via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Wendi sat on the park bench with a book in one hand and a sandwich in the other.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, with the sun enhancing the color of everything it touched, from the green of the leaves in the full plumage to the red of the oriole’s feathers as they flitted and flew across the open grass.

Yes, today was the perfect day to take her lunch break outdoors she assured herself.

She settled herself in to the bench, spread the items out from her lunch bag, and flipped through her book.  As she brought the book up, something large, brown and furry caught her eye.  She squinted in the noon day sun and realized that ball of fur was actually one of the largest dogs she had ever seen in her life.  This thing had to be a mastiff or a Great Dane or something similar in size and presence.

She had never seen one before in real life, and she had this odd urge to pet it.  She looked around for its owner, wondering what kind of brave soul would take on such a large and powerful dog.  She watched as the dog returned a tennis ball to a handsome gentleman in khakis and a business shirt.  She watched the easy way he interacted with the dog and the unshielded love and loyalty the dog had for its owner.

It was easy to see why.  She found her own feet wanting to run to him, to throw herself into his body, to beg to be stroked by this man’s incredibly masculine hands.  His broad shoulders barely disguised his build beneath, built to tame wild things such as a dog well over 100 pounds.

She was tired of being the quiet little book mouse from the library, always looking but never touching.  Today was going to be the day.  She sat her sandwich back into her bag along with her book, and strode right over to them, nothing but confidence and courage exuding from her stride.

The man saw her coming and took her in visually, apparently appreciating what he saw.  He introduced himself and they shook hands, the physical connection igniting a spiritual one.  The dog returned the ball, and the man, whose name she gave Xavier due to the dark tan of his skin, charcoal black hair and eyes so deeply brown that they nearly looked black. And he seemed to have a hint of a Latin accent, ooh those Latin men always would be her weakness.  Well, anyways, the dog returned the ball to Xavier and he gently patted the dog’s head and introduced her to the dog as well.

She decided the dog was indeed a Tibetan Mastiff, the same dog that was characterized in the book she was reading.  Mastiff’s were bred to protect against bears, tigers, and wolves.  If that wasn’t impressive, she wasn’t sure what was.

Well, maybe its master.  She wanted the dogs master to be her master, to call the shots and say all those things that we humans usually keep in our heads.  “Your body is a rare treasure” he would tell her, or “I want you to touch me” he would beg, or maybe he would just command her to bend over and take him.  She wasn’t sure.  Maybe that’s not what masters said or did?  Maybe she should stick to old fashioned, drag it out forever romances.  She had zero experience with either, but both excited her the same.

The dog’s master, Xavier, spoke sweet nothings to her, “Your hair is as silken as the finest robes,” and “Your eyes draw me to you with a magnetism I’ve never felt before” and things such as, “Your sweet personality, which I’m sure you have because our souls are united and I feel like I’ve known you for a hundred years, your sweet personality is like a drop of honey in my otherwise dark and dirty world.”  He said all kind of sweet things, and then he asked her to marry him.  She threw herself into his arms and they kissed dramatically, like in the movies, and she just knew it was love at first sight.  And then they lived happily ever after with the giant dog.  The end.

Well, actually none of that really happened.  It was all imaginary, except for the sandwich and the book, both of which were still in her hands on the park bench as she stole glances of the pair over the top of her novel.  Maybe, just maybe she might get the courage to attempt an awkward introduction and learn that for once the man she pursued wasn’t married or taken or simply disinterested.  She still believed in soul mates and could wait to find her own.

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