Ingrid looked through her closet with excitement.  Tonight she and the ladies were going out.  They were going to eat, drink and be merry, and she couldn’t be more excited if she tried.  She grabbed out her favorite slinky black dress, a pair of bright red heels and headed to the bathroom.  Red was going to be the color tonight.  She donned some bright red lip stick, curled her hair into submission, and gave herself a final check in the mirror before dialing up her best friend.

“Hey, what’s up?” his milky voice sung out.  Her best friend, Jonah, had the sexiest voice of anyone she had ever met in her life, ever.  His voice is the one in her dirty dreams, the kind of voice that always sounds like he just crawled out of bed after making sweet love to his one and only.  Even though they had been friends for over a year, he had never once made a move on her.  His personality was pretty forward and intentions crystal clear, so she figured if he had wanted her, he would have made that much clear.  So she let it be.

“Hi.  I need to ask a huuuuuuge favor.  I promise I’ll give you three wishes in return” she said hopefully, referring to one of their first chance meetings.  It had been a Halloween party hosted by one of her good friends.  He came dressed up as a genie, and she was dressed as a referee, a sexy referee if you ask her.  She had overindulged throughout the evening, and she asked him for a ride home.  She promised him three wishes in return, and he happily obliged.

When his three wishes were not the sexual ones she had hoped for, she decided he clearly wasn’t interested and kept the friendship platonic, but it grew into the best friendship she had ever had.  He knew things about her that most of her girl friends didn’t even know, and he never judged her for those details.  Joked and teased, of course, but never judged.

“Fire away” he said simply, used to her antics.

“The girls and I are going out tonight, and I would like to have fun.  Is there any chance you could be my sober cab tonight?  Please?!?” she begged, knowing it was not going to be an easy case to make, especially for someone as self disciplined as Jonah to care for someone so impulsive as her.  She crossed her fingers, hoping the elementary magic would do the trick.

“I don’t know…” he said, drawing out the suspense.  “It had better be three really big wishes,” he said, making her squirm.

“Anything, anything at all” she begged.  “Suppers for a month, I’ll shovel your snow, pretend to be your date at that stupid family wedding, whatever you want.  I’m on it.”

“Deal,” he said confidently.  So confidently that she suddenly worried about what he would ask for.  She wracked her brain trying to figure out what he wanted so badly.

They ended the conversation and she went out with the girls.


Jonah was so glad she had called.   He did indeed need a date the following night, but instead to his boss’s formal dinner.  He was not looking forward to it at all, and having Ingrid at his side would make the evening much more bearable.

She was his best friend, but she was more than that.  She was fiercely loyal, and she always had his back.  She was funny and found the humor in most things, putting his slightly OCD brain at ease.

His slightly OCD brain had done him well in his professional life as architecture required a keen eye and attention to detail. However, it did very little in his personal life.  He had a history with the women, but it never lasted.  His straight and narrow view on life left little room to wiggle, and it always seemed to suffocate his relationships.

All but one.  All but the one he had wanted the most but was too afraid to ruin.  Miss Ingrid was easily the most fascinating woman he knew, and instead of hating his tendencies towards order and predictability, she took advantage of them.  She would bring stuff over to cook at his place, and she would create masterpieces out of simple ingredients.  The kitchen was always left a disaster, and she let him clean it up without a trace of guilt.

Another example would be tonight.  She would go out, be a social butterfly and enjoy life, and she would rely on him to be predictable and show up on time tonight.  She always generously showed her appreciation, and he never felt taken advantage of.  It was an uncanny friendship, but it worked perfectly for the two of them.

He was dressed and ready, hours before he expected a phone call from her.  Judging from her phone call earlier, she was horned up and ready for some action.  He mentally prepared himself for her dejecting phone call saying she had found another ride home or place to stay for the night.  She hadn’t done that once since he had known her, but judging from her stories it was not unusual years ago.  He wished she would want him that way.  He wished she would come onto him with those delightful uninhibited desires, but she hadn’t once indicated them.

His thoughts were interrupted by the ring of his cell phone.  It surprised him when he saw the caller was the center of his thoughts, and often the body in his dreams.

“Hey,” he said cheerfully, trying to hide the dejection in his voice.  Most likely she had found another companion for the night and was just letting him know.  “What’s up?”

“Hi,” she said, her voice already buzzing.  “I wish it was you,” she said with a drunk giggle.  He didn’t follow.

