Not Without a Trace

via Daily Prompt: Trace Rayna stood behind the large, ornate front door, just now seeing its details for the first time.  It was a thick, heavy, wooden front door carved with such finite details that only a true craftsman would see or could understand.  The ovals were carved into leaves and the lines carved into... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 35

She was surprised when he followed her into the bedroom.  She was expecting a dine and dash that often accompanies impulse sex, but he instead headed for the bedroom straight behind her.  Maybe, she hoped, he had felt the love she expressed to him with her body more than simply reading the lack of words... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Buff He crossed the distance of the employee cafeteria, deposited himself straight by her side, and asked the question that had lingered on his mind for so long, "Petunia, your beauty is reflected by your name, your skin is as soft as the petals and your eyes are as deep as the heart.... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 34

Boss had brought her suitcase of clothing, and Tucker went to deliver it upstairs.  When he heard the shower and saw she wasn’t in the bedroom, he knew there was only one other place she could be.  He could hear her quietly humming an unfamiliar tune, and he turned that way and knocked gently on... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Detonate Olivia's eyes fluttered open despite the darkness that enveloped the room.  She was curled up on to her side, her back pressed against his chest, spooning the incredible man that she was currently sharing the bed with.  He re positioned himself slightly, and she tucked his arm that was draped loosely... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 33

Knowing that sleep was no longer an option, she sat up and looked out the windows.  The sunrise was amazing, its golden hues lighting up the sky behind the trees, then breaking the surface of.  She felt dirty.  She wanted a tooth brush.  She wanted her own clothes, although wearing his clothes made her feel... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Radiate Nova sat nervously at the high top table for two at her favorite local restaurant.  It was a nice little river side BBQ joint, and she made a point to get there early in order to reserve her favorite table, the one that overlooked the crook in the river and had the... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 32

It was an unexpectedly late night for Tucker.  When he woke merely 20 hours ago, he had no idea what lie in store for him that day.  He was simly hoping to get a few solid hours of training in for his new recruits and a few more with his sexy new friend. His biggest... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 31

As dusk settled over the river, they headed back to the cabin where he led her to the large, well equipped kitchen.  She refused his offer of food, so he continued to lead her through the living room towards the stairs.  This man had always impressed her, and this living room was nothing less than... Continue Reading →

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