via Daily Prompt: Detonate

Olivia’s eyes fluttered open despite the darkness that enveloped the room.  She was curled up on to her side, her back pressed against his chest, spooning the incredible man that she was currently sharing the bed with.  He re positioned himself slightly, and she tucked his arm that was draped loosely over her body in closer to her chest, closer to heart.  She wanted to absorb every moment, to breath him in, to memorize his every feature, to replay his voice in her head over and over so as not to forget the tone or the timbre or the love that coursed through it.

Marrying a marine was never going to be easy.  It meant months apart, missed holidays, and long, lonely days, but she could never imagine laying next to anyone else in this way.  Nobody in her life ever inspired her the way this man did, nobody had ever loved her as much as he did, and she had never been as proud of anyone else as she was of her Marine.

He was on a short leave home. She had him all to herself for just tonight.  The morning would roll around all too soon and she would have to share him with his family, her family, his friends, and her friends.  They would all want to say hello and thank him for his service and do all those things on a part time basis that normal people could do.  But nobody loved him the way she loved him.  Nobody else in this world was fortunate enough to wrap her arms around him and feel his entire body pressed against hers, their hearts beating together, their pulses dancing together.  Nobody else received his sweet letters in the mail, reminding her she was loved even from across the globe, no matter what his day had been like.  Nobody else knew the commitment he had to things bigger than any of us and circumstances we could never understand or imagine.

And few had to lie awake, alone, so many nights in a row, hoping and praying that he was OK.  So few knew where he was in this world, the battles he was facing, the fears that would go unspoken, and the scars that lie beneath his uniform.  So few knew him the way that she did, and she didn’t want to share him with anyone that knew him less.  She wanted to stay intertwined in his arms forever, safe in their cocoon of blankets and pillows, away from the unpredictability of the rest of the world.

But she had waited months to have him this way, and she was going to absorb every second of it whether alone with him or in a room full of family friends.  She would take in every detail until he had to return to his other family, his military family, his battle buddies whom where possibly the only others on this planet that knew him better than she or worried about his safety as much as she or fully understood his battles and fears.  They were the only people she could share her husband with, and they would be calling him back soon enough.

She found her hand tracing his arm, an unconscious attempt to memorize every line, every muscle, every hair on his beautiful body while she could.  Her other hand couldn’t release its grasp on his, continuing to hold it so close to her heart.  She knew he most likely wouldn’t be sleeping for long.  Flying across the planet and into a fresh time zone would mess up his sleep patterns, and no doubt her husband would wake a victim of it soon and be wide awake in the dead of night.

She kissed his hand, and much to her delight he kissed the top of her head in response.  Yep, he was awake.  She felt him pull her naked body even closer to his, and he trailed kisses in all the places untouched for so long.  It ignited that old familiar spark right in her belly and fanned the flames in her heart.  It wouldn’t be long and they would be doing that age old dance that communicated their feelings physically.  She loved this dance as much as she did the letters in his handwriting.

As the pleasure drug out sweet moans from her lips, the tempo increased.  She tried to turn to him, to return the pleasure, but he steadied her with his hand on her breast and slightly re positioned her to take her from this angle.  Total bliss to feel completely happy, satiated, protected and loved in his embrace, encompassed totally by his love, his body and his scent.  She tried to remember these feelings, to lock them away for the future when he wasn’t here to touch, taste or feel, but her mind was spiraling out of control and her body was about to detonate due to the immense pleasure building spreading like wildfire.

Yep, she would take her husband any way that she could, night or day for as long as she could.  She loved her Marine to the moon and back and felt so blessed to be the one he called his wife, praying she would be the only thing that detonates in his life…

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