On the Run ch. 22

He saw her eyes light up unmistakably when he mentioned the cheesecake his Mom had given him the last time she had visited.  He had never been a fan of it, but watching Ann’s reaction made him glad he had saved it.

While he removed the wrap to help it thaw just a bit faster, she came up behind him and draped her arms around his waist.  He finished his task and turned to her, mimicking her touch.  When she looked up, her eyes were heated.  She knew what she wanted, and so did he.

He ran his hand up and down her spine, unhooking her bra.  She greedily let her hands roam over his torso, hungrily taking him in.  He heard her intake of breath when his fingers reached her nipples, and he continued to pleasure her until her breathing came in ragged gasps.  He brought his hands down and cupped her ass, easily sneaking his hand under the fabric of her athletic gear.  A moan of surprise escaped her lips, and he loved hearing how responsive she was to his touch.  No, he wouldn’t fuck her tonight, but he would make her sweet lips part and pant his name.

Her hands went for the button of his pants, and he let her pull them down.  When she went for his boxers, he stopped her, but only to take her to his bedroom, away from the windows in his kitchen and dining rooms.

He lead her by the hand, and she willingly followed.  He stopped at the bed, and took his time undressing her, savoring the feel of her skin, the curves of her gorgeous female body.  She let her bra fall to the floor but kept her t shirt and panties on.  She pushed his near naked body onto his bed, clad in only his boxers.  She crawled on top of him and took her fill of his body, stroking here, kissing there, and positioning herself in such a way that his body fit hers perfectly.

He let his hands roam, too, and he enjoyed this game.  She asked about his tattoos and he explained them for her.  He felt a particularly long scar on her back, but she wouldn’t let him explore it with his eyes.  When he asked about it, she just responded, “a series of poor choices.”  That had not satisfied him at all, but he sensed the topic was off limits.  For now.

Her lips made their way down his body, and his arousal was evident.  She clasped him with her hand, and his mass jerked in pleasant surprise.  She circled him and soon her lips had parted over him, enveloping his slickness in her warm mouth, torturing his nerve endings.  When he felt himself near explosion, he warned her.  She simply pulled her lips off and increased the speed with her hand until he exploded, a wave of sexual relief flooding his body.

She climbed off him and started redressing.  “Don’t I get to return the favor?” he asked.

“Nope” she answered lightly, “not with your body.  But with your cheese cake.  Please?”

He never could resist her, and he figured he never would be able to.  He cleaned up, redressed, and they went to the kitchen to finish their meal. He realized with a start that he still had no idea what her real name was, or why she used an alias.  They had spent all evening together, yet this piece of information still eluded him.

He attempted to ask her about her family, her life back home, and she shared happy stories from childhood,but she had not mentioned any events that had occured recently.  This piqued his curiosity, but he wasn’t sure how to broach the subject without revealing he had been spying on her.

When she had finished every crumb of the cheesecake, she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her stomach.  She groaned dramatically and thanked him for spoiling her yet again.  That was maybe a clue.  She was overly appreciative of the leftovers he sent home with her and for this desert.  But what did it mean?  Her childhood seemed filled with plenty of great Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  She didn’t seem to grow up in poverty, so why the need now?

The more he learned about her, the less he realized he knew.

“Keep feeding me like that and you’ll have to carry me home every night” she said dramatically, rubbing her belly, still too thin and covered in scars she wouldn’t explain, but probably because she didn’t know that he saw.

He arched his eye brow, as if considering that offer, and she quickly waved him off, giggling without a care in the world.

She got up, and he followed her to the door.  He would walk her home, but he knew she would leave him at the door; not the door to her particular apartment, but leave him at the door to her building.  He needed to figure out how to change that particular detail…

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