“Are you ready for a ride?” he asked, hoping she would go home before she got her heart broke and body taken advantage of.

“Are you ready to give me one?” she asked, and he could imagine the dimples in her cheeks as she mischievously toyed with him.
“Anytime you’re ready,” he replied, curious as to where this was going.

“I’m ready now, come and get me,” she said with her playful tone.

“Where are you?” he asked, wondering in which direction he should point the wheels of his sports car.

“I’ll give you a clue,” she said, the music in the background pounding louder.  “I’m in the city.”

“That’s not much to go on,” he said, willing her to provide more details.

“Use your sexy damned brain and figure it out,” she said just before she ended the conversation.  He walked out to his car and headed to the city.  He only knew there was both music and drinks.  That just narrowed it down to about two hundred places of business…


Ingrid cut out the phone.  Her friends were still out on the dance floor, but she didn’t want to swing her hips with them tonight.  She wanted to swing her hips with her best friend. She hated herself at the moment.  Why did she lust after the one man who had made it clear he wasn’t interested?  Or was he?  Judging from his reply, he was more than capable of playing along, something she needed in her life.  Someone stable and patient, but wild in all the right ways.  She really hoped he would find her before her friends headed out to the next place

She felt her phone buzz.  Clue number two?  He was asking for another bit of information, his genius brain craving a handbook to guide him here.  She wasn’t ready to make it that easy.  She took a picture of her heels on the wooden dance floor and sent it to him.  She then returned to the crowd on the floor and let her body relax just a bit, knowing her text would drive him crazy the way his sexy body in her presence always did to her.

After the song was over, the girls made their way back to the bar.  Her friends sure had a way of talking the bartender into giants pitchers of Sex on the Beach and not single expensive glasses of the same thing.  She felt the alcohol spread through her veins, and the weight of the week had slowly lifted.  She felt her phone vibrate again.  Number three? was all it read.

She texted back, I showed you some of my skin.  No more clues til I see a bit of yours.    She waited forever and finally set her phone back down, knowing his predictable nature would not allow him to return this little game of hers.  Maybe he’ll just give up on her all together and she’d just stay the night in this beautiful hotel.

The one he designed himself.  That thought would drive her mad all night.  She knew she wouldn’t sleep in a room he had designed, not the way her body was worked up tonight.

To her surprise, she received a picture message.  She opened it, only to find a picture of his face expressing his dominant nature.  She could read him like a book.  He wanted the upper hand, and he didn’t like guessing games.  It also showed a bit of curiosity.  Maybe there was some hope after all.

She took a picture of her hand on a drink, placed over the bar, the one he had also designed.  The planks on top wouldn’t be much of a detail for most of us, but if he was thinking logically he would recognize it immediately.  He immediately texted back Do you have any limits?

Ha!  In what way did he mean?  Very few in the bedroom, very few in the party scene, but lots in her personal and professional life.  Becoming an editor at a national magazine hadn’t come easy, and it had taken more self discipline than she had ever exuded before.  It was sometimes exhausting, but oh so worth it when she got to do what she loved each day.

Before she had thought of a proper response, he had texted again.  She retreated to the restroom before she opened it.

More clues? he asked.

She typed back,  Only with more skin.  She mentally begged him to reply.

The restroom here was so upper class, white couches to wait on and large, well lit mirrors to powder with.  She waited til the room was quiet, and she sat on the ornate sink.  She reached her phone up high enough to catch her cleavage and her rear reflection in the mirror, the one showing the low cut of her dress but also the intricate carvings on the marble sinks.  She saved it in case he did in fact reply.

She nearly jumped with joy when she opened his picture.  It was a picture of his six pack, the top of his trousers, and the black belt holding them in place.  Oh, she loved what good care he took with his body.  Like everything else in his life, he scheduled time at the gym and treated it with the importance of a lunch date with the queen.  She was currently more than a little thankful.  She sent her picture in reply, enjoyed his uncharacteristically bold move, and rejoined her friends.


Jonah had made it to the city when he pulled over to process the texts.  He was trying to remain indifferent, but quite frankly his eyes were glued to the images.  Those red heels, her amazing smile, her freckles sinking deep into the front of her dress…  He was getting aroused, and he was enjoying the challenge.  This surprised him.  He tried to peel his mind away from the sultry poses and tried to imagine her fully clothed.  Maybe drowning in a parka or something.

