Daily Prompt: Polish

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Darlene woke up in a particularly good mood.  Any other time in her life, waking up to a hammer pounding nails next door at 7:30am on a Saturday would cause her to walk out on her porch, clad in her fuzzy robe and slippers to shout at the awful sleep interrupter to shut the hell up.  But not today, no, this morning she stretched lazily in her supremely comfortable bed, loving the silkiness of her skin touching the fabric, and pulled the comforter up just a bit closer, remembering the details of the body that was just mere feet outside her home pounding siding onto the newly remodeled home next door.

Yes, she had been spying on him every chance she got, but it really wasn’t her personality to sit back and wait for things to happen.  She much preferred to take the bull by the horns and see where the ride went now, rather than waiting around blindly for weeks or months before making a move wasting precious time.  And based on her first move earlier in the week, there would be many more with that tanned, toned body that had been in her dreams and on her mind.

She lazily crawled out of bed, taking her time to stretch as she walked down the hallway in her nightie to the kitchen.  She loved the automatic brew feature on her coffee pot, and it was waiting for her, all hot and steamy, just like her body this morning.

She poured herself a tall mug and made her way to the window in her living room.  It not only had the perfect view to watch his muscular body pound metal into wood, but the love chair was superbly comfortable.  She sipped her coffee, taking her leisurely time before starting the day, of which she had nothing planned other than catching the eye of the male model outside her window.

She tossed on a pair of white shorts and a comfy tank top and made her way to the bathroom.  She wasn’t particularly fond of make up or putting on a front that covered who she really was, so she stuck to brushing her teeth and donning some deodorant before heading out to the porch.  It would be cool now under the roof of the porch, but later on the temps would soar, and with any luck things would be just as hot in her bedroom.

She saw a few bottles of nail polish spread about her vanity, and she grabbed them all, unsure what color she was in the mood for today.  She grabbed her coffee in the other, stuck a book under her chin and headed outside.  She hauled herself out to the top step  and spread her things out.

Yes, this would be bliss.  Almost everything she loved in this life was within arm’s reach.  She brought her foot up and close to her body, deciding hot pink would be the color of her polish this morning.  She took her time decorating them, and she was more than happy with her results.

She then turned her attention to her finger nails.  A sparkly teal would suit her there.  She painted them just so and blew on them to dry.  She picked up her book and stole glances of the sexy worker next doors until just before nine.  She knew he would take a break at exactly nine, and she was going to be ready with an ice cold lemonade.  Maybe she could talk him into some company; she could easily supervise from a camping chair placed just so in the neighbor’s back yard.  They wouldn’t mind, would they?


Evan had definitely noticed the saucy blond next door, but anyone that wasn’t blind could see her beauty.  Her hair was tossed up in a sassy manner on top of her head, the shoulder straps of her tank hung off the side without a care, and she clearly took good care of her body.  Yes, she was mighty find to look at.

The funny thing was, though, that she seemed to be just as taken with his body.  His body ached the first time he had accidentally seen her watching him through her back window.  He hadn’t meant to stare, but her sexy little nightie hid so very little, and his body was so very interested.  She caught his stare, and she didn’t back down.  In fact, she gave him a little shimmy before she walked away.

She had given him all the signs that he normally would have pounced on, but he wasn’t the teenager he used to be.  He wanted more than a woman’s body; he wanted a woman’s heart and her soul and her babies.

Before he could pursue her, however, he needed to finish this damn siding job.  He was never one to mix business and pleasure, but if she kept looking his way, he wasn’t sure he would ever finish.  His alarm buzzed 9:00am, and he set down the hammer which had grown heavier over the past few hours.  He wiped the sweat from his brow and headed for his truck to find an ice cold water.

Much to his delight, when he rounded the corner of the house, he saw her coming down the walk.  She didn’t come empty handed, either.  She held two glasses in her hands and a come and get me smile on her face.  He could definitely get used to this.

“Hi there” he said, enjoying the smile that spread across her features, his voice coming out huskier than normal.

“Hi yourself.  I thought you might like a lemonade?” she said, any attempt at innocence completely failed.  She held out the glass that was glistening with moisture, and his mind imagined her glistening with moisture.  Damn it.  No.  He wanted more than a body just last week.  He had to stay focused.

“Absolutely” he said, accepting the glass from the stranger, savoring the feel of her silky fingers as he unwound the glass from her fingers.  “There’s only one thing I’d like more,” he said, trying to pull out a bit more of a conversation.  He was noticing her incredibly perfect lips, and his mind went back to the way she blew on her nails earlier.  Her perfect lips had puckered in such a way that he needed to start the back of the house for a bit more privacy.

She crinkled her eye brows together and tried to figure it out.  Finally, she shrugged her shoulders and waited for him to continue.

“I would love a place to sit out of the sun to enjoy it.”

“Well, I have just the place.  Come on over” she said eagerly, leading the way.

They both shared the top step of her porch stairs, enjoying both the shade and the conversation.  Just as he suspected, she was incredible all around.  She pursued her passions in life with a gusto he appreciated.  Starting his own restoration company straight out of college was a rather risky move, but he knew that’s what he was put on this Earth to do, so he pursued it night and day until it became a success.

She spoke exactly what was on her mind, and he appreciated the honesty.  It was a breath of fresh air.  So many women he had dated started off one way, and as the layers of fake were pulled back and revealed, the core of the woman was so different than what he was initially attracted to.  He knew that wouldn’t be the situation with this woman.  No, she fought for what she wanted, and at this moment she wanted him.

Before he knew it, he was late returning to his project.  He wouldn’t charge for his time that day.  How on Earth could he charge someone for, in effect, connecting him to his soul mate?  He would enjoy her company as she set up shop in the yard behind him to “supervise” him.  She could look all she wanted.  He was who he said he was, and his body was no different.  His personality and ways with women may be a bit more polished now than his teenage years, but everything about him was genuine, just as he knew she was.

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