On the Run p. 47

When the team returned to the house, they spoke in hushed tones and went straight to Taylor’s room.  They appeared to be studying an item, and she was curious as to what they had found.  She followed them back and stopped short of the door, hoping to get the truth, not the nicey nice version they always seemed to tell her.

“You don’t have to stand out there,” hollered Brad.  “You can come see for yourself.”

Embarrassed that she had been caught yet again, she realized her spying skills were not that great.  She sheepishly joined the men in the room.  They had a note they were carefully analyzing.  “You may not love me, but if you love your boyfriend you’ll find me,” it read.

She took a look at the handwriting and knew exactly who it was from, fear gripping her soul.  The blood thrummed in her head and she had to focus intently on simply not passing out.  Breathing was something so simple that 99% of the population did without thinking but was something she had to consciously remind herself to do fairly often nowadays.

Pathetic.  This was going to end.  Today.

Tucker’s voice took a leadership tone, and he gave out the orders.  “I’ll take her upstairs and watch from there.  Brad, you take the outside perimeter.  Taylor, we need you to watch the cameras and locators.  All of them.  Find out where that bastard is and if this was him.”

Tucker took her hand and led her upstairs.  What did he think about the reference to being her boyfriend?  or loving him?  “I’m so sorry.  I can’t believe he found this place so quickly,” she said.  “He runs a large cell technology company.  He has records to just about everything.  I just didn’t think he’d find my connection to you so quickly or this cabin for that matter.”

“Would it be all right if I gave Taylor your cell?  He could check it for bugs or other distance surveillance apps.”

“Sure.  I turned off all locating features and never installed anything that required it.  I can’t imagine that would be the issue, but if he wants it, here it is.” She said, curiosity bubbling to the surface.

They kept look out over the property the rest of the night, tracked down the Monster and attempted to identify who the trespasser with the note was.  The hours rolled by slowly, but she was so filled with adrenaline that sleep didn’t even tempt her.  She was on high alert.

She heard his stomach groan about 6:30am, and she asked if she could fetch him some Lucky Charms.  This produced a small smile from him, but by the time he turned back to look at her, it had widened into a grin.  “Yes, please.”

She apprehensively snuck downstairs and located the box of cereal from the cupboard.  On her way up, she overheard Taylor explaining what the insides of Tucker’s vandalized house looked like.

Oh God.  His house was destroyed because of her.  Tucker’s house.  His safe place.

That bastard!

Maybe Reginald was serious about hurting Tucker.  At first she thought it was just a bluff, but if he had already carried out an earlier crime, maybe he was capable of harming others who got in his way, not just to her?

She raced up the stairs and delivered the oaty goods to Mr. Goodlooking, her personal watch guard.  The old, familiar feelings returned.  She was not good enough for Tucker, he deserved someone better.  He deserved to be at his business, coaching his clients, not keeping an eye out on his own property for a predator looking for more than his next kill.

The thought nearly killed her.  Her worst fears were coming to fruition.  Not only was her life in danger, but she had put Tucker’s in danger as well.  It was more than a fear, it was a reality.  She should have left when she had the chance.  And who else?  Taylor? Brad? Boss?  She couldn’t imagine Brad not going back home to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

They were waiting for him to make a terrible move.  Maybe she could help speed that along.  But first, she’d have to find a way to evade the security stationing from her current home…

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