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Nova sat nervously at the high top table for two at her favorite local restaurant.  It was a nice little river side BBQ joint, and she made a point to get there early in order to reserve her favorite table, the one that overlooked the crook in the river and had the most spectacular sunset view she had ever seen.  Seated two stories up, she was high enough to get a near birds eye view of the area, but close enough that she was able to see the family of otters play in the water and anticipate the small herd of deer that frequented the bend each evening.

It was the perfect place to meet her new, well, she didn’t quite know what to call him.  Their meeting earlier in the day had been completely unexpected but had blown her mind and all of her senses in one easy breath.  She had put that moment in time on repeat in her head, the feelings reverberating throughout her body, remembering the way his voice rumbled heavily into her ear turning her belly to molten lava, the way the heat radiated off his body into hers, the way the cosmic energy of his permeated her well protected walls with the ease of a ghost.

If she was honest with herself, she knew she was also early to the restaurant because the chance meeting had been on her mind all day and she couldn’t wait to see him again.  She had this odd energy, a vibrancy pulsing through her body, but also a feeling as if she was about to meet someone spectacular, someone she had been dreaming and praying about for years, the someone that could connect with her in the way that only true soulmates do.  Or so she had heard.

The intensity of their brief, momentary encounter was nothing short of spectacular.  She had taken her Saturday morning easy.  She had slept in, snuggled into a good book over her morning coffee, and when lunch rolled around she realized her fridge was bare.  She simply hopped into her car, buzzed down to the Farmer’s Market and grabbed a basket full of goods.  She had relished this time of year, when the herbs were fresh so she could replenish her home jars, when the fruit was so freshly picked its sweetness was nearly as good as a pie in late November, and when the veggies were so perky they didn’t even need the sauces or oils she liked to play with in her kitchen at home.  Yes, early summer was the best.

And if things worked out with the mystery man that took her breath this afternoon with just one of his, she would love this time of the year for eternity.  She took a lazy look towards the parking lot over her glass of water, knowing there were still twenty minutes before their prearranged meeting time.  He would not be here yet, but he would fill her thoughts and senses nonetheless.  Her mind again returned to that phenomenal moment.  She had simply been standing in line at the busy market, packed elbow to elbow with hundreds of human bodies, when the moment that started the domino effect to so many other moments in her life began.

She was just standing there, in line at the market, thinking about the heaviness of the basket in her arm.  She had taken a look down to inspect her goods when she felt someone brush behind her.  Not just anyone, as people had been bumping and squeezing past her all hour.  It was this electric, the planets aligned and you just knew something cataclysmically wonderful had just happened.

He was simply attempting to squeeze past her.  She subconsciously took a small step forward to allow his movement, and his voice came over her shoulder and collided simultaneously with her ears and her belly.  “Excuse me.”  That was all he had said, but it prickled every hair down the back of her neck in such an acknowledgement of his presence that she stilled for a moment, taking it all in.  She was shocked how just this voice, a voice attached to a body she had never even seen before, could stir senses that had been sleeping her entire life.  By the time she had turned around, he had taken a few steps back, but when her gaze met his there was this cosmic connection that defied words.  He gazed at her with the same amount of shock as she had felt hearing his words, feeling his breath, his presence and his electricity without a single touch.

She gazed idly out the window towards the parking lot.  She had no idea what he drove, but she imagined it would be big and powerful, much like his presence in life.  What would she say?  How would she greet him?  She started to get nervous as the minutes ticked by.  She looked at the time, still quarter to, fifteen whole minutes before they had planned to meet.  She had this calm about her, trusting even without history to prove it that he would show, that he would meet her and they would return their unmistakable magnetism on this planet.

And then, with an casual glance towards the the lot below, she saw him again.  She immediately recognized his incredible features, the way he combed his hair, the arc of his eye brows, the jut of his chin, the width of his shoulders.  It was as if these features were permanently etched into her brain, impossible to forget.  She felt like a voyeur as she watched him step out of his truck and onto the pavement, appreciating the ease in which he carried himself.  After a step towards the building, he paused, took a deep breath and looked up.  Somehow, he managed to see her through the window two stories up, and he acknowledged that by cocking his head, turning slightly in her direction, and raising his hand to wave, a smile slowly crossing his face.

The forces behind this connection were so far beyond her control, she was in awe.  She smiled back and raised her hand in a slightly paralyzed wave back.  In just a few moments she would begin a date that would most likely change the rest of her life, as if she was the ring to his Saturn, connected yet independent, constantly working their way around and for each other despite everything else around them.


Marshall had simply taken a second to pull himself together before he planned to meet the woman of his dreams.   He took a deep breath before entering the building, but his eyes were drawn upward.  As if looking through a telescope his eyes focused singularly on the beautiful female seated two stories above him, her long legs stretched out of her skirt  in such an incredible way he wondered how he ever missed that detail at their first encounter.

Her eyes seemed to widen in mirror to his own, and the intergalactic connection resumed with even more force than before.  He didn’t want to break the connection, and felt his hand come up in a weak wave.  Hers replied just as slowly, just as weakly, as if she was just as lost as he.  She waved him up, and he took the stairs three at a time to make his way up to her atmosphere that much more quickly.  When he reached her table, thankful she had fulfilled their promise to meet again from earlier in the day, he found himself just as breathless as the first time he had breathed her scent earlier in the day.

He hadn’t meant to, he was simply cutting through the market to get to a business meeting behind it.  He squeezed his wide frame through the throng of people, but when he tried to squeeze past her, his world stopped its orbit.  All of his senses took her in, noticing the citrus scent to her skin, the silkiness of her hair, and so many other things he couldn’t describe.  He felt her with a sense he had never used before; he felt her aura and was encapsulated in the moment, in her.  When he realized he was too close, he simply said, “Excuse me,” and their worlds collided with such power it could have caused an explosion.  He took a few steps back, giving some space between their intensity, their heat, yet he felt no less drawn to her.

He tried to hurry to his meeting, but he found himself waiting for her near the check out, hoping she felt the attraction as much as he.  She kept her eye on him as she waited her turn in line; when she had fumbled through her purse to pay for her items, he knew she was just as befuddled as he.  She managed to cover her expense and came over to him, slowly, and he managed to say something he can’t remember and now they were here again, lost in each others eyes, a loss of words not even seeming uncomfortable.

She offered him a seat, and he easily took it.  He placed his drink order with the waitress, and he was surprised but not surprised when she simply ordered a Sprite.  A sprite described their whole being at the moment.  Just as a lightening sprite strikes up towards the atmosphere above the clouds,  instead of striking down to earth as we grew up believing, their relationship was starting to contrary to popular belief.

Rather than meeting the traditional ways and taking the traditional tracks towards dating, they met purely by forces out of their control and the allure was unlike anything he had met felt in his entire life on this planet causing the first date to be merely hours after the first hello.  Or, in his case, the first “Excuse me.”

He looked into her deep blue eyes, as deep and incredible as the uninfringed starry sky at night, and attempted to start a conversation, knowing they would always gravitate towards each other, that they had already started an eternal orbit around and to each other for all of time, before they even had their first meal together.  Mesmerizing, amazing, and perfect.  He relaxed and started this new journey into uncharted territory with an electric enthusiasm.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

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