Like a savage unrelenting tornado, he entered her life, upturning everything around her. Despite her tremendous fear and turmoil, it was ultimately necessary to finally break free from the prison she held herself captive in. Via Two Sentence Tuesday and Savage

New Love is Grand

New love is grand. Savor all the crazy, muddled might of it. Eli Easton The prompt "Delta" made me think of new beginnings and fresh starts.  It made my heart long for creating something out of nothing, much as a raging river starts among muddy waters and cattails to become mighty and unending. via Photo... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Dust

Thanks to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for hosting this challenge, and thanks to Grant-Sud for use of the photo.  Here is my entry (Word Count: 145): They meet at the annual street dance, thousands of jovial souls crowding the pavement, bouncing to the same rhythm though no two alike. Tall and short, loud or... Continue Reading →

Quick Personal Note

Hello! I just wanted to take a quick second to thank all of my followers (coincidentally, exactly 69 of you), for helping me on this blogging journey.  It's my first attempt to translate the thoughts in my head to words on a computer screen, and so far it has been met with compassion and kindness... Continue Reading →

For Better or For Worse

She screamed like a maniac; he absorbed her pain. She pointed her finger; he remained apologetic. She wept like a child; he caught her when she fell. She beat his chest; he held her close. She needed his grit to help find her own, hidden under the mountain of grief.   Grit Thanks to Mila... Continue Reading →


They say bury the hatchet, forgive and forget. She just buried the body, too... Thanks to Pieces of String and Daily Post: Bury for this prompt!

Daily Prompt: Jangle

via Daily Prompt: Jangle Macy sat on the cold metal bench stationed in the far corner of the laundromat.  Usually she would take this time to go for a walk or read a book, but today she only had lazy bones.  She had the book in hand, but every time she brought it up, she... Continue Reading →


Brandi was nearly finished with this letter, this one to her dear husband who had stood by her side for so many years.  She loved him with every ounce of her being, every fiber of her soul, and every breath she took was for him. These past two weeks that had never been more true.... Continue Reading →

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