On the Run p. 29

“Ann, please,” he said, his voice revealing his turmoil, “let’s do this thing together.”

Instead of running as he expected, she turned and surprised him with a kiss.  She kissed him passionately, fervently, as if this was the last thing she could ever get to do.  She enjoyed his bare chest, running her fingers through his chest hair.  She brought her hands down, over his ass, and in a bold move pulled down his shorts.

He returned the heat.  He pulled her sports bra up and over her head, and helped himself to her generous breasts.  He tugged and rolled her nipples, bringing his lips down on them.  When she took his shaft in her hands, he groaned.  He spread his arms out, one on each side of her, and just took in the pleasure.

When he could handle it no more, he picked her up and carried her to the shower, pressed her back to the tile and returned her fervor.  He wanted to take his time to enjoy everything about this woman, but she needed more.  He instead expressed his feelings with touches, massages, and strokes in a physical dance, one that she readily returned.  “You’re beautiful” he assured her.  And she tried to look away.  He caught her face, “I mean it.  It’s true.  You’re absolutely beautiful, and your sexy as hell warrior backside got me to climax in record time.  You are beautiful.”

Feeling too vulnerable and too satiated to argue, she looked for a distraction.  She grabbed the soap, lathered it onto her hands, and proceeded to wash his body.  She took care in covering every inch of his body, and even talked him into bending down so she could shampoo his hair.  He allowed her this intimate act, and when the last bubble was washed out of his hair, he returned the favor.  He made sure to clean every inch of her perfect even though scarred skin, and then shampooed her hair as well.  She seemed to relax in his presence, and that small thing warmed his heart.  He grabbed a couple of towels and killed the water.  He dried her off, head to toe, and wrapped the towel around her.  He briskly toweled himself off, and wrapped it around his waist.  “Hold on, I’ll get you something clean to wear.”

He stepped out of the locker room and returned with a stack of clothing.  He gingerly held up a few items.  “These are some of the things my gym sells.  I’d be honored if you wore my logo on your body” he said with a wink.  Sure enough, he produced a sports bra, tshirt and pair of shorts all with his logo on them.  She could handle that.  For some reason, the thought of his gym selling ladies clothing surprised her.  “Do you have many females at this gym?” she asked.

“Yes, actually.  There’s a women’s league that meets here some weekends, and ladies are just as welcome in the gym as any of the guys.”

“Hmm.”  That shouldn’t surprise her, but it did.  She was glad that he had never kissed anyone at the gym before.  She was his first.  And hopefully his only….

As she was contemplating that idea, his phone rang.  “Boss,” he answered.  “Ok.  Got it.  Will do.  See you soon.”

He turned and looked at her with utmost seriousness.  “The jackass is in town.  He has been watching your apartment all day.”

“What?  Wait – how could you possibly know that?”

“I didn’t,” he responded, “But Boss picked up on it right away.  He did some digging after your assault.  He found out some information, and your attacker was pressed for more information.  Turns out he was hired by Reginald Anderson to catch you.”  He watched her fast go white as ghost.  “Boss went up to your apartment today to check you out, and he noticed the out of state plates in the parking lot and put two and two together.”

“Why were you guys spying on me?  Couldn’t you have just asked?  Or kept your nose out of my business!” she sternly retorted.

“We tried, you weren’t exactly forthcoming.” He said the words as politely as he could, but it still stung. “Honestly, Boss thought you were some criminal on the run at first.  It wasn’t til a few days ago that he realized you were just the reverse, that you were the one on the run from a criminal.”

She was speechless.  They were both involved, whether she liked it or not.  But she didn’t know what to do about it.

He continued, “Boss’ll bring my bike up and keep an eye on the Monster.  When the coast is clear, I’d like to get out of here, with you.”

This was startling.  Yes, she knew it was time to leave soon, but the thought that the Monster was already here already watching her made her sick to her stomach.  She couldn’t think clearly.  “Yeah, fine, ok,” she sputtered out, “do we have time to get my things from my apartment?”

“No, I’m afraid not.  We gotta get the hell out of here.  We can come back for it when things have cleared up.”

No!  She didn’t care so much about the clothes or dishes, but she had been careful to bring her granny’s quilt with each move, so she had a piece of home with her wherever she went.  She also had left her handgun in the Livingroom under her comfy chair.  Without that, she would be helpless, defenseless.  She would have absolutely nothing from home.  Disappointment wracked her body, knowing that she now had lost absolutely everything from her previous life.  She felt herself become the shell she had feared for so long now; a woman with a body but no spirit.  A wall with color but no design.  A clay pot without its glossy finish.  Done, dried up, and ready to crack.

Despite her mental agony, she dressed in the gym clothes and followed Tucker to the back door.

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