Who was he kidding?  She would even look good in a parka.  He studied the background of the photos.  One was of a drink and a wooden table, the other of what he assumed was a dance floor.  Not exactly helpful.  The third showed a brilliantly bright bathroom, and the marble sinks caught his attention.  He studied the carvings, and he instantly recognized it as one he had commissioned for the Flateau Hospitality Group.  It was one of the hotels he had designed!  He looked at the other photos and wondered how he had missed the bar top and even the wooden dance floor was his eloquent geometrical form.

He hit jackpot.  He didn’t need any further clues, but he did need more of her.  He put his foot back on the accelerator and sped off in the direction of his crush.


She was disappointed when he didn’t respond, but she wanted to have a good time.  She shook it on the floor until her giggly compadres were ready to change venues.  As she stepped towards the tall glass doors, she noticed it had gotten dark.  The street lights were on, but the sky was black.  Just the moon shone through the city lights.  She checked her phone one last time, and it buzzed as she put it in her hands.

It was a picture of him standing in front of the entrance.  He had found her!  Deep down she knew he would, but for it to happen so quickly impressed her.  She made her way out the door, and when she saw him standing out there, she walked right up to him and pressed her lips to his, hard.  She figured it would be a hard sell to get him to physically touch her, but the second her lips touched his, the fire was lit.  His mouth opened onto hers and he took her lip in his teeth.  This sent electric waves straight south, and she melted into the kiss.  Their tongues soon entangled, and she was lost.

When he finally pulled apart, she vaguely recognized her friends cheering in the background.  She was too dazed to react, her eyes were glued on his.  His were still wild with excitement, their deep hazel changing color before her eyes.

She pulled herself together, turned so her backside was pressed against his erection, and took a dramatic bow.  “Thank you everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the show!  It is now time for us to take this elsewhere” she said with a megawatt smile on her face.  She turned back to him, and the heat radiating from his eyes was unmistakable.  Maybe her best friend could be more?


Jonah did his best to imagine zoo monkies and power tools and geometrical design, but his body could only seem to recall hers.  This revelation tonight that she was as physically attracted to him as he was to hers was shocking, and awesome.  He pulled himself together enough to walk her back inside, and when she protested, he whispered in her ear, “I’d like all three wishes tonight, but I definitely don’t want to wait til we get home.”

He led her to the elevator, and as soon as the doors shut, she was back in his arms.  She kissed him long and hard, trailing kisses down his neck until the chime of the elevator indicated their floor.  He took her by the hand and led her to one of the master suites, one of his personal favorites.  He had no sooner kicked the door shut before she had wrapped her arms around his neck.

He let his hands drift to her derriere and she moaned, sending him into overdrive.  He pulled her up to him, and she wrapped her legs around him, tightly, sending the hem of her short black dress even further up.  He steadied her with his hands on her delectable ass cheeks and was incredibly thankful for the sexy lace thong that gave his hands free access to one of his favorite body parts.  He squeezed and kissed and let his body give in to all those impulses he usually kept so tightly reigned in.

She pulled back, breathing heavy, eyes dark and hot, and he wanted more.  She ran her hands through his hair to hold him back a second and asked, “So, what is your first wish?”

“Dance for me,” he said, knowing this is what he wanted the most at the moment.  He wanted to see her body move and sway just for him, only for his eyes.


Ingrid liked this side of Jonah.  Just as he was in so many areas of his life,  he directed those around him to bid his need.  She was just a player in this, she reminded herself, but being oh so glad that he chose her.  She grabbed his hand and led him to the settee at the foot of the bed.  He took a seat, and she began the show.  She took her time, slowly drawing out each movement.  She steadily made herself over to him and dropped to her knees in front of him.  Her hands went for his zipper, and she released his length, determined to feel its velvet in her mouth.

He stopped her as she went to claim him, and instead spun her around to unzip her dress.  She looked back at him and whispered, “What’s your second wish?”

“Strip for me,” his voice both pleading and demanding.  She stood up, her body still between his legs, and slowly sashayed her way out of the short black dress.  She dramatically leaned forward to pull it down past her waist and to her ankles, the alcohol liberating her from any shame.  He groaned, and it emboldened her.  She stepped out of the dress leaving only a scrap of fabric covering her body and the heels still on her feet.

She bent to untie the red heels, and his hands came to thighs from behind.

“Keep the heels,” he said, his voice sexy and deep.  She obeyed, and realized her panties were the only things left.  She ground her hips as she removed the lacy thong and dropped it in his lap.

