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He crossed the distance of the employee cafeteria, deposited himself straight by her side, and asked the question that had lingered on his mind for so long, “Petunia, your beauty is reflected by your name, your skin is as soft as the petals and your eyes are as deep as the heart.  You simultaneously make my heart skip a beat and beat faster.  You alone are the one that makes me jump out of bed to see you each morning.  My dearest Petunia, would you please give me the deep pleasure and honor of accompanying me to the company ball this weekend?  Would you please give my eyes the gift of seeing your gorgeous face and fill my heart with your presence and humor of an entire evening unfettered?”  She looks up at him, her eyes fluttering sweetly and says yes, standing to kiss him right there in front of everyone in an embarrassingly pleasant display of PDA….

Quinton’s eyes woke, only to be disappointed that he was still in his bed, in the bedroom of his apartment, the one that vibrated with nothing except loneliness each evening and emptiness each day.  He shook his head, for no one in particular to see, and wished he could display even half the charm he seemed to carry in his dreams into real life.

He had been crushing on his coworker, Petunia, for months now, and she seemed to be returning his affections.  She was the only human he had ever met that could make sitting at a computer look graceful and sexy.  She would sometimes glance over at him, a smile playing across her lips, as if they were sharing a secret joke.  He wasn’t sure what the joke was, but it always brought a smile to his face as well.  This always seemed to satisfy her and she would return to work.

Sometimes, when she clearly was upset after a phone call with a client, he would scoot his chair the few short feet to hers and attempt something comical, but nothing funny ever came to mind and his self deprecating humor came out instead, announcing his failures and insecurities to the one he wanted to seem the most impressive to.  She always laughed, the frustration slowly erasing from her body, but she always defended his honor despite of it.

He made his way to work today, early as always with a cup of coffee waiting for her sweet presence.  Her long dark hair would always start off so perfectly curled each morning, her lips extra perky and eyes extra bright.  By midday the curls would flatten, and by the end of the day she would have it piled on top of her head in a way only she could make look feminine and glorious.  Her lips would return to their natural pink color, the color he sometimes dreamed about, and the color from her lids would fade highlighting the twinkling hazel of her eyes.  She was the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, and her personality personified this combination so perfectly he wasn’t sure there was another human on this planet that could captivate him this way.

He saw her incredible body come around the row of cubicles, and the smile she always gave in thanks for her 97 cent cup of coffee always made the extra trip worth it.  She would always be worth it.  Now, if he could just come up with a way to ask her to the company ball this weekend without sounding like a chump…


Petunia rounded the corner of the cubicles, extra excited this morning to return some of the favors her sexy, buff coworker always displayed for her.  She tried to hide the over sized doughnuts behind her back, attempting to surprise him, but his eyes easily caught her awkward body language.  She blew a wild hair away from her face, thankfully still curly from her attempts to tame her mane this morning, and dramatically displayed the box holding the sugary confections.

“Surprise!” she announced, quietly so as not to alert the other greedier coworkers.  She snuck him the box, and he instantly played along with her game, hiding the box as if it were stolen treasure.  They crept into her small cubicle, pulling the small privacy curtain behind them to keep their pastries secret.  She felt like a toddler, hiding from her parents, but this was much more exhilarating. In this small space they were nearly shoulder to shoulder, his after shave reaching her nostrils, his heat permeating the silk sleeves of her blouse.

They enjoyed their coffee and doughnuts, whispering and laughing at jokes only they would understand.  She had fallen hard for her coworker, the one she snuck peeks at all day through their clear glass divider.  Sometimes, hope would well in her chest when she caught him peeking at her, too.  She always felt caught in a sordid affair, and judging by the smile he always gave her, he enjoyed catching her.

She wondered aloud, trying to hide the jealousy in her voice, who he was going to be bringing to the ball this weekend.  It was a mandatory charity event for their company, one which the coupled up employees seemed to enjoy, but the singles despised.  He swallowed his final bite, took a sip of coffee, and looked over at her, conspiratorially.

“I was hoping it would be you,” each word thick with nervous emotion, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Yes, please” she said, nearly choking on her coffee,  “but only if we find something fun to smuggle in.” She leaned in closer, her hand leaning on his thigh to steady herself as she whispered, “Bernie’s Bobble-head.  Take it right off his desk and leave it at his table spot at the ball.  Think we can do it?”  She looked up to see his answer, and she realized his eyes were dark and heated.  She looked down and realized her hand was on his thigh, on his muscular, well toned thigh, and awareness coursed through her body.  However, she couldn’t seem to remove it, either, as though it had melted into place for all of eternity.

One last look up to his face showed he had recovered, though her body still thrummed with awareness.  He smiled, that smile she could never get enough of, and simply answered in that deep voice of his, the one that oozed sexual appeal without even trying, “Consider it done.”

She knew this was going to be a fun ball, and if she could muster up the courage, she would find a way to fan this spark into a burning ember, something that would keep the heat for many nights to come, maybe into a fire that had them sharing coffee in bed instead of in an office cubicle…

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