On the Precipice of Love

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

Megan stood looking out the large expanse of windows that would soon be the new home to her growing accounting firm.  She had been considering this move for over a year now, and she was finally going to sign the papers to lease this space.  She had received a call early this morning saying her realtor couldn’t be there, but that he would send his partner to help guide her through the paperwork, the paperwork she had read and reread over the past few weeks, memorizing every detail.  This last minute change would be fine, a small change in plan, but one she had been prepared to handle.

As she looked out the crystal clear windows, she noticed that the sky was gray and misty.  The clouds swirled restlessly in the sky, deflecting around or crashing into each other in a brilliant display, reflecting theconflicting way she felt inside about the possibility of expanding her company.

She had grown her business from her own single proprietor LLC to a company bristling with new business.  Space for her hardworking employees was getting cramped, and she needed to decide if she wanted to stay small and decline some of the new business offers, or go big.

She wanted to go big, but if something went wrong it was a lot longer of a fall.

Her accountant brain was wired with numbers, balance sheets, cash flow, assets and liabilities.  She looked at each business and easily produced P & L Reports, indicating its current success or failure.  She had developed a keen sense of risk and potential, and her gut was telling her to take the leap of faith.

She was not a risk taker, though.  At heart she liked predictability, routine, and controlled environments, and her relationships followed that trend as well.  No spark, no excitement, just repetition.  She knew one of the main reasons expanding her company felt so right was simply that it would shake her of the monotony she had built so tightly around herself.  She had built enough of a safety net that she was ready to take a jump, to spread her wings and see if they caught air and sailed, or if she would dive bomb head first into the cement seven floors below her.

Either way, she was ready to try.  Sitting in a secluded office the rest of her life did not sound desirable at all, despite her introverted tendencies.  She needed people, and she needed a spark – that reason to jump out of bed each morning instead of crawl.

She took one last look through the mighty windows before heading off to meet with the realtor, and the clouds took that  moment to split just wide enough to let a beautiful display of bright light, filtered gloriously by the fog, shine straight down from Heaven to fill her office with hope, with light, with that little bit of spark she needed to take the leap.  She looked over the street below her, took a deep breath, and she knew she was on the precipice of something big.


Mike jogged down the street, brief case in hand, in hopes of making up for lost time.  His partner had something come up last minute and could not make his appointment this morning.  Since Mike owed him more than a few favors, he agreed to take his partners’ place.  Already running behind before he even stepped foot in his office, he knew it would take a small miracle to catch a taxi, cruise across town and get to the seventh floor by eight this morning.

As the taxi deposited him on the street, he checked his Rollex, seven fifty-eight.  He could make it.  He jogged, thankful that he kept his gym appointments when nothing else was ever predictable in his life, and he made it to the elevators by seven fifty-nine.  He pushed the up button impatiently multiple times, willing it to open its doors faster, though he logically knew it would not do any good.

Just as he was going to turn and huff it up the stairs, the elevator chimed and the doors blew open.  He rushed inside, and grabbed the paperwork he had printed just prior to fleeing the office this morning.  The terms seemed fair, terms he had seen hundreds of times previously in his years of being a realtor.  Assets, liabilities, phantom gain, and pied-a-terre were all terms that bored him to death.  What he loved about this job was the fact that he got to meet people.  He traveled all over the city, met people from all walks of life, and tried to match the dreams of clients with the right property.  It was a fun challenge for him, and so incredibly rewarding when things worked out.

He had worked insane hours, mostly evenings and weekends, preparing properties for open house or chauffeuring potential clients to listings that may be of interest.  Despite his numerous encounters with people and his active social scene, he had never found “the one.”  He had dated many women, fell in love with a few, but never found “the one” that kept him interested for more than a few months or returned his Amor.

He wanted the whole package, and his soul was craving more than casual encounters.  He wanted someone smart enough to keep him on his toes, witty enough to keep him in his place, energetic enough to keep pace with his lifestyle, and sexy enough to keep his libido strong.

As the elevator chimed his arrival on the seventh floor, he hastily tossed the paperwork back into his briefcase.  The doors opened, and he scurried to what could be the master office of his client’s growing business.  What was her name again, Maggie?  Melanie?  Megan?  Megan, that’s it.  Megan.

As he neared the office, he slowed down to peek through the window and noticed a figure by the window.  She was breathtaking.  Gorgeous brunette hair that curled past her shoulders in a wave that was so enticing he wanted to run his fingers through it.  She had petite shoulders with beautiful, lean arms peeking through the sheer chiffon of her blouse, which tapered down to a shapely waist.  The pencil skirt did nothing to hide the curves of her bottom and rested just over her delicate calves.  And those heels, boy did he love a woman in heels.

Was this Megan?  He sure hoped so.  Or was it the rep for the building?  He shook his head in an effort to clear his mind, headed for the door, and flung it open.

The beautiful brunette swung around and smiled, highlighting the fullness of her lips.

One look at his watch indicated it was eight o’two. “Sorry I’m late” is all he could sputter out as he straightened himself.  Damn it.  He was late.

Then he heard her sweet voice.  “How did it get so late so soon?  It’s night before it’s afternoon,” her sweet as honey voice sung out.  The smile reached her eyes, and they sparkled.  He cocked his head to the side, trying to figure out the poem, so she continued, “December is here before it’s June.  My goodness how the time has flewn.  How did it get so late so soon?”  She bit her lip in an effort to hold back the laugh that was no doubt ready to dance out.

“Shakespeare?” he asked, naming the only poet his brain could come up with.

“Nope, Dr. Seuss” she stated, her body radiating warmth and tranquility.  Such a polar opposite to his constant rush, but equally as magnetizing.  He felt his shoulders relax as she crossed the space to shake his hand.  “Megan Field, the one about to sign away her life.”

“Mike O’Hare, your partner in crime today” he replied, gripping her hand in his, wanting to keep it there to finish exploring her soft skin contradicting the strong, confident shake.

“Well, let’s do this.  Do we need a secret handshake or anything, now that we have our own secret club formed?” she asked with a mischievous wink as she showed him back to the door.

And for the first time in his life he was speechless, completely taken aback by this brunette beauty.

When he took a moment too long to respond, she informed him, “Everyone is waiting in the new board room, assuming our secret club is successful in today’s negotiations.  My requirements and areas I could potentially compromise if necessary were stated clearly in my communications with your partner, which I was assured were relayed to you.  Is that accurate?”

He nodded his head and somehow found a way to get his feet to move, thought he admitted to himself it was mostly because they were moving in the same direction as his new partner in crime, or partner in acquiring reasonable terms in the lease agreement at least.  His was awe struck by her beauty and her wit, and he knew at that moment that there was the potential for much more, the electricity so palpable it energized him in a way he didn’t know was lacking.  He knew in his heart that she was “the one,” and now it was up to him to negotiate the terms of a lifetime of partnership, with her.  As he walked through the door to the boardroom, he knew he was standing on the precipice of something great, and his heart skipped a beat.



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