly, and turned her GPS on.  Her parents had gifted her their cabin, and she was giddy.  It was a place she loved coming to each summer as a child; her Dad would take her fishing, her mom taught her to enjoy a good book on a long outdoor tanning chair, and she loved exploring.

She hadn’t been there since she set out for college years ago, but when her parents mentioned they were selling it she couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice.  They were amazing parents and only selling it because it wasn’t getting used.  They said if she would use it, she could have it.

She couldn’t wait to get there.  She had already driven three hours out of town, but she was only half way there.  The sun set in her west, and the stars slowly made their magical appearance in its absence.  The moon was always impressive, especially at the cabin.  As a child she would sneak down to the river bank just to watch the moon reflect off the water.  This was something so infinite and awe filled for her as a child, and she couldn’t wait to relive that experience in just a matter of hours.


Nolan was running out of daylight.  Soon, night would fall and he would need to put the project aside til morning.  His parents had always been so proud of his woodworking skills.  When they asked him to remodel the kitchen, he just couldn’t find it in himself to say no to their sincere, pride and hope filled question.  He had spent every weekend so far this month removing the old, thin and quite frankly ugly kitchen cabinets in the cabin in preparation for the slight remodel that would go with.  The electricity would be rewired by other professionals, but he had to get the walls torn down in order for them to get to the wiring.

It was one detail after another, and he would be so happy when he could just lay out the beautiful sheets of solid cherry wood and do his thing. It would be so relaxing, a stark contrast to the necessary disaster he seemed to be creating each weekend so far.  He packed up the last of his things, hauled them indoors for the night, grabbed his tackle box and rod and headed for the river.  The moon was out and the wind was still.  There was nothing but the sound of crickets and frogs to soothe his soul, and at that moment the world seemed right and peaceful.


Marion finally pulled into the drive well after midnight.  She had lost GPS reception a couple hours ago, and she learned first hand that traditional map interpretation skills were more important than she realized.  She had pulled the dusty old folded up map out of the glove box, flipped it this way and that, identified where she had got herself lost to, and how to get to her destination.  She knew she could do it, it just took a little longer than she had anticipated.

She pulled into the yard, barely recognizing the yard or the cabin.  The driveway was barely visible with the weeds grown up ridiculously past her knees.  A part of her was so excited to be here, but another part of her was disappointed at the state of disrepair her childhood joy was in.  She managed to park her SUV in front of the cabin, pull out the key, and she cautiously made her way to the front door.  The porch steps creaked with each step, but the lock accepted her key and allowed her in.

She could see the place with the light of the full moon shining through the windows, and slowly memories came back.  Memories of her mother beside the stove frying breakfast, and of her father sitting in the chair at the kitchen table singing to no one in particular, and she felt her eyes close to absorb the memories.  She was so thankful to have such loving parents, and she couldn’t wait to fix up this memory filled box as a show of gratitude.

She ran her hand across the wall where she remembered the light switch being, but she first ran it over a cobweb.  Her hand reflexively pulled back and she silenced the shriek that wanted to escape.  Her heart beat sped up a bit, and she took a deep breath before finishing her quest for light.

She saw the place in the full brightness of the overhead lamps, and she was thankful that the inside was in better shape than she expected.  Full of dust and cobwebs, but everything else seemed in order.  She made her way down the hall to her old bedroom, and she was glad when she found everything the way she had left it years ago.  Everything needed a wash, but it was there.  She stripped her bed in preparation for fresh sheets and the bedding she brought along, and stepped back out with the intention of bringing the box of fresh linens in.

However, when she stepped out on the front porch, the moon drew her attention.  She remembered the way it looked reflecting across the calm waters just to the side of the house, and nostalgia got the the best of her.

She walked in the direction of the moon, through the thin patch of trees and down the embankment to the water.  She took a deep breath and appreciated the smell of pine trees and wet sand.  The moon reflected just the way she had hoped, surprised to still find it so mesmerizing all these years later.

She turned to head back up the embankment, but something metallic caught her attention.  She focused her gaze in its direction, and she was surprised to recognize it as the reel of a fishing rod.

She wasn’t alone out here.  Before she could make out much more about the dark form a mere twenty feet away, it spoke.  She froze in fear.

