Sneaking a Snickers

via Daily Prompt: Portion

Sage lie wide awake in the dark room, ridiculously hot and sweaty entangled in the arms of her lover, and also ridiculously hungry. Her stomach went from groans to pain, and she looked over at the clock for the umpteenth time this hour.  Two thirty-six am.  Ugh.  So many hours to go until dawn would break and she could find some food.

She didn’t want to leave his embrace, but being both hungry and hot were too much.  One or the other had to go.  She slowly pulled away to the empty side of the bed, gently rolling out from under his perfectly sculpted body and to the cool promise of silken sheets.  He stirred a bit, and she slowed her movement even further, eventually making it to the promised land.

Ah, sweet bliss.  She stretched her limbs out, one at a time, savoring the feel of being completely comfortable and happy.  She tried to occupy her mind with things other than food.  Her favorite distraction was thinking about the man sharing the bed at the moment.

She remembered meeting Tyler by chance last week.  She ran a large catering company, and Tyler had sat down to organize the details of his company picnic.  Tyler ran a major distributing company that put on a family oriented picnic each summer to thank his hard working employees.  She was easily magnetized by his love and appreciation for his employees, and they both wanted everything to be just right.

She knew she could deliver.  She had both the facilities and manpower to make it a success, and she looked forward to the big day.  It was a long, hot summer day and they worked out in the heat a majority of the time, but things went off without a hitch and she was proud of herself.  When the day was over and they were packing things away, Tyler made his way over to thank her, and the sparks that had been burning fanned into something more.  He had asked her out the following evening, and things had snowballed ever since.

Their work schedules were both chaotic at best, but they managed to find time here and there, and tomorrow she had a very rare day off.  Which brought her to tonight.  It was the first time she had spent the night, and she was still working out all those awkward details that go along with it.  She knew he would be up early to prepare for his business day, but she could go home to comfy PJ’s and food.

She started thinking about the week ahead of her, all the jobs she had lined up, deliveries due to her facility and deliveries she was due to make.  A giant grill out in the park Thursday, a rehearsal dinner party Friday, and Saturday was packed with brunches in the morning and weddings in the evening.  She was thinking more about the BBQ s, steaks and salads she was preparing for the week ahead than the logistical details, and her stomach cramped again.

She should have eaten more of her supper, but she wasn’t hungry at the time, and all the extra calories they had burned since had caught up to her.  Imagining the food only compounded her misery.  She needed to figure this problem out.  She suddenly realized she still had a portion of her candy bar wrapped in her purse, and rebellious hope welled inside her chest.  Maybe she could sneak out there and take a bite without getting caught…

She peeked over, and Tyler was still asleep.  She slowly barrel rolled off the bed, grabbed the first piece of clothing she could find to cover her naked body, and was pleased to find it was one of his shirts.  She slipped it over her head, pulled the long sleeves up so they wouldn’t drape over her hands, and tip toed towards the door.  She took one last look back and then dashed to the front door where she had dropped her purse when they began their wild entanglement.

She knew she could make something in the kitchen as she definitely had the skills and she was confident he would have the food, but it just felt so personal to invite yourself to someone else’s kitchen to eat their food without permission.  She was certain he would say yes, but she just wanted this first night to go without hitch, so she settled for her sugary left overs.  She set her purse on the table where the light seeped through the window, and she tried to look but mostly felt herself around the innards of her purse blindly.  She found her prize, and she gladly pulled it out and held it into the air like a trophy, a small victory dance escaping her rubbery legs.  She brought the delight to her lips and prepared to take a bite when a voice scared her from her triumphant act.

She wasn’t even sure what the voice had said, but she heard it loud and clear and it scared the candy right out of her hand.  It bounced off the chair and skittered under the table.  Oh, crap.  She was busted, knowing the voice was from  her lover, the one she hadn’t wanted to disturb.  The child inside hurried to find the plastic wrapped goodness before he had, and she found herself holding it behind her back.

