On the Run p. 46

He seemed tired, so she let him fall asleep right next to her.  She had no plans of sleeping tonight or waking the house to her screams or the pity that would follow.

She watched him sleep, thankful for the moon outlining his features.  His nose was so incredibly masculine and definitely not straight, but she loved it just the same.  His hair went a bit this way and that, and she ran her fingers through to tame it.  The stubble on his jaw was sharp when she ran her finger down his jaw, and she just soaked in the rhythm of his breathing for many long hours.

She heard her stomach groan, so she decided to reheat her leftovers.  She carefully snuck out from under his body and tip toed to the dark kitchen.  It felt good to be able to feed her physical hunger, rather than work through it.  When the dinger chimed on the microwave, she just held the plate there in the kitchen, savoring the smell and warmth of the place.  All the lights were off in the house except for whoever was working in the bedrooms-turned-offices.  Everything was calm.

For the first time in a long time she felt content.

She was savoring some fish when something caught her eye.  She looked out the kitchen window, which overlooked the long curvy drive until she noticed a pair of headlights.  They turned into the drive, and just sat at the bottom.  Then the vehicle backed out and took back off the same direction it came from.

Probably just some lost tourist she thought to herself, calming the panic that boiled up so quickly these days.

She continued to watch out the window, curiosity spiking through her body until she saw something cross the driveway.

It had to be a deer or some form of wildlife she told herself.  Certainly it would not be a human at this time of the night…


The panic boiled back up and she knew she had to do something but didn’t know what.  She dropped the plate and it clattered noisily off the counter onto the floor.  She kept watching the figure despite the mess, and when it stepped out into the moonlight, she could see it was a human.  This was no furry creature.  It seemed to see her, too, and it turned and ran back into the woods.

As she turned, panic overwhelming her, she saw Tucker round the corner into the kitchen.

“He’s here!  Well, someone’s here.  Well, not anymore, but they were” she bumbled, trying to verbalize reality and not the fear coloring her thoughts.

He took her by the hand and they quickly alerted the rest of the team.  Within mintues everyone in that house was checking monitors, donning tactical gear, and speaking in abbreviated sentences she couldn’t quite understand.  She stood there, motionless, unsure what to do.

She returned to the window, and she noticed a dark object, most likely a vehicle with the headlights turned off, stop about where the driveway ended and then race off again.  She announced this to whoever could hear her, and then they set out into the night.

It was such a blur.  She had no idea how he had found her way up here, but quite possibly the Monster was on the prowl.

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