On the Run p.4

It was a bit cloudy she noticed. The sky was laced with darker blues and purples as the sun neared the tree line, and it cast an ominous spell across the hills, much as she had been feeling lately.  She had that feeling again that she was being watched, and she didn’t quite know where... Continue Reading →

On the Run p.3

It was a long day at the office Ana recalled on her way to the door for her evening run.  The temp agency had her working as a receptionist at MBC Global, an international company based out of the tiny little town of Warrensburg.  They were currently moving everything to a larger office space, and there... Continue Reading →

On the Run p. 2

For two weeks now Tucker had noticed her.  Every evening she would jog past his house on the corner, and about half an hour later, she would return down the adjoining street on her way back.  She was not only beautiful with her blonde hair bouncing with each step and long lean legs, but she... Continue Reading →

On the Run p.1

Running.  That’s what she did best, Ana thought to herself as she laced her tennis. At least now she was a practiced runner, though that wasn’t always the case. Not so long ago she didn’t value speed and endurance the way she did now.  She had nothing to run from, so why prepare herself for... Continue Reading →

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