On the Run p. 17

“Don’t be embarrassed.  Those are compliments and badges of honor.” He said gently, as ready for her to bolt at any moment.  “Some of those things I have to train into my students.  You’ve already got it figured out” he stated carefully, giving her space and watching her reactions.  She hadn’t run yet, so he considered that a bonus.

Her eyes traced to a set of large ropes laying against the wall.  “Those are t tone your arms, there are many exercises that can performed with rope.  It’s much heavier than it looks.”  She walked over to it and picked an end of it up.  Seeming to agree, her eyes continued the search around the room, this time landing on the shelves lined with the boxer’s gloves.  “Does it hurt?  When you get punched with one of these?” she asked.

This made him laugh this time.  “Of course, if your opponent gets ya just right or below the belt, you definitely feel it.  Much better than no gloves though, I would have to say.”

Eyeing his laugh with dismay, she eventually turned her wide eyes to mischief, “you better hope I put these on before I punch you then.”  Fair enough he thought, knowing she was only kidding.  She stepped forward, humor glittering her eyes.  “Let’s do this.  What do I gotta do?”

There’s that spark he knew was there.  “Stance.”  If you can’t get to safety fast enough, turn to face your attacker.  Widen your feet, shoulder width, with one foot in front of the other.”  She complied.  “Good.  Then use your voice, attract attention to yourself.  Most attackers are cowards, and any unwanted attention will make them think twice.”

“Don’t ya think it would be kind of weird for me to scream in here?” she taunted.
“It’s my gym” he returned, lust coursing through his body. “I’m the only one that could hear.  There are lots of ways I could make you scream, and maybe even make your beg for more.”  He said with a taunt of his own.  Her eyes widened, both in surprise, but also with a hint of arousal, catching the intended tone of his comment.

“But that’s not why we’re here” he reminded her.  Her face fell a bit, and that reignited his libido.  She wanted him to touch her.  “When I come up to you, keep moving so that you’re more than an arm’s reach away, but still facing me.  Don’t let me get too close.”

She started moving towards the mat, careful to circle out of his reach.  “Good.  Now keep your hands up.  They should always be ready, just in front of you, ready to block a hit or to give one of your own.”  He slowly circled her again, and she did exactly as she was told despite the fear starting to etch in her face.

“If it gets too much, Ann, just say stop.  I’ll stop at any time.  You’re in control here” he said.

Instead of embarrassment, a smile flashed across her face after his last sentence.  “Be careful what you wish for” she playfully toyed.  He could get used to this.  He was so glad that she could return back to the normal banter so quickly.  He didn’t want to push her too far.  Not the first day.  He wanted to build her confidence as much as possible today.  He playfully picked up the pace, and kept her on her toes long enough that she was starting to get winded.  She held right in there.  “Awesome, Ann.  That’s good for today.”

“What?!?” She exclaimed.  “I was just getting warmed up!”

He had wanted to practice with the pads, but he was afraid it would be too much so soon after the attack.  He gave her the benefit of the doubt.  “All right.  Would you be comfortable with me using a pad?” He grabbed a small rectangular pad off one of the shelves and handed it to her.  “If I get too close, I’ll attempt to strike you with this.  All you do is put one arm up to block this pad, and use the other to protect your head.  Like this” and he would take a few steps, then put one arm up and use the other hand to protect his face and head.  She seemed to study the pad, testing its thickness and size.  He continued, “You put the pad on –I’ll show you, like this.”  And he stepped up to her, and placed her arm inside the straps on the pad.  Being in such close proximity again turned up the heat.  Boy he had it bad for her.  His eyes trailed up her arm to meet hers, just a matter of inches apart.  “Now you’ve got the pad.  You chase me.  If you raise it up to strike me, I will block it, just the way I showed you” he managed to get out, his voice heavy with lust.

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