On the Run p. 20

“I believe our lesson is finished.  How much do I owe for this very private lesson?”

“Not a penny.  You were worth every second.”  Was she serious?  How did she go from so hot to all cold shoulder?  She meandered her way back towards the stairs.  He followed, wondering where she was going with all this.

When the silence was too much, he repeated “Thank you very much.  I enjoyed every second,” hoping it would sink in this time.

She stopped a step or two up, turned, and was nose to nose with him.  Answering his unspoken question she said in a soft, gentle, pained voice, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She was all serious now.  “I will have to leave soon, and I don’t want you all falling in love with me only to hate me when I leave.”  She said it with an air of tease, but her next line was dead serious again.  “So, I need clarity.  I can’t do this for long, and definitely not forever.  If you can handle me just for now, I’d love to pass the time with you.  But if not, I understand.  I need you to say it. I don’t want you to feel used when this is over.”

He stepped in even closer, closing the small gap.  He tucked her wild hair back behind her ear, and whispered his answer, “I’ll take whatever I can get of you for as long as I can.”

She smiled wide until her sweet, soft lips fell back onto his.  There was a neediness, a desire there that was unmistakable.  He returned the kiss, trying to speak to her heart with his lips and his tongue in a way words just couldn’t adequately express.

He took his time with the kiss, wandering down her jaw bone, to the back of her ear and down her neck.  With her standing on the step, it was a different effect with their heights being even, and it was even more intoxicating than the first kiss.

He didn’t want it to end, but she clearly wasn’t comfortable here.  He invited her to his place for dinner, and she reluctantly accepted.  He asked her to wait upstairs while he called Boss back.

Boss picked up after just one ring.  “Tucker.  Thanks for calling,” he said in his gravelly, I’ve just spend the last three decades of my life yelling at new recruits voice. “I just got word from my buddy at the police station that your new friend has one helluva history.”

This caught his attention.  “Go on.”

“They entered her information into the system, and her name came up as false.  Her real name is not Ann.”

Sonofabitch.  “That makes no sense.”

“I agree and am digging into it a bit deeper.  Until I find some answers, be careful.  I don’t know what she’s up to.”

Neither did he.  “Thanks, Boss” he said as he ended the conversation.  She seemed so sincere, but she was definitely running from something. He had all of dinner to find out, and he couldn’t wait to head up and haul her back into his arms.

He thought to himself as he bound up the stairs that maybe instead of running from something such as the law, as Boss suspected, maybe she was running from someone.

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