“Good evening, or should I say good morning?” the voice sung out, a sultry, deep voice that made her stand at attention, but no longer out of fear.  Suddenly every hair on her body seemed aware of the sexy figure standing so near to her.  How she had missed it earlier perplexed her.

“Good morning,” she replied, knowing it was already well past midnight.  She knew her voice gave away her sensual reaction, and she attempted to pull herself together.  “My name’s Marion.  I own that little cabin right there,” she said, pointing in the direction of the cabin, past the mountain high grass and peeling paint covering the siding.

“Is that so?” the sexy voice said and followed with a whistle.  “Last I heard it was Mr. and Mrs. Boyle’s place.”

“That would be true.  Until this week, when it became Miss Boyle’s place, as in Marion Boyle,” she spelled out, “so how do you know my parents?”

“Well, I don’t, really,” he said, leisurely cranking in his lure.  “My parents own the cabin next door, and I’ve heard them mention your parents from time to time.  All good things of course.”

“Hmm,” she said, not thoroughly pleased that the neighbors had taken over her beach.  She would have to reclaim it.  “Do you have a name?”

“Nolan,” he said, letting out a chuckle.  “I’m just here for the weekends, working on updating my parents’ cabin.  It shouldn’t be too long and I’ll be out of your hair.”

She also wasn’t pleased that he would be gone so soon.  She kind of liked the thought of having a sexy next door neighbor to look forward to on the weekends.

“No rush,” she said, against her better judgment.  “Well, I’ve got a lot to do.  Have a good rest of your, uhm, morning,” she said awkwardly as she headed back up the embankment towards her new place.

She heard him shout after her, “You, too.  Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.  Don’t be shy, neighbor.”

Don’t be shy.  Her body wanted to take him up on that, and soon.


Well, life just got more interesting, he thought to himself, watching her sweet little body maneuver up the slight hill.  He thought he was alone up here, but in fact he had a new neighbor.  A new, sexy, brave female next door neighbor that had her hands full repairing that old place.  He was hoping she would want his help with something, but he got the sense that she would get to work and bust her tail on that old place herself.

He made his way back down the beach and towards his place.  His mind kept replaying the first glimpse he had of her, sneaking down the embankment so near him, yet mentally miles away.  Her beautiful blonde hair seemed to glow in the soft moonlight, her hands clasped up over her head as she looked up just highlighted the rise of her breasts.  Her long, lean legs were not hidden despite laying under a layer of leggings.  Her shirt swept over her ass in such a timelessly gorgeous fashion, and the belt cinched at her waist indicated she took care of her body.

He admitted that he stopped and stared for longer than he should have, taking advantage of her distraction.  He watched the rise of her breasts as she inhaled, and the way she eventually wrapped her arms around herself before turning to leave.  He needed to know how this angel landed so close to his hot fishing hole, and he found himself spilling out the first thing that came to his hazy brain.  “Good evening,” but he wasn’t even sure it was still evening.  It was indeed morning, and he hoped to see her again simply to prove that he was more than capable of normal conversation.


Marion found herself filled with excitement as she reentered her new place with a basket full of clean linens.  She bristled with joy as she redressed her bed and added a few pillows.  She updated the items in the bathroom and dressed herself in a comfy pair of PJs.  When she crawled back into her bed, his voice kept returning to her ears.  His fine physical form had her body craving his, and she had only seen him fully dressed.  She mentally undressed him, imagining how delightful he would be, and she found her fingers drawn to her nipples.  She twisted them tight until her core was pulsing.  She drew her nails across her sides, spurring a rash of goose pimples across her flesh.  Eventually her hand made its way beneath her shorts, beneath her panties, and to the part of her that was aching to be relieved.  She circled her most sensitive areas and brought herself to climax.  She milked herself through the last spasm, rolled over in her new bed, and fell asleep.

When morning came, she found herself starting in the bathroom.  She scrubbed the shower and the old claw foot tub until they were both shiny.  She polished the sink and the walls and anything else that looked like it needed a good wash, and the small room looked so much better that she was motivated to start in another room.

