On the Run p. 14

She smelled so incredible, the mix of shampoo and her skin intoxicating.  He couldn’t help but kiss her rosy cheek.  He knew by the way her eyes widened and intensified that she enjoyed his touch as much as he enjoyed hers.  Her words were bold, but the way her hand rested on his chest and her body melted into his gave her away.  He wasn’t going to push himself on her; he knew she would let him know when she was ready.  He could be patient.  Good things take time.  Despite the longing in his groin, he decided to take her lead.  For now.

Strangely enough, he thought as he reached the front door, he was already looking forward to seeing her again, and she was still in his embrace.  Listening to her passion, the pride she took in her work, and hearing of the various places she had traveled with her business all intrigued him.  He wanted to hear more.  He wasn’t sure he could ever get enough of her – enough of her sweet voice, interesting stories or luxurious body.

“My last appointment finishes at six tomorrow.” He started to tell her, “If you wanted to stop by after that I could give you a personal tour of the best boxing facility this side of the Mississippi” he said in a boastful tone, over the top so she knew he was only half kidding.  The truth was his gym had grown in popularity over the past few years, and he now had his pick of who entered the gym, which athletes to train, when they trained and how.  His athletes competed, and they were at the top in their standings.  He had created a rock solid team that could take the odd hours, travel and adrenaline that came with competition, and he could create a more routine schedule for himself.  Something he thought would be helpful when he found the right lady, the one who wanted a family and white picket fence and all that sensible stuff.

“This side of the Mississippi, huh?  Is that so?” she said with that familiar grin.  He loved how her eyes lit up when she smiled, how the curve of her lips somehow made the freckles so much more appealing.  He wanted to kiss each and every one, and then devour her mouth.  He wondered how she tasted, what it would feel like to have her tongue tangle with his.

“Or so I’ve been told.” He continued on.  He liked that she could be so playful.

“I’ll think about it,” she said as she pulled away, letting her fingertips linger just a bit longer than was necessary, and left him in the doorway, just as she had warned.

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