On the Run p. 12

He heard the click of heels before he saw her.  When he turned around, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  Just 24 hours ago Ann had pulled a gun on him, and now she was here in his driveway.

Well, she maybe didn’t realize it was him at first when he showed up unexpectedly at her apartment, but he definitely knew what the rack of a handgun sounded like, and he wondered if it had something to do with the injuries she received the previous week during her run.  Had she always carried a gun?  Or was this new?

He slowly drug his gaze down from her blonde hair to her brightly painted toe nails and back up, a whistle escaping his lips.  She was so sexy, high heels accentuating the sway of her hips, the low cut blouse giving a taste of what was underneath, and those lips.  He’d love to feel those lips of hers on his, on his lips, his neck, his cock…  He took a deep breath and stood up.

“My, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” he managed to get out.

She stopped and smiled.  The bruise on her face was less noticeable, the marks on her arms nearly healed, but her ankle was still brightly discolored and bruised.  Definitely sprained.  She maybe shouldn’t be wearing those heels, but he was mighty glad that she did.

“I thought I’d try to show my appreciation for your, uhm, help the other night.” The words sort of sung off her lips in an innocent way, a vulnerable way he hadn’t seen from her before.

“and the flowers…”

A small blush curled up her neck, and he thought about how much fun it would be to put a blush there on purpose, and watch it spread.  Would she blush if he touched her hand?  Her waist?  Her breasts?

No, she most likely would meet him tit for tat.  He liked that about her.

“I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.”  He studied the bags in her hand, “What exactly did you have in mind?”

“Well, I don’t exactly have a grill,” she explained, “but I do know steaks taste a little better that way, so maybe…  could I use your grill… to do you a favor?” she said as she started to blush again, realizing her favor to him required a favor from him, one in which he was more than happy to provide.

In an attempt to lighten the mood he joked, “All this time I was trying to grill for you, when really you just wanted the grill.  I see how it is,”  and soaked in the sweet laughter that flowed from her lips.  He led her first to the grill and fired it up and then steered her inside the house to prep the food.

“The cutting board is over to your right, and I’ll grab the seasonings.” As she chopped and prepped the veggies, he seasoned the meat and found the trays.

He was impressed with the finesse she exuded in the simple task of prepping the food.  She sliced this, chopped that, and mixed things together with ease.  The conversation geared back up, too, and that was a bonus.  Back to the easy banter from the other night.

They carried food out and laid it out on the grill.  It should be awkward for such an impromptu visit, but it just came so naturally; it just felt right.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked.  “Lemonade, water, cerveza?”

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