Love at Table 12

via Daily Prompt: Impression

Sunday afternoons at the local diner where Faye worked were always the busiest.  Each of the local churches let out at different times, and it created a constant flow of customers.  Faye hurriedly entered orders into the computer, filled beverage orders, and carried hot plates up over her head through the crowds to fill her customers’ orders, and their bellies.

“Faye, table twelve!”  shouted her manager over the chatter of the bustling, crowded room. She hustled over and was happy to see one of her favorite regulars sitting down.  He was an old man, in his late seventies but looking more like he had just turned ninety.  He had worked hard his whole life, played equally as hard, and his body showed it.  Each Sunday he came in, alone, and ordered the same thing off the menu and drank the same black coffee.

When she recognized who it was, she headed over there with a single menu, knowing he would take it but not need it.  As she approached, his wrinkled face turned up a bright smile, producing one on her own face despite the last three hours being insanely hectic.  He always grabbed her hand and asked how she was “on this fine day.”  She didn’t mind, and she usually took her 15 minute break with him and listened to his catalog of interesting stories.

Before she could reach him, he sought her out among the throng of people and requested to be seated in her section.  Her manager was aware of her affection for the old man and always seated him in her section, which he knew, but the glint in his eye communicated more.  He was up to something.  “Also, I will be needing two menus today” he said proudly, his face beaming, “My Grandson is going to meet me here today.”

Excellent! she thought.  The kind old man wouldn’t be alone today, and she would get to meet his only Grandson, the one he found a way to brag about in each conversation they had.

She grabbed two menus, prepared the old man’s table and seated him.  Just as she was about to head back to the kitchen, something, or rather someone caught her eye.  It was almost as if the angels sang and a white cloud of awe highlighted his presence.  He was tall, blonde and well built, and he carried himself as though he wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted.  Everything about him screamed masculinity and oozed sexiness, and he wasn’t even trying.

She broke herself of the reverie and attempted to scoot past him on her way out, but she had also caught his attention.  As they squeezed past each other between tightly organized tables, she brushed against him, and his scent reached her nose and she was unexpectedly aroused.  She took her time passing him, and as they parted, their eyes locked, communicating this unexpectedly fantastic connection.

She blinked out of it and rushed back to her other tables, knowing he wouldn’t go far if he was here for a meal.  When she came back to the old man, she was shocked to realize this sexy male model in the room was the grandson he had spoken so highly of.  She thought back to the many conversations she had and remembered the old man only had one son, who married young and himself only had one son, which must be this greek god sitting before her.

The old man loved his joke of his only GRANdson being named GRANt, so she knew this much.  She grabbed the pot of coffee to start pouring, or rather she tried to but Grant’s hand beat her to it, and her hand flew off his as if she had just touched a hot ember.  She reproached herself and wished she had taken the time to feel the strength in his hands, to run her hand up his well sculpted forearm and basically she wished she would have thrown herself at him, but she stopped herself and finished the task at hand.

As she headed back to the kitchen, she caught the old man’s knowing smile and knew she had been busted.  He knew her better than anyone else in this building, and she knew him well enough to know he was up to something.  Maybe this chance lunch meeting wasn’t so much by chance…


Grant was surprised when his Granddad asked to meet him for lunch.  He and his Granddad were close, having spent many weekends on the road with the old man who raced funny cars for a living in his good years before retiring to managing the pit crew.  He had taught Grant to take life by the horns and go after what he wanted, and at this moment he wanted the saucy little waitress his Granddad always spoke so well of.  Grant had offered many times over the past year to meet him after church on Sunday, and his Granddad always scoffed him off, saying he had the best lunch date he could ask for each Sunday.

Well, Grant could now see why. She sure was something to look at, that much was clear.  Her sassy pony tail somehow framed her already beautiful face perfectly, highlighting her dark eyes and full lips.  Her petite shoulders managed to taper down to a slim waist, accentuated by the tightly drawn black apron.  Her leggings didn’t leave much to the imagination, and he wondered if her skin was as creamy on her legs as it was on her long, kissable neck.

His Granddad had spoken highly of Faye, and it was easy to know why.  She had once gone sky diving, and she had raced dirt bikes as a young girl.  She had that same zeal for life as his Granddad, and he wondered what it would be like to be the center of her world.  He watched her sweet body leave the room, and his Granddad instantly teased him.

“See, boy, I knew it.  If I brought you here even once you would steal my lunch date!” he said with nothing but joy in his voice.

“Ah, I wish I could say for once you were wrong, but I’m hoping you’re right this time,” he said, love coursing through each line.

“You know she once rode a bareback horse in a rodeo on a dare,” Granddad said with a grin, “and she had it tamed by the time it left the ring.”

Grant knew his Granddad was teasing, but he figured that’s the way Faye took on life, and he knew she could keep up with, or at least understand his fast paced world, too.  That in itself was such a relief.  He had ruined too many relationships by being gone too often, taking too many risks, or forgetting anniversaries.  Having someone of the same caliber could mean the relationship at least had a chance, and he wanted more than just a chance with the lady his Granddad already loved so sincerely.

“Go after her” Granddad said as if reading his thoughts.  “Don’t let that one get away.”

If his Granddad’s lasting impression of her was just as good as his first impression, he knew it was a good move.  When their meal was nearly over, the restaurant had started to clear.  His Granddad was purposely taking his time, and Grant had a pretty good idea why.  When she came to clear their plates, Granddad took her hand, his large, wrinkly fingers in her dainty, smooth ones, and asked her if she could now take a few minutes break.  Grant was a little jealous, he admitted to himself, wishing he was the one holding her hand.

Her eyes crossed the room and back, landing on Grant’s, and he added, “Please?”

She cleared the plates, returned with pie and sat down with them.  The conversation flowed freely, and on cue Granddad excused himself for something or another, and it was just the two of them.

“Granddad was right about you,” Grant said, catching her attention.

“Right about what?” she said, perplexed.

“He said you were a strong willed woman who loved life as much as he,” he started, and she interrupted with a sweet laugh.  “Your Grandfather is one of the most strong willed, straight and to the point, adrenaline junkies I have ever met” she continued with a giggle, “and I love it.  You’re very lucky to have him in your life.”

“Yes, I am,” he said, “but he was wrong about one thing.”

“I doubt that” she challenged sweetly, a bite of pie making its way to her sweet pink lips.

“He told me you were pretty…”

Before he had finished, she interrupted, her eyes growing wide and giving his hands a playful pat, quickly swallowing the sugary bite.  “You sure do have a way with words!”

He took her hand, stroked her fingers with his thumb and continued, “but you are more than pretty.  You are stunning.”

A blush crept up her neck, and her eyes darkened to an unbelievably deep shade of chocolate.  “Thank you.  and ditto.”

His thumb traced up to her wrist, and just as he was about to ask her out, her eyes focused behind him, and he realized his Granddad must be returning.

He turned his head and caught sight of his Graddad slowly making his way into the room, each step an effort but with eyes twinkling mischief and pride.  “Did you ask her to marry you yet?”

“I was just getting there” he said with a shocked smile.  “But first I should ask for a date”he said, turning to the sexy bombshell sitting in front of him, the one he knew loved jumping from planes as much as she loved keeping lonely elderly company on the weekends.  “Would you give me the pleasure of accompanying me on a date?”

She nodded her head yes, and the old man sat back down in his seat with a smile a mile wide.  She got up, wide eyed and happy, excusing herself back to work, and Grant hadn’t felt more alive in years.


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