She turned and kissed him hard.  Their tongues instantly started the dance, and her body throbbed in all the right places.  She reached down to grab his shaft, but his hands stopped her.  Her eyebrow came up in question, and she asked “Wish number three?”

Instead of verbalizing his answer, he stood, his height devouring her petite frame.  He nudged her back to the mirrored dresser and turned her so she was facing the mirror.  She caught his gaze in the reflection and was as aroused as he was.  She was hoping he would take her from this position, take her right now and relieve her body of its aches.

“Look in the mirror” he demanded, and she did.  He was still watching her, and he took his clothes off at the same pace she had, slow, tortuously slow, and she found herself begging him to hurry.  He smiled, knowing what he was doing to her, and she moaned again.  “I want to see you, all of you,” he said as he removed the last bit of clothing from his body.  He reached around and took her breasts in his enormous hands.  He pressed himself so close that his erection was once again at her back side.  He kneaded and massaged her breasts, rolling and twisting her nipples, and yet again she was begging for more.


He loved to hear her beg, he loved her moans and the way her body reacted to his.  It was like a fireworks show and Christmas all wrapped into one.  He brought his hand down and could feel her heat.  She was ready for him, she wanted him.  He wanted her, but more than that he wanted her satisfied.  When she was gasping in orgasm, his hands naturally knowing how to bring her straight up and over climax, he found himself wanting more.  He also wanted to draw this moment out.  When she was soft and pliable, he nudged her legs apart with his, wide apart and simply bent her over, her breasts swaying with each movement in the mirror.  Her hands dropped to the dresser to brace herself, and he slid his cock over her gloriously wet core.

If she was his and he had the chance to do this over again, he would have her pleasure herself.  He would sit on the settee just right so he could watch the bob of her breasts as she fingered herself, bringing herself to climax. He would watch her core swell and beg to be relieved. He would make a rule he knew she would break, and when she broke said rule, he would slap that perfectly creamy ass of hers and help her learn self discipline in a way that pleased him as much as it would her.

But not tonight.  Tonight she was still buzzing, and her endurance was waning.  He wanted her to enjoy this evening, so he instead sheathed himself.  “Wish number three,” he began, “is to fuck you just like this.  But if that’s not what you want, I could always use another supper…  The choice is yours.  I promise I’ll obey whatever you command.”

She breathed heavily, “Take me, please.  Take me right now.”

And with that he relieved his own physical desires, and judging by the moans she was making, she reached another climax herself.


Ingrid woke in the morning, her body aching in all the right places.  As her eyes opened, she saw the soft light drifting through the drapes, and she realized she had slept much later than she had intended.  One look at the clock confirmed her suspicion.  She looked around the room.  She was alone in the bed, but an incredible smelling breakfast was waiting on a small table next to it.  She assumed he had had his pleasure and had gone back to real life, but she was still thankful for the previous night.  It had confirmed all her thoughts about how good their chemistry was, beyond their tight friendship.

She sat in bed, and pulled the sheets up over her shoulder.  If he was no longer here, maybe she had misjudged last night?  Maybe she had been the only one enjoying the encounter?  Maybe she had been the only one imaging a lifetime of friendship and heat and turning last night into a real relationship?

She felt her shoulders sag a little, and she was about to attempt to get dressed when she heard a noise from the bathroom.  She looked over as he was entering the bedroom of this enormous master suite, unsure what to think.  He was clad in just his boxers.  If he had hated last night, wouldn’t he be dashing out of there?  Maybe, just maybe there was still a bit of hope.

“I hope you didn’t have plans” he said, the sly, sexy Jonah coming back out.  The sexy Jonah she had never seen in action until last night, and my God he was amazing.  He walked over to the bed and pulled the sheets until they had bared her body.  She would normally want to cover herself and hide, but something about the look in his eyes made her think that he wouldn’t allow that.

“My only plans are to repeat last night, every night” she said, testing his feelings, trying to get an answer before she made a fool of herself.

“Just at night?” he said, as he started to crawl across the bed in her direction.

“I would add every morning, but I wouldn’t want to wear you out too quickly” she teased.

“I could never tire of you, sexy, sweet, Ingrid,” he said as he kissed her neck.  She instantly felt her body melt into his.  He pulled her up and over himself, and the revelation that he had the same feelings for her had her mouth open in shock, which he fully took advantage of…

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