She looked over to his large frame, now clad in pajama pants, and realized he looked just as sexy in pj’s as he did a business suit or naked.  Nothing could ever hide his incredible build, the masculine point of his jaw, or the steel blue of his eyes, not even the dark of night.  He walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her and pulled the candy bar out of her hand.  Oh, she felt the heat web out from her neck to her cheeks to her chest.  She was blushing with embarrassment everywhere, thankful for the darkness to cloak it, yet she was still thankful to be in such close proximity to this man.


A candy bar, Tyler thought with great relief.  She had snuck out of bed in the middle of the night, sprinted to the front door by the sounds of her foot falls, and searched through her purse not for her keys to escape, but for a candy bar.  She was hungry.  A smile washed over his face in his relief, and he looked down at her perfectly smooth face, reddening enough to be visible in the soft moonlight.  He recognized she was in his shirt, and for some reason his heart melted just a bit at that thought.

She hadn’t intended to run away, and for that he was grateful, but he was disappointed in himself for not recognizing her hunger.  If he was ever going to be her protector, her provider, or her husband, he would need to recognize her needs before she felt the need to sneak off to satisfy them herself.  He mentally chided himself, and brought his hands to her cheeks.  “I am sorry that you’re hungry.”

“It’s no big deal, really, I just thought I’d finish my snack from earlier and sneak back in before you knew I was gone,” she said nervously, and he made a note to help her feel more comfortable in his presence.  He knew his size and his natural commanding demeanor often intimidated others, but he didn’t want to intimidate her.  He wanted her to run to him, not away.  He scooped her in his arms and carried her to the kitchen and deposited her on the kitchen counter between the fridge and stove.

“I guess now is a good time to ask how you like your eggs?” he asked, the sincerity he felt in his heart revealing itself in his unusually gentle tone.

He turned the light on over the stove.  She looked down, but he filled her vision no matter where she looked without even trying.  “Fried, please.”  She finally said, to his chest more than his face he noticed.   “But I am plenty capable of frying them myself if you need to get back to bed.  I know you have an early day planned.”  She was ever thoughtful of others, but not enough of herself, he thought to himself.  This probably got her where she was in the business world, but he needed something different from her personal sphere, the one he was becoming more and more a part of.  He was not going to miss this opportunity to serve her now, to show her that she is valuable and precious and worthy of his time, as well as anyone else’s she desired.

“My turn” he said with a smile, planting a kiss her forehead before grabbing the eggs and some bacon from the fridge, a pan from the cupboard, and  a drop of oil before putting it together on the stove.  He tossed some bread in the toaster and returned his attention to her as he waited for it to brown.  He ran his hands down her back, the fact that she was completely naked below the fabric of his shirt turning him on.  He continued to trace his hands down her lean thighs, and he appreciated that he could feel her head to toe in this position.  She wrapped her calves around him, and he kissed her square on the lips.

He heard the bacon sizzling, much like the kiss they were sharing.  He broke away and tended to the meat on the stove one handed, leaving the other on her thigh.  He wasn’t sure if he was holding her in place so she didn’t run, or if he was so connected to her that he didn’t want to break the physical connection even for a moment.  Either way he was appreciating the opportunity to be in her presence.

When the toast popped, he felt her jump in surprise.  This amused him, and he ran his tongue over her lips as he moved to butter the toast.  He felt her mouth open, a natural reaction for their incredible chemistry, and he couldn’t wait to draw her open yet again once she had filled her stomach.  He fetched the plates and silver and piled their plates high with food, suddenly aware that she was the expert in the kitchen, nervously hoping his impromptu breakfast would pass her standards.

She took her first bite, her eyes exemplifying pleasure and a satisfied smile crossing her lips.  Even her features relaxed, from her shoulders to her perfectly manicured toes.  “Mm mm!” vibrated from her throat, and he leaned in to kiss it, to feel its pulsation on his lips.  He wasn’t sure he was going to make it through his own meal before needing to take her again, but he withheld for the time being, reminding himself that he needed to fulfill her needs before his own.

Yes, Sage was a spice he now savored both in his heart and on his tongue…
















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