She made her way out to the kitchen, and she brought in the cleaning supplies from the SUV.  She scrubbed the oven, sink, stove and fridge until they looked fresh from the factory.  She made a mental note to restock the kitchen with fresh groceries, and she emptied all the old, expired items straight into the dumpster outside.

When she stepped outside, she could hear an odd noise.  It was the scream of a saw, and she could hear it sheer and grind at regular intervals.  She was curious as to what he was doing, so she decided to ask.  She grabbed a couple of sodas, the best she had to offer at the moment, and headed through the woods to the cabin next doors.

As she neared his yard, she could make out bits and pieces.  She saw a large saw stationed outside the house, a few sheets of plywood here and there, and a pile of wood shavings.  She crossed the yard and was pleasantly surprised to see him come out the front door, shirtless, with a two by four steadied over his shoulder.  She nearly tripped over her own feet.


Nolan was pleasantly surprised to be interrupted by his new sexy neighbor.  She was just as attractive, if not more in the full light of the sun.  Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony, showing the feminine curves of her face, her perfect lips and curl of her eye lashes.  He found himself stopped mid stride, the long board still heaved over his shoulder.  He regained himself, set it down, and made his way across the yard to her.

She walked over to him, her long legs dancing out beneath the shorts she had donned, and offered him a soda.  He couldn’t hold back the smile that played across his face.  He felt his brows lift, wondering why she had done such an act.

She shrugged her shoulder, “I just thought I’d come see what that sound was.  I guess it was a saw,” she said, a mischievous smile creeping across her lips.  “That’s all, I’ll go home now,” she said dramatically, attempting humor.

“Ha!  Neither of us want you to go so soon.  I’d invite you in, but it’s basically a disaster,” he said, pointing his thumb in the direction of the door he just exited.

“No worries,” she said calmly.  “What are you doing?”

He explained the project and reason for the boards lying about the yard, and she seemed interested.  He found himself showing her inside anyways, and she seemed intrigued by what he was doing.  She settled herself in a fairly clean area of the room, resting her body against the sink that was still in tact, her hands braced on on either side of her.  He imagined kissing her in this way.  His lips would reach hers easily, he would drop her shorts and ride her right there, right at the sink and have her screaming his name in no time.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she asked, her voice not giving anything away.  He had been so distracted by his little daydream that he couldn’t remember what they had even been talking about.

“Depends, what were you thinking?” he asked, hoping she would say something that would ignite his memory.

“Have you created any of the other furniture in this place?” she asked, clearly changing the subject.

“Sure have,” he said confidently, thankful to be back on home territory.  He showed her the kitchen table.  He blew the saw dust off to reveal the details in the wood grain and structural elements.  She ran her hands over the surface, and again she asked him interesting questions, eventually leaning against the table.  Again his brain went straight to her body.  He imagined her already naked, lying across the table as he spread her thighs and ate her heat for dinner.

He had to stop this.  He wanted to continue.  What were they talking about again?

She cocked her head to one side, as if trying to figure him out.  “Anything else?” she asked, teasing him.

Shit.  “Yes, uhm, my bedroom.” He led her to the large bedroom and pointed out the dressers, side tables, and four poster bed.

Her fingers traced the details of the dressers, ran across the grain of the side tables, but she seemed most interested in the bed.  Lord, help him.


Marion was getting the distinct impression that he was as attracted to her as she was to him.  Her body was winding back up, as tight as it was just mere hours ago.  He seemed to get lost, staring at her in an appreciative way.  When he brought her to his bedroom, she was nearly breathless.  The furniture was great and all, but her brain conjured up all sorts of images that made it hard to think straight.

She ran her hands up the intricately designed four poster bed.  She imagined him tying her up here, having his way with her, bringing her to pleasure, having her pleasure him.  She imagined tracing every inch of his skin, learning what gave him pleasure, and she imagined him returning the favor.  She imagined riding him on that king size bed, she imagined him riding her.  She imagined too much, and her brain became fuzzy but her body became keenly aware of each throb and pulse and nerve ending.

“You feel it, too?” she asked, needing him to make his thoughts clear.

He simply nodded.

She walked up to him, brought her hands up to his chest, and he brought his lips down on hers.  The volume of the rest of the world went straight to mute, but the sounds me made were amplified.  She suddenly became aware of every breath and every pulse and moan emanating from his throat…

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